Astronomical game thread: Aug. 18, Atlanta at Buffalo

NEW YORK (BRAVES JOURNAL WIRE SERVICES) — The New York Mets will be without closer Francisco Rodriguez for the upcoming series with the Atlanta Braves after Rodriguez was struck on the forehead by a meteorite.

Rodriguez, who signed a three-year, $37 million contract before this season, was one of the few bright spots in a dismal Mets campaign, saving 26 games in 31 appearances and posting a 3.27 ERA. He is the third person in recorded history to be struck by a meteorite. Ann Elizabeth Hodges, of Sylacauga, Alabama, was struck by a meteorite in 1954, and a Ugandan boy was struck in 1992. Neither was seriously injured.

“We were talking on the field,” said Mets manager Jerry Manuel, when boom! came this loud noise and he was lying there on the ground with a bloody scalp. Unfortunately, we were all out of bandages so I had to wrap him in my jersey.”

Rodriguez suffered severe scalp lacerations and a mild concussion, and was treated at Flushing Hospital, where he received nine stitches. “We think he will be able to go this weekend, or at least by spring training,” said Manuel.

“Did you ever see Armageddon?” said Mets rightfielder Jeff Francoeur. “Great movie. We should shoot a rocket into space to blow up all the meteorites while we still can.”

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  1. Way to Go,Mac! ZEPPELIN RULES!!! Hopefully, someone will complain about Plant’s voice or Jimmy Page’s guitar playing so we can have a week full of Led Zeppelin. Also, thanks for having the good taste NOT to play that lousy Aerosmith song from Armageddon.

  2. Francoeur then picked up the molten hot meteorite, autographed it, and hit it all the way to Copenhagen, where it struck a small boy. The boy’s flesh disintegrated on impact, all that was found at the scene was a torn Braves’ cap and leather baseball glove in the cratered cobblestone road.

    When questioned about the incident, Francoeur lamented that Citi Field does not track child disintegration on the centerfield jumbotron.

    A spokesperson from Delta refused to comment.

  3. I was hoping the big news was that Anderson was released and Heyward was being called up to take his place. Oh well, I’ll have to wait a few more months for that one.

  4. The Nationals sign Strasburg. The Braves better watch out. The Nationals are not the Pirates. They have multi billionaire owners, a very wealthy fan base, a larger market than Atlanta.

  5. Mac, my funny bone is rattling! good stuff.

    I have a question concerning Jo-Jo Reyes. The young lefty has no shot at rejoining the big league rotation and will be out of options after this season is done. He’s sporting an ERA of 2.06 down at AAA Gwinnett with three quality starts in his last four trips to the mound.

    Why shouldn’t the Braves be entertaining trade offers right now as many teams are desperate for pitching? P.S, the July 31st deadline shouldn’t be an obstacle as waiver claims should already be sorted out.

  6. From previous thread: Love that story, Randy.

    And love the intro, Mac.

    It’s been copied & sent to a few Met-fan friends. By now, they can only laugh.

    Headed to Bailout Field tonight. I’m wondering how many actual Met fans will be there.

  7. I just read the last thread, and I liked all the “where I’m from” stories, so here’s mine.

    Born in Paris, France, been living here all my life (except for some stints in Finland), I’m about as French as it gets. I discovered baseball in the summer of 2005, through my brother in law, who discovered baseball while watching Friends (in an episode where they go to Shea), started watching random games on, learned the rules in a week, nearly became a Dbacks fan (for no reason at all), and finally picked the Braves as my favorites, because of a certain right fielder who had just been called up and was nicknamed after the people of my country ;). And I’ve lost countless hours of sleep to a mostly mediocre team since that day…

    So I’m mostly a Braves fan because of the Mets and Frankoor, yikes!

  8. ACHE has put up numbers incredibly similar to what he did in 3 of the last 4 years (his slugging percent was a little above avg in ’07).

    I think Heyward could put up better numbers through the end of the year, but it may not help his future growth. I’m not sweating ACHE still being on the team (although I was hoping for him to get the ax around the AS break), but it’s fun to hope for better ballplayers – they’re easy to find. ACHE’s fielding and lack of hustle will never make him one of my favorites.

  9. @11 Sure. You telling me what to buy and where to post? That’s a laugh.

    Perez vs. Braves (lifetime, 6-4, 3.53):

    Ryan Church .600, 2 RBI, 5 AB
    Garret Anderson .500, 2 HR, 3 RBI, 6 AB
    Yunel Escobar .500, 1 HR, 2 RBI, 10 AB
    Chipper Jones .379, 1 HR, 3 RBI, 29 AB
    Omar Infante .364, 3 RBI, 11 AB
    Brian McCann .227, 1 HR, 4 RBI, 22 AB
    Martin Prado .200, 15 AB
    Matt Diaz .182, 2 HR, 4 RBI, 22 AB
    Nate McLouth .167, 1 RBI, 6 AB
    Kelly Johnson .111, 9 AB
    Dave Ross .087, 1 RBI, 23 AB
    Adam LaRoche .000, 4 AB
    Greg Norton .000, 3 AB

  10. Ok fine, buy whatever you want, and don’t post anywhere. I think that maximizes global happiness in this context.

  11. #15, as good as he hits lefties, I’d leave KJ out tonight. I remember him really looking bad against Perez swinging the ball across him last year.

  12. Remaining Schedule for NL Contenders:

    ATL – .482(Opp W%) – 22Hm/22Rd
    Col – .490(Opp W%) – 26Hm/18Rd
    SF – .504(Opp W%) – 22Hm/22Rd
    CHC – .474(Opp W%) – 24Hm/22Rd
    Fla – .481(Opp W%) – 19Hm/25Rd

    Phi – .474(Opp W%) – 23Hm/24Rd

    Just don’t think there’s any catching Philly and Colorado has a lot of Home games although they do still have 10 games with SF.

    I’m thinking we need to finish 29-15 for the wildcard.

  13. mac, i have no balls because i just laughed them off. warn us of extreme hilarity next time.

  14. @23

    Good thing I didn’t say anything about him being here :p

    -edit- wow I’m an idiot haha

  15. Mac, I know Reyes won’t clear waivers. It’s just that the Braves could and should work out a trade with the interested team, because Reyes will have to be traded eventually and everybody knows he’s a valuable lefty.

  16. #28, I’m not sure how valuable a guy with a 6.09 lifetime era (7.00 this year) really is, but I’m all for putting him on waivers and working out a trade if somebody claims him. Perhaps Omar Minaya would want him to room with Francoeur?

  17. Why shouldn’t the Braves be entertaining trade offers right now as many teams are desperate for pitching?

    There’s a good chance most teams have caught his act at the major league level. But hey, in a world where it takes two players to fetch Jeff Ridgway maybe somebody is interested.

  18. Born in Alpharetta, GA. Got into the Braves from going to the games as a kid in the early 90’s (Born in ’86). Moved to Kansas City in ’99 and have kept the faith since.

    It’s why I like this board. Not a lot of people around where I live are fans, so it kind of reminds me of where I’m from.

  19. Why would you risk forcing Reyes through waivers rather than trading him in the offseason?

  20. funny stuff Mac……and thx for the LedZep . now theres a real singer instead of that Dylan guy. i especially enjoy the notes only dogs can hear.

  21. That camera shot of Prado made it look like he was about to pass out in the dugout, he doesn’t look good at all.

  22. I laughed at the New Kids joke. That nails the douchy hair and outfit and faux-badass attitude.

  23. #40–I thought the pitch was borderline. Chipper’s expression seemed to be that he didn’t think it was a strike, but it was really too close to take.

  24. If late throws to third were so important, they’d put them on the scoreboard. I love that it turned into a run.

  25. Maybe Joe went to football announcer school (all that’s available in OK?) b/c football announcers always refer to “football players” rather than “players,” “football games” instead of “games,” etc.

  26. On the NJ news tonight (Chan2) they had a story about Frenchy and Mr Met going to a kids’ hospital today, then they had to clarify it wasn’t as a patient… When NJ makes fun of you, you should probably just kill yourself.

  27. We caught a couple of breaks there with Yunel, but I’ll certainly take picking Jeffy off. Pretty sweet.

    EDIT – Looks like the 2nd play was right on the money.

  28. I’ve said it before on here, and I’ll say it again. I love that Laroche for Kotchman deal.

  29. Rome Braves lost 19-2 yesterday. Teheran gave up 6 runs in 5 IP; Hernandez and Clemens each allowed 4 ER in an inning or less. Hagadon who came over to the Indians in the VMart trade was good for Lake County.

    Edit–Heyward is coming back to earth in AA–his avg is down 50 pts or so to .364 in a week. He’ll be fine but there’s no need to rush him.

  30. @62 – They really are. Took a while to get there, but I really like the general makeup of the club (except Norton.)

  31. It’s amazing what winning will do to a club’s “general makeup.” Kelly Johnson was loved, then was a pariah, now he’s part of a winning club so he’s loved again.

  32. I don’t particularly care for KJ as a starter, but he can play a useful role, which I think he’s doing at times. I prefer to place Norton as my bete noir. ;)

    And Diaz is having a game!

  33. No. 1 on the pitchers payroll, No. 5 among the rotation. If by chance there is to be a playoff run, I hope he is coming out of the ‘pen.

  34. way to piss away a 4 run lead

    sheesh–now a hit by the pitcher–Lowe = Wren’s biggest mistake

  35. And he’s hurt! That’s the thing. He’s got injuries to both hands. You could pull him at any time for injury. Instead, you let him sit out there and blow up the game.

  36. Leaving him in after the pitcher gets a hit to load the bases? Bobby’s waving the white flag already.

  37. Is Bobby dead? Should Lowe take him self out? Is Chipper the acting manager and just doesn’t know it?

  38. Well, Infante was as bad as Lowe and Bobby in this inning. Goodness, what an embarrassment this game has turned into.

  39. Lowe apparently has a problem with a callus on his pitching hand, and was hit on the side of the glove on his fielding hand to get all this started.

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but if Prado were out there this inning would be over.

  40. that was twice as ridiculous as it should have been. there is no excuse for that piss poor management (or pitching).

  41. Letting this Mets lineup score eight runs in two games is embarrassing. To permit it in one inning … there’s no adjective strong enough. And if Lowe was truly hurt, it’s his responsibility to tell Cox or McDowell or someone in authority. Failing to disclose such information should, in an ideal world, be enough to void his contract. Unfortunately, this is MLB, where contracts are guaranteed no matter the circumstance and we’re stuck with his number for years.

  42. Postgame interview:
    Bobby — He was getting ground balls all over the place. Any one of them could have been a double play ball.

  43. 8 runs and 9 hits in the inning all off the same pitcher, how is it possible that any pitcher can stay in the game that long?

  44. We’re down by four runs!1!!one! Not only is this game clearly OVER, but so is the SEASON!

    Now I remember why I don’t read these threads when we’re behind.

  45. Gosh, good thing we have Kris Medlen to shut the door when the horses have left the barn!

  46. Watching this inning was about as pleasant as listening to Dylan.

    Sorry–just couldn’t help it. :-)

  47. That was frustrating as hell to watch, but the MEts suck and we could get 5 this inning, i just hope he lets Medlen hit.

  48. What a debacle that was. Lowe should have been out of the game after Santos reached. I’m as furious at Bobby as I’ve ever been. Completely inexcusable.

  49. I would love to hear Bobby say why he left Lowe in. I am sure the cake writers at the AJC will treat it with kid gloves

  50. #130

    By playing the way we did in the first part of the season we put ourselves in a position where we can’t lose games like this. They have Santana going Thursday, which right now means they may get a sweep. We will not make any noise for the WC losing series to the Mets.

  51. whats the over/under on the suicide count from this blog? i’ll take the over on 4. hope i win.

  52. I love the way the players are never to blame always the manager. Hilarious.

    My drive home is pretty short, yet still long enough to give up eight runs I guess.

  53. I know who should go to the bullpen when Hudson gets back. Here is a hint, it is the guy with the most career saves on the staff

  54. In other news, Tim Hudson gave up 9 hits in 4.2 IP for Gwinnett tonight. No walks, but only 1 K.

  55. That looked like a single to the wall on Gameday.

    And since McCann wasn’t on second, it means a DP. Escobar hasn’t been doing much since that one hot streak awhile ago.

  56. Lowe should have been out of the game when it was 5-4 at the latest

    I mean seriously, they guy makes $15 million, is spotted a 4-0 lead, is facing a pathetic injury-decimated Mets lineup and can’t get out of the fifth. So who’s do blame for this debacle? The manager of course who had nothing to do with the suckiness of the pitcher or the ridiculousness of the pitcher’s contract.

  57. Medlen is making it look like Lowe should have been out when it was 0-0.

    Looks like he needed a little time to warm up. Has he been called on in an emergency in a while?

  58. Hell yes, the manager was to blame. Leaving aside that Lowe was hurting, it’s the manager’s job to get an ineffective pitcher out of the game.

  59. Seriously, can anyone recall Bobby ever letting a pitcher face the same batter twice in the same inning?

    That’s easy. The infamous Maddux-Ankiel meltdown faceoff in Game 1 of the 2000 LDS. Maddux faced 10 batters in the first. Good thing Paul Bako started as his personal catcher.

    I’m sure it’s happened many times.

  60. This game sucks!

    Grew up in KY, PA, and VA. My dad gave me an old radio when I was 11 and I found a Braves game on the radio one night and a guy named Hank Aaron came to the plate and hit a homerun. I loved the way Milo Hamilton called described the homer and listened to the rest of the game and have been hooked ever since. Have lived in Michigan, CA., and for the last 23 in a little town 30 miles north of Wichita, KS. Nice to see some other midwesterners who post on this blog!

  61. Hell yes, the manager was to blame. Leaving aside that Lowe was hurting, it’s the manager’s job to get an ineffective pitcher out of the game.

    If you say so. He didn’t look hurting in the first four innings. No homers, no walks, just a bunch of balls that found holes. He got DIPS’ed – which will happen to a guy like Lowe.

  62. Infante is 2 for 13 since he got back. And let’s be honest the hit against Philly was luck.

    Rockies, Phillies, Marlins all are winning their games, so turning out to be a great night for the Bravos.

  63. To whoever mentioned “Jason and the Scorchers” cover of “Absolutely Sweet Marie” in one of the previous threads, I just listened to it. Good call!

  64. im thinking the guys are ready to head back towards the hotel, if the manager doesnt care why should they?

  65. The G-Braves are more fun to “watch.”

    Just took the lead in the top of the ninth.

    Edit: Now 5 runs in the top of the 9th. Conrad with a three run blast.

  66. Holy shit. 8 runs in the 4th. And we were supposedly in some kind of race.

    Lowe surely is earning his 2 bizzillion bucks.

    I’m a free-market type of guy…but the free market bent us over this year and didn’t even give us a reach-around.

  67. Even just quickly scrolling through the comments, it seems I’m not the only who pins this loss SQUARELY on the shoulders of Bobby Cox.

    The worst part is we blew a game to the hapless Mets WITHOUT Johann Santana on the mound. This maybe the game that kills us.

  68. Joelk, that was me, though Ububba mentioned the Scorchers a bit later. One of the great American bands — my favorite country band ever, and close to my favorite rock band ever.

    Check out their debut EP, Fervor — it has Absolutely Sweet Marie and a couple other insanely good tracks: “Help There’s a Fire,” “Broken Whiskey Glass,” and, of course, “Pray For Me, Mama (I’m a Gypsy Now.” Talk about storming out of the gate.

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