I am trying to figure out how best to watch these games game thread: July 2, Marlins at Braves

The Peachtree games aren’t in high def where I am, so if I watch on my main TV I have to change the settings or everything’s all stretched and all the players look as fat as Melky. I can also watch on my old TV in the other room. I realize this is endlessly fascinating, but which feels luckier?

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  1. The bedroom clock radio is my ‘viewing’ choice for tough games/rallies. Of course, I get laughed at (‘”you don’t think you have ANY effect on the game, do you??”).

  2. Simple, start off one either TV. If the Braves are leading, do nothing. If they fall behind, switch. Repeat as necessary.

  3. Old TV. Standard def on a HDTV is no way to live.

    Since we are sort of on the subject of how to watch games…

    On the off chance anyone from mlb.tv lurks here: Thumbs up on letting me stream the games through my PS3 on to my main TV. Great feature, no extra cost, in HD no less. However you have got to give us a way to get to a game that has already started (or finished) without displaying the score. I can do it on the website, it needs to happen on the PS3 site.

  4. If the rest of the players look as fat as Melky with the picture stretched, what exactly does that do for Melky himself? I’d imagine that his width may actually exceed his height, and it would create the illusion of him just rolling across the field.

    Personally, I’d go with the HD set, minus the stretching.

  5. @3, when you log onto to mlb.tv on the ps3, go to options (i think its the “circle” button on the ps3 controller, but im not sure) there is an option to turn off “display scores.” all set.

  6. If anyone plans on driving to the game tonight they might want to leave now. Just drove up out of Atlanta and traffic was already awful both ways.

  7. If Peter is lurking here (I direct all my roster rules questions at him, but anyone who knows, feel free,) I just read that the Braves dropped Lyman from the 40 man. How long can you have 39? Seems the union wouldn’t approve. And when a player is added to the 40, he begins expiring options yearly, correct?

    Seems wed only do that to add a player we intend to use soon. Why waste someone’s options when you can just keep Lyman, even if you don’t intend to use him.

  8. @7, obviously, our acquisition of Matt Kemp for a PTBNL and cash is being announced later tonight, duh

  9. If anyone plans on driving to the game tonight, they might want to leave now. Just drove up from Atlanta and traffic was awful both ways, the worst was Southbound.

  10. jjschiller,

    Teams do not have to use every 40 man roster slot. Interesting thought on that, though about whether the Union would make noise.

    Typically, if they are clearing a spot, they figure there is a value they can’t access until the lesser value they are releasing etc. is cleared. So, thinking about high minors guys not already on the 40 man, there doesn’t seem to be anyone to want to bring up that isn’t already on the 40 man.

    My guess is it is the first step in trying to be ready to complete a trade (not like tomorrow, but over the next few weeks.

  11. Lyman got picked up on waivers by Oakland; it isn’t really a loss. Most people were confused to why he was placed on the 40 man in the first place.

  12. He just needed to make a “productive out”. Sounds like a bad cold symptom or something.

  13. #6 – Awesome Andrew thanks. I’ll give it a try.

    How long can you have 39?

    Teams regularly don’t fill all 40 spots during the season.

    A little late, what’s with the hats? Did we lose a bet?

  14. I wish Ernie would stop saying that Tommy John surgery used to be career ending. I mean, the whole idea was that the surgery allowed Tommy John to keep pitching.

  15. #30- Yeah no question.

    I’ve seen enough of those pathetic flies to right from Escobar to last a lifetime. Why is he trying to become Marcus Giles? Pull the damn ball.

  16. I would go with ‘Rage’ because the anger he displays after making a bad out or disagreeing with a call is awesome.

  17. 33 pitches that inning. Johnson shouldn’t last more than six so long as the boys take some pitches next inning. Just get him out of the game.

  18. Aren’t those the same hats they wore on Memorial Day? Maybe they just felt they needed to get their money’s worth.

    They really are horrible, but they look worse on the Marlins with their gray uniforms. At least the Braves (sort of) match.

  19. Fairchild’s casual, consistently late manner of calling strikes has annoyed the hell out of me tonight. No one came to the ball park to watch you, Chad!

    Umpires, :roll:

  20. You know what I hate worse than the wave? The looks that people give you when you refuse to participate in the wave. It’s like you kicked a puppy. Stupid wave.

    Nice, Saito. Beating Johnson tonight would be a impressive.

  21. The wave always makes me think of Skip. He, like us, hated it. He always threw in a nice sarcastic comment about it. It always made me laugh.

  22. I had Hanley penciled in for that, not Gaby. Billy’s trying to get to 100 wins by the end of the year too apparently.

  23. I seriously want to jump through my TV and strangle Fairchild. STOP WAITING 5 SECONDS TO CALL A STRIKE EVERY TIME, YOU FAT FUCK!

  24. I had Josh Johnson, Kris Medlen, and Billy Wagner on my fantasy team tonight. I’m tied in the wins and saves categories in a head to head league. Unbelievably, I didn’t get a win or save out of this game. I really, really, really hate the Marlins.

  25. As expected. His strikeout numbers through the minors were just as troubling as his power numbers were impressive. He’ll probably be a star, but he’s gonna strikeout A LOT in his career.

  26. But really, Martin was three steps down the line on that 3-1 pitch before he made the call.

  27. Did anyone find out about the caps? I love how jarring they look on the Marlins. I think every once in a while, the Braves should host a Fashion Nightmare game.

    Chipper almost lost the game with that throw.

  28. Glaus just at least somewhat redeemed himself with that pick. Chipper almost threw that thing into left field.

  29. Ethan, the Dan LeBatard show in Miami did about 3 million parodies of that song. It went something like “we want rain delays, empty seats and blown leads, come on Marlins make us proud”

  30. 103 – :lol:

    Not sure there’s enough indication of the melismatic epicness that takes place during “plays” as you spell it here, though. Should have probably thrown in a few more a’s to get the full effect.

  31. I’ll now start my drinking for the evening. Maybe I’ll end up holding some red panties by the end of the night. My apologies to Bethany, but that’s a Georgia AD joke.


    That one is on McCann. Venters is not supposed to be involved in that.

  33. I want to see the white caps with the tomato uniforms.

    Venters looked pretty good tonight. At least, his pitching looked good. Vaseline on the fingers works both ways.

  34. That one is on Glaus. Should have been a routine inning if not for that abomination of a play. He’s a pretty terrible first baseman.

  35. From a positive aspect, if the Braves can tie it up, the Marlins have virtually no position players left. Time to redeem yourself Troy.

  36. Just when I think you can’t do anything worse Troy, you go and do something to totally redeem yourself.

  37. Brian shouldn’t have thrown, but Venters’ drop was shockingly bone-headed. LaRoche-esque, really.

  38. I love how two of the three players who screwed up in the top of the inning have done well on offense in the bottom. It’s like that Ghana player who made his PK in the shootout after blowing the one to win the game.

    Wait, Ghana lost. Crud.

  39. If he’d been in there before, and Ross is unavailable, we wouldn’t have a catcher.

  40. Could be an indication of Ross’s status. Or it could just be more of Bobby’s overly conservative refusal to ever use his back up catcher until he absolutely has to. “What if the backup gets hurt?!? Who would catch?!? It could happen!” Classic Bobby. I’ve never been a fan of this particular school of thought, though I understand it.

  41. There’s a perfect example of a game the Braves don’t win the last couple of years.

  42. This is my favorite Braves team since when we had the big three together. Unbelievable.

  43. The Braves are on pace to go 62-19 at home this year at this point. Tomorrow is the halfway point of the season, and we’ve still only lost 9 games there!

    Not that I expect that to last all year, but still… :shock:

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