ESPN – Pirates vs. Braves – Box Score – April 03, 2008

First off… exactly as I predicted, Mike Hampton hurt himself (his armpit!) during warmups and was unable to go, unless by “go” you mean “on the DL”. This surprised a surprising number of people.

Second, Chris Resop should probably give a tenth of his salary to the makers of the radar gun, because if there was no radar gun he’d be selling shoes. Resop is no more a major league pitcher than he is Tübingen Professor of Archaeology. Down to three pitchers in the tenth inning, one of them Peter Moylan, whom he didn’t want to use, Bobby went completely and utterly insane. Not so much for pitching Resop, but for feeling the need for Resop so much that (after Resop had gone walk, sac bunt, walk) that he actually moved Resop to the outfield, brought in Royce Ring, LOOGY, to face LaRoche (whom he easily handled), then brought Resop back in to give up a game-winning single to Xavier “Burn In Hell” Nady. Well, that last wasn’t part of the plan, but was nonetheless inevitable.

Jeff Bennett started for Hampton and went four innings. He gave up four hits, but three of them were doubles and he walked two, and was charged with two runs. It stayed 2-0 to bottom of the sixth, as Blaine Boyer had a strong outing as the second man, and the Braves got three runs on four singles, a walk, and an error. Bobby then brought in Will Ohman, LOOGY, to be a setup man. This did not work, because Ohman can’t pitch to righthanders and because Martin Prado booted a ball and Abe Miller (Johnny Wholestaff’s personal catcher) couldn’t catch a pitch. The Braves couldn’t get anything going after that, leading to the tenth-inning debacle.

The Braves outhit the Pirates 11-6, but had only one walk and couldn’t bunch the hits except in the sixth. Chipper had three hits, but Teixeira’s slump continued and he was 0-5. Tyler Yates got the win for the Pirates. Sigh.

(Oh, and the reason this wasn’t posted until now was that, indeed, the internet is out at my apartment, along with most of the cable. The anniversary post was pre-written.)