Mickey Mahler vs. Lance Cormier. Also, game thread: Braves at somebody

Who is it? Oh, the Astros. Goody.

Mickey Mahler Statistics and History – Baseball-Reference.com

Years with Braves: 1977-1979
Notable stats: 10-24, 5.27 ERA
Notable accomplishments: Mickey Mahler : Rick Mahler :: Mike Maddux : Greg Maddux. Now, compare Rick Mahler to Greg Maddux.


Lance Cormier Statistics and History – Baseball-Reference.com

Years with Braves: 2007-2008
Notable stats: 5.73 ERA, 24 HR/119 1/3 IP
Notable accomplishments: Lives in my hometown.

34 thoughts on “Mickey Mahler vs. Lance Cormier. Also, game thread: Braves at somebody”

  1. From the previous thread:

    I do think the Braves had the best team in baseball three of those 14 years, but that’s it. You could probably argue one more or less reasonably.

    My 3:
    ’93 – We lost to an inferior team in the Phils, but calling us better than the Jays may be questionable. With Mad Dog and McGriff, I think we were better, but that come back against the Giants in the pennant chase may have drained us.

    ’96 – Everyone knows this is truly the one that got away. After we roared back against the Cardinals and won the first two at Yankee stadium, the analysts were already talking dynasty. I think they jinxed us.

    ’97 – Eric Gregg! Ugh! The Marlins were a tough matchup for us all year, though.

    ’95 could be argued as the other year we were the best, but the tribe was dominant during the regular season. We clearly had the better pitching (and that’s your argument), but their lineup was stacked.

    ’98? Are you kidding me? The Yanks were a much better team and have been so probably every year since.

    Most of the 2000’s we limped into the playoffs with an injured team or one built to just squeak through the division.

  2. Fron DOB’s blog: “I talked to Chipper about his defense on Saturday. He said he thinks he’s played well the past month or two defensively, and complained about some errors charged by official scorer at Turner Field” and “Jones has not looked anything like the guy who had a career resurgence the past few seasons and won a batting title. His average is down, but even more alarming has been the power outange, the near-complete lack of extra-base hits.
    He’s got two just extra-base hits (one double, one homer) in 23 games (77 at-bats) since Aug. 12, and in his past 20 games Chipper’s hit just .121 (8-for-66) with 16 walks, 15 walks and a .289 OBP and .182 slugging percentage.”

    Mac, was Jerry Royster this bad?

  3. Chipper is a power hitter who, since August, hasn’t hit that many homers, triples, doubles or singles. Royster, if I recall correctly, could stop a ground ball hit directly at him.

  4. Does anyone around here remember the two weeks Terry Crowley played for the Braves? I crack up to no end when I hear that Earl Weaver interview.

  5. To me, Royster was a poor man’s Omar Infante (better than a homeless man’s Omar Infante). He was better than Woodward and Corky and that type of player since at least every once and a while, Royster was useful. Not often, but once in a while.

  6. Yeah, Chipper’s fallen off—he hasn’t been healthy. At this point, it’s spilt milk.

    FWIW, Royster had some speed & was useful in pinch-running situations, too.

  7. I don’t think this matters (other than revealing my age), but I have Mickey Mahler’s baseball card, but not Cormier. So I voted for Mahler.

  8. Mickey Mahler went to Trinity University, the same school that gave a basketball scholarship to the lead singer of the Butthole Surfers.

    So I voted for Cormier.

  9. Mickey wasn’t nearly as good as his brother, he gets my vote.

    Chipper has fallen apart physically. Why the Braves inked his broken down self to 13 million per season through 2012 is the burning question.

  10. No the burning question is what would Chipper do if Wren built an actual offense to bat behind him and hired a new manager who would actually give Chipper an extra day or two off of rest each month as needed.

  11. I’m way past ‘I told you so’ concerning the Braves, but I told you all so about the need to move on past Chipper the last year or so.

  12. McLouth – 8
    Prado – 4
    Jones – 5
    McCann- 2
    Anderson – 7
    Escobar – 6
    LaRoche – 3
    Church – 9
    Vazquez – 1

    i guess i wouldnt mind diaz sitting if i didnt dislike garret so much. oh well…let’s win 12 in a row. make it interesting…

  13. 13, offense…..really?

    OK, yea, I agree totally on this point.

    But no, Chipper is a walking accident waiting to happen and his bat is slowing down. If the Braves had invested a series of one year contracts I could see the justification monetarily. I have no problem with Chipper needed extra time off, it’s just that he needs a caddy at 3B.

    As for adding some offense and a decent right handed power hitting bat, look no further than Dan Uggla. The Marlins will have to trade his butt because they cannot afford his current multimillion dollar contract. Uggla is up for arbitration again this off season and will get a raise on top of his 5.35 million.

    Uggla can’t catch the ball at 2B but no problem, I would stick him out in LF where his defense would be no worse than that of Garret Anderson, and Uggla’s offense would be a big improvement.

    With Jordan Schafer returning, Nate McLouth already installed and Jason Heyward on the way, then throwing Uggla in the mix…..our outfield morass might be solved next year.

  14. 15,
    I find it annoying when teams play 37 year old veterans signed to 1-year deals off the scrap heap in September. Those AB’s should go to one of the kids.

  15. Mac has said that Escobar has been the best Brave of 2009. While I agree with that, I think Vazquez is a close second. I’d put JJ at 3, BMac at 4, and #5 is a toss up.

    Congrats on his 200th K.

  16. Unfortunately for the Braves, they played in an era when the AL was producing very good teams. If they had been winning in the 80s, they could have faced teams like the Royals and Brewers (of course, it could also have been the Tigers). The 1983 O’s were not all that good either. In general, they lost to very good teams with better offenses. Even at that, they probably win in 1991 if not for the damn Metrodome and/or Lonnie Smith, and possibly 1992 if they had a closer. 1996 goes without saying. The fact is, the Braves did not hit in the playoffs and were generally short on the bench and in the bullpen. That blame goes to JS.

  17. Rob Neyer argued a few years ago that that the Braves’ biggest problem in postseason had been that their pinch-hitters had consistently failed.

    Whee, offense by solo homer. That’s not going to backfire.

  18. Great play by Chipper there, for what it’s worth. Bases loaded, Miggy Tejada whacks a bouncer up the middle that Vazquez deflects but can’t glove. Chipper, realizing he’s the only one with a play, rushes in, barehands, and gets the man at first.

  19. @16
    brilliant…dan uggla to solve the power problems.

    matt diaz’s ops is almost a 100 points higher than uggla, not to mention uggla doesnt play outfield and diaz plays outfield pretty well.

    here’s dan uggla’s stats

    here’s matt diaz’s stats

    it doesnt make sense coach. most of the time when teams acquire a player, they want to get something better than they currently have. uggla would be an upgrade at 2nd…not in left.

  20. Nice game for chipper tonight. I’m guessing he ends the season with a batting average in the .250s.

  21. Watching Angels (Kazmir) vs. Mariners (King Felix). Kazmir vs. Ichiro leading off. 92, 92, 94 strike-out looking. And Franklin Gutierrez is the next batter, so of course he homers.

  22. 25, I do believe you would argue with a stop sign :)

    Let me get this straight, Dan Uggla can play 2B but not LF, while KJ moved from the very same OF to 2B? Now we are making perfect sense my friend. I never said Dan Uggla would solve anything. I said he would be an improvement over Garret Anderson.

    Matt Diaz has never been an everyday player and never will be at the age of 31. Comparing OPS under the circumstances is laughable at best.

    2B is good to go. Prado, KJ and Infante have it covered.

    Here’s the scoop on Uggla, figure it out already:


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