NEW YORK (BRAVES JOURNAL WIRE SERVICES) — The New York Mets will be without closer Francisco Rodriguez for the upcoming series with the Atlanta Braves after Rodriguez was struck on the forehead by a meteorite.

Rodriguez, who signed a three-year, $37 million contract before this season, was one of the few bright spots in a dismal Mets campaign, saving 26 games in 31 appearances and posting a 3.27 ERA. He is the third person in recorded history to be struck by a meteorite. Ann Elizabeth Hodges, of Sylacauga, Alabama, was struck by a meteorite in 1954, and a Ugandan boy was struck in 1992. Neither was seriously injured.

“We were talking on the field,” said Mets manager Jerry Manuel, when boom! came this loud noise and he was lying there on the ground with a bloody scalp. Unfortunately, we were all out of bandages so I had to wrap him in my jersey.”

Rodriguez suffered severe scalp lacerations and a mild concussion, and was treated at Flushing Hospital, where he received nine stitches. “We think he will be able to go this weekend, or at least by spring training,” said Manuel.

“Did you ever see Armageddon?” said Mets rightfielder Jeff Francoeur. “Great movie. We should shoot a rocket into space to blow up all the meteorites while we still can.”