38 thoughts on “Final game thread of the season, Nats at Braves”

  1. Ah. I remember Opening Night on ESPN just like it was yesterday. The Braves come storming out of the gate and slap the Phillies in their first game off a championship. Looked like it was going to be a good year. And it was, all in all. But this last series against the Nationals has really taken the luster off that 15-3 run. Go Braves and have a fruitful offseason.

  2. It would be nice not to finish the season on a 6 game losing streak and (if other games go the right way) finish in 2nd place. Being 2 games back in the wild card seems like years ago now.

  3. Losing the last six after bringing Cox back for one more season is poetic justice.

    Sad to say, our Braves deserve this. Mark Richt and Bobby Cox are both massively overrated. Neither my Bulldogs or Braves will ever win another Championship with these two clowns running the show.

    But at least the Vikings rule! I love Minnesota!

  4. from previous thread #34

    Andruw’s decline makes you wonder if the old birth certificate is accurate.

  5. I think Andruw’s decline is a combination of playing professionally since age 16 and playing a tough and physically taxing centerfield for the better part of 12 years. I don’t think it’s irrational to believe. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that he was a user, but I think his age is accurate.

  6. Aging is gradual. Andruw fell off a cliff. It happens even the most white-bread boring anti-drug American-born players (see Dale Murphy). Maybe it was the injury, drugs, or simply just losing it psychologically. I don’t think age has much to do with it.

  7. Player A: .280/.309/.423
    Player B: .270/.306/.404

    One player the Braves traded. The other they played every day. Player A is Jeff Francoeur. Player B is Garret Anderson. They should have gotten rid of both of them.

  8. When I look at tonight’s lineups (both teams) I hope the Braves are offering a Gwinnett discount. Otherwise it’s a AAA game at MLB prices.

  9. Maybe you’ve hit on something. It’s Braves Center Fielder disease. A terrible malady where a perfectly good center fielder plummets to the depths of AAAA player in one season. Nate McLouth better watch out!

  10. Do anyone one of these teams want to win? Or are they ready to live the life of the financially priveleged until February?

  11. So Boog and Simpson are talking about Guzman have a .280 BA and .310 OBP and saying that Guzman makes a ton of outs. I think there’s a certain loafing LF who resembles that description.

  12. So what’s the deal with the starting lineups anyway? Why didn’t Bobby give Chipper 4 or 5 ABs to try to hit the 2 HRs he needed to break the record?

  13. Glad Norton walked but I hope it’s his last PA in a Braves uni. Hope we’ve also seen the last of ACHE and Acosta.

    @18–good call. Thanks Mac.

  14. Hmm I wonder what the record is for the most number of innings on the last day of the season?

  15. @25–I’m almost to the point of hoping to see Manny Atrocious

    Then again, I’m in no hurry–I cooking up a batch of homebrew

  16. I just stopped by to accept all congratulations for winning our Braves Journal league in a hard fought victory over CT Defenders in the championship game.

    Nobody cares you say ? Don’t rain on my parade.

  17. Gonna get damn swept by the Nationals to end the season. What a way to show that a 15-3 run wasn’t flukely luck!

  18. Hey, looks like I’m gonna win the consolation round for Braves Journal! Does that count for anything at all?

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