Braves 6, Mets 5

New York Mets vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – September 16, 2009 – ESPN

If I were a Mets blogger — well, I’d kill myself, but assuming that somehow I had friends and family and they managed to restrain me — I’d be pretty upset right about now, 22 games out or not. The Mets had sixteen hits but only scored five runs, leaving fourteen men on base, and their closer blew the save in the ninth before losing the game when a ball hit Daniel Murphy, caromed straight up in the air, and Murphy dropped it, allowing the winning run to score from second on a ball that went sixty feet. That’s the sort of thing you’d expect from the sort of organization that would trade for Jeff Francoeur.

Derek Lowe had another one of those games where he had blisters on his fingers and gave up five hits, two walks, and three runs, two of them “earned”, in two innings. The defense didn’t help — McCann was charged with an error for batter interference, and runners advanced on a pointless throw home — but he still was pretty terrible. Three more years of this!

The Braves rallied back with a run in the bottom of the second, and tied it with two in the third. They took the lead on a passed ball in the fourth, but Kawakami gave it right back with a double to Jeffy (ugh) followed by a single, and then both teams went into Hibernation Mode until the eighth. Bobby, having used Medlen, Kawakami, and Moylan, went to Gonzalez, who pitched with a five-run lead yesterday and wasn’t all that effective. Predictably, his arm fell off. Sorry, no, he gave up a solo homer to the legendary Omir (.398 SLG) Santos and then left the game with a “stiff back”. Acosta came in and immediately loaded the bases. Somehow, he didn’t allow a run. I’m not sure that he didn’t and that they just forgot to record it.

Anyway, O’Flaherty pitched the ninth, and picked up a win due to yet another Mets implosion. ACHE doubled to lead off, and Gorecki ran for him. McCann started another one of those plate appearances, but after several 2-2 pitches Rodriguez hit him. (At the time, it looked like it might have been a lucky break for the Mets, because the ball just brushed him on its way to the wall, and the HBP kept Gorecki from going to third.) Speed Demon David Ross ran for McCann (they still had Diaz or Jurrjens to run, but whatever) and then Yunel laid down a beautiful bunt that got past the mound and almost got him to first, but he was out by a step. The Mets, being the Mets, walked LaRoche to load the bases to pitch to Infante, who was 2-4 with a double at that point. He hit a sac fly to score Gorecki and tie the game. Church hit what looked like a foul ball down the line, but it pushed fair and hit off Murphy, who then couldn’t handle the carom, scoring the Speed Demon from second. Arguably, it should have been two errors, one for the original misplay and one for the drop.

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  1. The bottom of the ninth in this Rockies-Giants game is fantastic.

    I really love MLB.TV on the Roku box. It’s just like, just like actual television at about half the cost of Extra Innings.

  2. A lovely little bit of color. I was at the game where an adorable little girl sung the national anthem (extremely well). She stayed at the game and sat a few rows over from some rowdy, drunken Mets fans that kept up a pretty steady chant of “Let’s Go Mets!” After the Mets went up 5-4 she had apparently had enough and marched over to them, took off her Braves hat, and brandished it in their faces while pointing at the A. Everyone around her went nuts and the Mets boys were strangely quieted by the act and kind of got deferential during the remainder of the game.

    I think we were all ready to start a twisted, southeast Asian-style sect of child worship and declare her our queen by the time it all ended. It’s my first walk-off, in person win. I am embarrassed to say it. I have hope. Dumb, silly hope.

    Which is just to say. There is NO HOPE. None. At all. And there won’t be.

  3. As Andrew Dice Clay would say…….. UUUNNNNBELIIIIIEEEEEEEEEVABLE.

    Six game winning streak (should be eight), longest of the season. Winning is fun,even if we are done for the season.

    And I’m half tempted to tell the fat lady to go sit her butt down. When she does start singing, I’m just gonna bludgeon the big girl to death with satisfaction from having to watch all this great pitching go to waste.

  4. The Rockies hang on and win by the skin of their teeth, 4-3 after giving up three runs in the bottom of the ninth.

  5. And the Rockies try real hard to help us, but can’t quite do it, blowing most of a 4-0 lead but still winning 4-3.

    I’m running out of stakes to jam into Hope’s heart.

  6. Just finished watching a DVR version of the game…

    I had a conversation with a Mets fan this weekend about how the ’09 Mets may end up with the most entertaining “lowlight reel” in history.

    Tonight was another entry, and ironically Buckner-like.

    As they say in Flushing… amazin’.

  7. Winning is fun.

    Random: Not to get political, but I get Ken Oberkfell’s name mixed up with Keith Olbermann.

  8. JoeyT, the Roku Box is very cool but it does have drawbacks. I don’t have one but my next door neighbor does. It draws an enormous amount of bandwidth away from his computer network when in use. I’ll stick with for the time being but I’m sure their are other people who will look it up :

  9. From previous thread…

    Unless you’re a big fan of Korean food, there’s not a lotta great stuff around Penn Station. (I dig Korean food & some of those nearby KoreaTown joints are pretty good.)

    I’d recommend hopping a cab to the East Village, Soho or Lower East Side. Or you could catch a quick subway up to Restaurant Row in the theatre district (46th bet. 8th/9th Ave). It’s touristy, but there are plenty of options.

  10. We are nine games over .500 in mid-September. We can definitely call this a successful “retooling” season. If not for the poor starts of Frenchy, KJ, Schafer, and Kotch, we would be in a much better position than we are at now.

  11. With KK in for Lowe and his blister, I just don’t see how the Braves can lose another game this season!

  12. This is what really drives me crazy…….

    IF Tommy Hanson has started the season in the rotation.

    IF Jeff Francoeur had been benched at the end of May. (See Bobby)

    IF KJ had been benched in April. (See Bobby)

    IF Infante had been named the starting second baseman and not been injured.

    IF anybody except Greg Norton had pinch hit all season…… (See Bobby)

    IF Jordan Schafer had stayed healthy.

    IF Cox hadn’t overworked the front of his bullpen. (See Bobby)

    IF Escobar had been given the opportunity to lead off (Cox has used eight lead off guys, see!!!!).

    IF this team could play half way decent defense on a consistent basis.

    IF the Braves had a running game…… and they don’t.

    If just one or two of these factors had played out in our favor, we would at least be the wild card leader right now.

  13. @17 Yeah Coach. However, is it quite amazing that we MAY actually win 90 games this season despite all these?!

    Nevertheless, I still think starting Hanson at AAA was the right move, and I actually like Yunel hitting sixth or fifth in the lineup.

  14. How about trading Lowe to the Cubs for Zambrano? One expensive pitcher who has worn out his welcome for another.

  15. 20, why does everybody keep wanting to trade Derek Lowe?

    The man has averaged 33 starts, 15 wins and 10 losses over the last eight seasons including this one (14-9). All this nonsense is based on his current 4.53 ERA. Lowe had nearly the same identical ERA (4.47 back in 2003) with the Red Sox. Right about now, I’m betting the Boston fans are wishing Derek Lowe was still with the Red Sox.

    Derek Lowe is going nowhere anytime soon and I’m proud to say it.

  16. I am equally excited about the andrew dice clay reference!

    They may not make the playoffs but they are certainly gaining respect and hope for 2010

    I haven’t watched much since football season started. Now I can’t watch for superstitious reasons!

  17. Derek Lowe 2003: ERA 4.47 ERA+ 104
    Derek Lowe 2009: ERA 4.47 ERA+ 93

    He’s been about 11% worse this year than he was in 2003, he’s also six years older and signed for three more years. I think that’s most people’s problem.

    I don’t know why I even point this stuff out when your main argument for him hangs on wins and losses and discounts ERA.

    (Also, in 2004 Lowe had an ERA over 5.00, ERA+ of 90 that year.)

    Really an ERA+ of 90 or so isn’t too bad…. for your fourth or fifth starter. But Lowe is getting paid #1 money, which is ruining the cost advantage we have with Hanson and Jurrjens

  18. guys, we still have to play Washington, there is no hope

    Also, Id rather have Lowe and his $45 mil remaining than Zambrano and his $53 mil remaining.

    #21 – Coach, its his age/production/contract, all tied into one.

    anyone see Chipper’s AB last night? Dude might need to just shut it down for the rest of the year. He’s hurt and they just blew fastballs by him

  19. Just checking whether or not you were implying that the Braves and Mets were actually playing softball, but speed demon David Ross scored from second on a ball that travelled around 100 feet. And, by the way, why didn’t Bobby have a pitcher run for McCann?

  20. 24,
    Lowe gets paid for what he does. This whole “number 1” and “number 4” thing I find quite counter-productive. Classifying pitchers in such categories doesn’t accomplish anything. It’s a nice talking point for people who have convinced themselves that Lowe and Kawakami are overpaid, but the fact of the matter is Lowe’s production roughly equals his salary. Regardless of which silly rotation number you want to call him.

  21. No… If you count that, it went about 300 feet. But I believe MLB is still played with 90 feet between the bases.

  22. Murphy really made 3 bad plays in that inning. Buckner has nothing on him

    Murphy was playing the line on Anderson’s double. He just didnt move and never got his glove down. That ball doesnt get past many 1B

    he then botched Church’s grounder

    when the ball was coming down he tried looking to home plate while catching it and then dropped it again

  23. 24,

    Agree. At this point, the money is a sunk cost so it doesn’t really matter whether or not he is “worth” it relative to others. In theory, you could trade him and recover the sunk cost, but that is unlikely. I understand that Lowe’s salary might constrain the Braves from making other moves, but that is true even if he won the Cy Young. The question is not whether Lowe is worth is salary but whether the Braves are better off with or without him and clearly they are better off with him.

  24. Yea, Chippers at bat was FUGLY. Dude was over matched on pitches he normally kills. He should have hit the DL long ago….

  25. At this point there’s no particular benefit to putting him on the DL is there? We have nobody we’d call up, and it’s close enough to the end of the season he can just be sitting till/if he feels better.

  26. With this team, the DL really has to be viewed as a cabinet that Bobby doesn’t have a key for. All unsafe items/players/Norton-beings can be kept in the special cabinet and out of the hands of Bobby. Notice that this little run has coincided with corpse-Chipper temporarily locking himself in the cabinet. But for the grace of Murphy, his emergence from the cabinet would have contributed mightily to a loss.

    I love Bobby, and I think that he should stay til he dies; we just need someone to manage the Special Cabinet behind the scenes and occasionally save the team from some of Bobby’s more insanely inflexible notions. This position would be similar to Bill Simmons’ VP of Common Sense. I think Wren has actually accomplished this to some extent – Glavine and Smoltz now reside in an Eternal Cabinet – but there needs to be someone in the dugout at all times to perform the same function.

  27. Pete Orr should go read some of the post from a few years back and see if he still wants to get in the water.

  28. This is the point about people complaining about Chipper not playing enough and celebrating Cal Ripken. Ripken is great but he played a lot during the streak when he should not have and, I think, hurt the team (not that the Orioles were much of a team during much of his career). Chipper is sort of damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

  29. Threw just about everything we had in the pen at them last night. Let’s hope JJ can go a complete game today cause he ain’t getting any help. Unbelievable that it takes two of our highest paid arms (KK and Lowe) to almost finish one game.

  30. Of course we still have Vladmir Nunez available. He still hasn’t pitched after being on the ML roster for 16 days. Do you think he may be a little rusty? Could he possibly do worse than Acosta? It’s also been 21 days since Boone Logan has pitched, but that at least makes some sense.

  31. holy carp… Orr got an August call-up with the Nats and is hitting .341 with an OPS of .854 in 16 games/44 ABs… even if he went 0 for his next 26 ABs to have as many as Norton he’d still have half again as many hits as Greg.

    Well… that was depressing… can somebody tell me why I looked that up?

  32. Relief guys not used yesterday (as IF that will keep the others from being used):

    Buddy Carlyle
    Boone Logan
    Vladimir Nunez
    Rafael Soriano

    We’re playing the Mets… EVEN with those guys as the available bullpen behind Cy Jurrjens I think we should be able to win it.

    We have Vasquez, Hudson, & Hanson going against the Phils this weekend right? I’m going to the Sunday game so I HOPE I’m right and I’ll get to see Tommy pitch.

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