58 thoughts on “Fishy game thread: Aug. 22, Marlins at Braves”

  1. What’s the point of having to have a back-up SS on your roster if you’re just going to play him in a seemingly random position every day?

  2. Ugh. What a terrible lineup. Gorecki has shown no ability to hit major league pitching. He needs to be sent down and Jones or Heyward (preferably) called up. Did I miss an injury to Church?

  3. I have heard the “HR as rally killer” idea since at least the mid 80’s – I thought it was just one of those CW things.

  4. Wow, four bats in the lineup who would normally be on the bench or in the minors.

    I’m gonna rent a movie tonight.

  5. Mraver, from the last thread, no idea where you came up with a definition of “rally” that excludes 5 HRs. Defined as you do, it does become a matter of semantics — with a rally meaning any unbroken series of hits excluding HRs. I guess Frenchy would agree with you, if he understands what “semantics” means.

  6. And since this lineup is a stupid use of resources in the lineup, then Wren told Bobby to do it because Bobby isn’t resonsible for anything stupid.

    IF Church is hurt (more than just “ailing”) then maybe playing Infante for him makes sense. Otherwise, you are reverse to the platoon advantage and deficient in defense. A double dumdum.

    Except that here is where Wren has missed one. When ACHE started aching, they needed another real outfielder (if they shouldn’t have gone ahead and brought up Heyward when McLouth got dl’d.)

    And why couldn’t this be the opportunity for KJ to re-try left? Somebody is going to be out of position. KJ has played left at ML level and pretty well. IF he can again show he can play left, his value to the team is greater for next year. Perfect opportunity to find out.

    However, after tomorrow we are off Monday. So the stupid decision to not rest McCann against either of the Mets lefthanders, Perez or Santana, now means that Ross is playing against a righthander, which on 3 year moving averages, costs us 200 ops points. Earlier in the week, it would have cost nothing, as Ross is actually a better offensive player against lefties.

    Bobby, plan your rest for McCann around pitcher handedness. You used to know how to do this when you had Berryhill. Do you remember Berryhill?

  7. Jeez, Escobar, we had a great rally going there.

    Edit: Yeah, I’m obviously not nearly in time.

  8. maybe this lineup’s not so bad after all

    @23–agreed–but would rather have Boog over Gant

    Diaz ends the inning with a Yunel

  9. So Diaz just took off, even though it was gonna get caught, or what? All I have is gameday’s “Ross flies into a double-play, left-fielder to first-baseman, Diaz out at first.”

  10. Yeah, maybe not so putrid.

    Nice way to get Tommy some room to work.

    EDIT: It was a hit-and-run line drive to LF. Diaz didn’t pick up the ball very well & they just got him going back to first.

    Filthy Hanson hook on Commander Cody.

  11. Raise your hand if you wish Tom Glavine was out there throwing soft toss instead of Hanson.

  12. First hit of the game for the Marlins, on what looks (on Gameday) to have been a good pitch. I’m kind of glad; lots of people seem to get screwed up by throwing a no-hitter early in their career. Tommy can just bear down and throw strikes now.

  13. So the Fish just have some guy hanging around with an ERA less than one available to pitch long relief?

    That’s some impressive pitching depth.

  14. No, Chipper’s swings aren’t looking too good. Fortunately, he still understands the strike zone.

    EDIT: It’s the go-go Braves tonight.

  15. Ross hasn’t hit much lately. If I didn’t know better I would say it’s hard to keep your stroke when you only play twice a month.

  16. The entirety of the bench is likely Norton and McCann, sending Norton up wasn’t exactly a guarantee for miracles.

  17. Just tuned in… ugh. And agreed on Prado–why do they wait a week on these guys? I feel like the Braves have played with a short bench all year.

  18. Have they ever figured out what, other than exertional headaches, is wrong with him?

    I hope Gonzo gets the same strike zone that Pinto had. Doesn’t seem so–ball 2 looked a lot like strike 3 to LaRoach.

  19. I liked not hitting McCann for Ross (they would have just walked him), Gorecki needs to keep the inning alive…

    …which he did not.

    Go get ‘um Sori.

  20. Adam,
    Right, that’s why I don’t wanna bunt there. Diaz is the best hitter we’ll send up until the lineup turns over.

    But it’s not like those 2 guys have never gotten a single either.

    Alright, Mr. Soriano. It’s up to you.

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