208 thoughts on “You better beat the Padres game thread: Aug. 25, Padres at Braves”

  1. Least favorite Braves
    Danny Frisella
    Albie Lopez
    Mark Redmond
    Corky Miller
    Dan Kolb
    Len Barker

  2. Cox worked Reitsma to death (not unlike Boyer and now possibly Gonzalez) and he had a measure of success until his last year. I wasn’t following the Braves too closely when Lockhart was around.

  3. I don’t know how John Rocker isn’t in everybody’s least favorite lists.

    I’ll give it a go:

    4)David Ross (don’t know why…just like him)

    Note that this would be an active roster list, as Hudson would probably be No. 2 if he were active.

    For all-time, I’m gonna go with ones I saw play:

    1)Javy Lopez
    5)Brian Jordan (and yes…I am basically pretending his comeback early this decade didn’t happen because I liked him so much late in the last one)

    Least favorite:
    1)John Rocker (see above)
    2)Jeff Francoeur
    3)Danny Kolb
    4)Deion Sanders
    5)Kenny Lofton

    The first three on the list were basically the only three I could think of that I would have booed while they were still on the team. Deion is really kind of a hindsight one, but I’m still including him. And Lofton I never really liked, but I supported him while he was on the team. He immediately left and went back to Cleveland though, making it very easy for me.

  4. From the previous thread:
    Least favorite:

    1. Keith Lockart
    2. Lonnie Smith(’91 was unexcuseable)
    3. Mark Lemke(sorry)

    How can anyone hate the Lemmer? As a player, that is. His ’91 WS should get him a lifetime pass. And nobody turned the deuce better.

  5. Yeah, can’t hate the Lemmer. Scrappy little guy. (but let me say this…having heard his voice on my computer when I play a game from MLB, God his voice is atrocious…sorry, he sucks as a radio guy).

    Yes, John Rocker was an ignoramus, but as a player, he had a measure of success.

    My problem and enduring hatred of Keith Lockhart is because he always sucked and yet it SEEMED like he played for us for 17 years (when it reality it was like 5 or 6?).

    Watching Keith Lockhart in a Braves uniform felt like one of those extended stays in a hospital. You think they’re going to release you one day and then here comes another nurse with a needle and she’s only changing your IV.

  6. Oh – happy birthday, ububba. Hope we beat a team we’re supposed to beat as a little present for you.

  7. Medlen has been pitching very well, but he sits and watches games for a week at a time. I think Bobby has to find a way to use him. He could be used in later innings to take some pressure off Moylan and Gonzalez. Otherwise their arms are going to fall off.

  8. And nobody turned the deuce better.

    Hey – that’s just a rumor. No need to go around repeating it.

  9. I am guessing “Nobody turned the deuce better” probably also applies to say…Paris Hilton?

  10. I’m not familiar with this euphimism. But I bet Dix is laughing himself sick.

    Now, if you had said some like ‘fisting one in the hole’…

  11. There have long been rumors that Lemke’s gay, but I’m avoiding trying to imagine what “turning the deuce” means in that context.

  12. All time favorite Braves

    1) Ozzie Virgil (hey I was 8 and he was a catcher)
    2) Javy Lopez
    3) Chipper (and rising)
    4) McCann (and rising)
    5) Greg Maddux

    All time least favorite Braves

    1) Dan Kolb
    2) Adam LaGross
    3) Micheal Tucker
    4) Reggie Sanders
    5) Chris Woodward

  13. Guys, let’s drop the deuce.

    Happy birthday, Ububba. Chimay’s on me the next time I’m in NYC or you’re in our nation’s capital.

    My fave current Braves:

    (Honorable mention: Martin Prado)

    All time:
    Hank Aaron (never saw him play, but he was my hero growing up; I nearly wore out my paperback of “I Had a Hammer”)

    And, yes, there’ll always be a light on in my heart for Skip Caray. The only time I ever got to hear Ernie Johnson Sr. was on the season recap videos they used to send to season ticket holders, so Skip will always be the play-by-play guy of my childhood. I only wish I was older at the time so I could remember him better now.

  14. Jorgbacca:
    If LaRoche keeps hitting the way he’s been since rejoining the team, you might have to adjust his ranking on your “least favorite” list.

  15. Least Favs:

    1. Brett Boone
    2. Jeffy
    3. Keith Lockhart
    4. Dank Lob
    5. Wickman

    * I would put Deion, but he gets a pass for the McCarver incident.

  16. All get the most out of just a little talent list:
    Milan – don’t know how that guy didn’t de nut himself when he swung the bat. He choked up nearly to the label. Besides you gotta like a guy named Felix.
    Greg Olsen – the catcher.
    Bruce Benedict
    Ralph Garr – no power, couldn’t field, and a strike zone that makes Diaz look selective but dang he could hit. And run like the dickens.

    My all time list is pretty much like everyone elses but I’m going to throw out one of mine thats not. Steve Avery. I really thought during that very short period he was great that he was going to be the best of the then big 4. And Darrel Evans too.

    My wife seems to only remember one Brave. Zane Smith. To this day she’ll ask if he is still playing. Her comment ‘If I made that much money I sure would have something done that mouth. That is one ugly man.’

  17. Jason C – Brett Boone – good choice. What a bag of loser rocks that idiot was for us.

    I second the notion that considering what LaRoche is doing right now, no one should have Adam on their least favorite and I was a big Adam basher back in the day.

  18. I could also never hate Pascual Perez because his getting lost in Atlanta near the stadium is one of my all time favorite Brave stories.

    Pete Falcone…he was terrible but I liked him because he looked like a bad mofo on the mound. He just wasn’t any good.

  19. Adam LaGross will have to do more than play decent/well in August/September when we’re way behind in the division to lose the distinction of my second most hated Brave in my lifetime.

  20. Well, FWIW, he’s been playing a little better than “decent/well” since we got him back. And “LaGross” doesn’t even make sense.

  21. Braves lineup: Infante 8, Prado 4, Chipper 5, McCann 2, Anderson 7, Escobar 6, LaRoche 3, Diaz 9, Jurrjens 1

  22. Good to see Prado again. Even Ganderson. Would really like McClouth to get back out there soon.

  23. No love for Rafael Belliard?

    My brother was a huge Dion James fan back in the day. (Probably had something to do with catching a foul ball that he hit).

  24. Fave five:

    1) Chipper
    2) Smoltz
    3) Maddux
    4) Pimpbot 16
    5) Cant pick one, Avery/Justice/Glavine/Klesko/Javy

    Least fave five:

    1) Charlie Leibrandt (fair or not, I don’t care)
    2) Fat Albie
    3) Blob Wickman
    4 tie) Hampton/Out Machine/Lofton
    5) Jason Shiell’s wife

  25. What did Lofton do? .333/.409/.428/.837 OPS+119 is a damn good number for a CF. He was an AS, and even got a couple of MVP points.

  26. 36 – it’s more of the fact that he was a complete tool. One of the few guys that Bobby has ever ripped publicly for not being able to play for him.

  27. I liked Dion James as a kid. Of course, I also liked Andres Thomas. In my defense, I was young and I thought his batting stance was cool.

    All time faves:
    1. Dale Murphy
    2. Smoltz
    3. Chipper (maybe?)
    4. Glavine?
    5. Maddux?

    1 and 2 are easy. The lines drawn between anyone else are all pretty fuzzy.

  28. Favorites

    Javi Lopez


    Corky Miller
    Jeff Francoeur
    Jordan Schafer (has plenty of time to redeem himself of course)

  29. I will always hate Darren Bragg the most. Not only did he suck, but he had a creepy inner forearm tattoo.

  30. @37 – I was halfway watching that in the delivery room while my daughter was being born. Thank god there was something to distract me.

  31. Haha, looking at that boxscore, I had completely forgotten about Jim Brower. Man, what a random pitcher.

  32. Looking through the 2005 roster, there were a lot of random relievers. Foster, Bernero, Jorge Vazquez, Greisinger, Matt Childers, Frank Brooks, etc.

  33. Top 5 Current:

    Top 5 Ever:
    Maddux (smartest ballplayer I have ever seen)
    Smoltz (was #1 until this offseason)

    Bottom 5:
    Frenchy (dumbest ballplayer I have ever seen)
    Tex (never seemed like he belonged)

  34. Darren Bragg was not very good but he threw me a ball that he caught for the final out of a game that Smoltz saved. His batting intro music was also Sympathy for the Devil so he had that going for him. Which is nice.

    My current favorites are
    1. Diaz
    2. Hanson
    3. Medlen
    4. Vazquez
    5. Prado

    There is no one on the current roster that I particularly dislike but my all time list would go something like this.

    1. Cox
    no explanation necessary

    distant 2nd. Rocker
    A constant reminder of how embarrasing it can be to be a Braves fan. Also sucked. I cant stand wild pitchers.

    3. Mike Hampton
    Threw one pitch and couldn’t locate it particularly well. It sucked that he was hurt all the time but I can’t hold that against the guy. I just hated the way he pitched.

  35. Did anyone else think the look on Jair’s face after watching ache loaf over to that ball was WTF?

  36. I already listed my worst 5 and I’ll stick by it,but I have to admit Farnsworth would have been a pretty good pick. My favorite line this preseason was when the Royals signed Farnsworth they said they wanted to not have Soria pitch so much, one Royals writer said, “This move assures that Soria won’t pitch as much, because with Farnsworth pitching the 8th, Soria will never have a game to save in the 9th.

  37. Oh, damn I didn’t even realize Latos was on the mound for the Padres. I sure hope the Braves can look a little less lost compared to the last time.

  38. Taking in the M-Braves tonight in Chattanooga.

    Been looking forward to seeing them all year and Freeman’s DLed and Heyward’s out of the lineup.

    Did see Hicks HR in the first.

  39. Loaf makes Matt Diaz look like an all-star on defense.

    1-0 Padres, yeaaaaaaa! I’m kidding, sarcastically.

  40. 48,
    Isn’t Acosta a young, promising prospect? Otherwise, I agree with the statement. There’s so much instability in bullpens across baseball.

  41. Shee-ite moslem. These are the scrubbiest scrubs that ever scrubbed, and we’re getting no-hit AND losing? At home? Some nights this team really doesn’t show up, and that’s why we are where we are.

  42. So the Fat Tub of Goo didn’t make anybody’s list? Either one?

    Let’s give it up for a guy who have us one and a half good years and gave us a lot of laughs – Terry Forster.

  43. I said take 2/3 from the mets, take 2/3 from the Marlins, sweep the Padres and then see where you are. Make no mistake, we must sweep. If we lose and the Rockies win tonight we would be 5 1/2 games out and little chance to make the playoffs.

  44. Matt Latos has a one hitter going through five innings with four K’s and no walks.

    Jurrjens is pitching OK but like ya’ll said, it is the first game of the series…..Yikes!

  45. Not with the way the Rockies are playing. They might actually win the west and leave the Dodgers to the wildcard. You have to sweep teams like the Padres.

  46. If we lose and the Rockies win tonight we would be 5 1/2 games out and little chance to make the playoffs.

    It almost doesn’t matter at this point, just keep Jurrjens and Hanson healthy. The Rockies are too good. That win last night for them was pretty magical. If you want to feel old, the Rockies just called up Eric Young Jr. to the majors.

  47. you cant play thinking about sweeping teams. Its too difficult no matter who they are. If the Braves win every series from here on out they will be 22 games above .500. 92-70 is going to get themselves a very good shot at catching some teams an will most likely get themselves into the playoffs. That has to be their goal, win series

  48. hey, heres an idea lets get an extra base hit

    Chipper last 9 games (1-23 w/ 9k’s) and that was an infield hit

  49. I usually try not to judge people on their tattoo’s, but that shit on Latos’s forearms screams, “I’m a douchebag”

  50. There’s no way to tell if Chipper is done or not. He’s in a slump – not uncommon for him throughout his (or anyone’s) career. It’s just that when players get Chipper’s age, people want to say he’s done everytime he goes through a slump. Eventually he will lose and it may be now, but I think he’s got at least another solid year or two.

  51. Happy birthday, ububba. You too, Remy, in case I miss you on Thursday.

    Mine’s Friday. I’m turning 40 and trying to ignore it :-(

    A few runs this game would be a nice early present, though.

  52. Typical 2000s era Atlanta Braves. Beat the good teams and look like Little Leaguers against the bad ones.

  53. MY favorite ric flair quote…

    “Keep your mouth shut when I’m talking! (addressing some kid in the crowd) I will take your mother home and make a woman out of her kid you keep your mouth shut…. I’m talking to you kid! I’ma make your mother go Woo Woo Woo.”

  54. He’d be way richer if he were paid everytime he fetishized “going the other way”.

  55. WHY?!?!?! Somebody needs to take Norton out.

    edit: he has shown a propensity for walks, but still, holy crap! We needed a hit, which norton gave us a 10% chance of getting from that side of the plate.

  56. Sometimes, I hate it when batting the Emperor works; it just encourages Cox to let him keep playing.

  57. Don’t mean to bash Norton – it’s Bobby who bothers me. Regardless of the result, it was a dumb idea to send him out there.

  58. Truly pathetic. We’re an inning away from having this fan officially give up on the season.

  59. All I’m saying about Norton is that it seems every time he comes up late in a game he walks on pitches that aren’t even close which is strange considering he sucks. It’s now happened so much I think he goes up there actively hoping he doesn’t have to use his bat. I’m not saying he should be up there swinging at balls, obviously not, I just find the whole situation strange and amusing.

  60. well, i guess the good thing is we will get to see the closer in the 9th so 3 straight righty/lefty matchups.

  61. prediction: we win it in the 9th and ride this win all the way to the wild card. we’ve had plenty of bad predictions of late. lets try something different.

  62. We’ve won the last 10 games I’ve smoked weed while watching and I’m packing a bowl….

  63. Has anyone ever called in to the Chip Caray show and asked him to explain the infield fly rule?

  64. @139 that was baseball…and would have been brilliant if it is a foot and a half to the left.

  65. Assuming that the bunt was on from the bench, Bobby’s obsession with seeing Diaz bend over to take it is both disturbing and completely inexplicable. I don’t have any stats, but it definitely seems like I’ve heard “Diaz bunts it” in the last month more than anyone else.

  66. @147
    2nd baseman playing up the middle in the grass. 1st baseman playing behind the bag, almost in the grass. yes, a bunt to hit was stupid. i understand the “bunt is stupid” argument but youre reaching. it wasnt a bad play, and it wasnt called from the bench. blame bobby for when he’s wrong. it happens enough.

  67. Diaz’s play wasn’t that bad. It basically comes down to what’s greater, his chance of getting a hit or his chance of pushing that bunt farther to the left. The bunt is the mathematically correct choice, but Diaz has been soooo hot I would have liked for him to swing.

  68. Dammit Don! It’s not in the hole if a fielder is right there. Don has been off tonight.

  69. can you believe that, the phillies lost to the pirates… i have a good friend who is a die-hard pirates fan

  70. Believe it or not I was listening to the Braves call in show a few days ago on a rain delay. An older man who said he played with Babe Ruth called in and gave his philosophy on the team. His major gripe with Atlanta was that they don’t bunt enough. I almost lost it on that comment.

  71. I think this would be a fine time for one of those Adam LaRoche home runs I’ve been hearing so much about

  72. I think this would be a fine time for one of those Matt Diaz home runs that happens once every few years

  73. Little surprising to see Soriano pulled, given how strong he was in the 11th.

    Edit: Yeah… Nice call, Bobby.

  74. @ 149

    I didn’t like it because Diaz doesn’t strike me as a great (or even good) bunter and he’s not exceptionally fast either. I would rather him just take his swings there.

    Also: I never said anything about Bobby…

  75. The Padres announcers just said that Garret Anderson can turn a single into a double better than anyone in the league.

  76. I love the Braves…but I am certainly hating the first game of every damn series we play.

    Sheesh, boys…act like we’ve got something to play for (except you Matt Diaz and Jair Sweet J)


    I mean c’mon…anoying gnat, a Gator, a Cardinal…what’s not to hate about this little tool? ugggg.

  78. I’m not sure if you were aware of this but he is small and white which means it’s only by a heroic display of American Spirit that he’s good at baseball.

  79. It worked, but I still hate an intentional walk to load the bases – especially with two outs. Getting the count to 3-2 was too close for comfort.

  80. No matter the outcome of this contest, this is why our Braves will more than likely miss the playoffs.

    Our Braves are beating themselves.

  81. Stick a fork in us.

    What say we give McCann a bunch of time off and severely limit the innings of Jurrjens and Hanson?

  82. And that’s it. Tune in tomorrow when hopefully the offense won’t suck *quite* so hard.

  83. I agree with Stu. No reason not to call up Hudson and either go to a straight six man rotation or juggle the rotation to let him alternately spell Hanson and JJ.

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