263 thoughts on “Big series game thread: August 14, Phillies at Braves”

  1. Just read DOB’s blog, I agree this is the biggest three games we have played in a few years.

    I am pumped

  2. I’m with you. Wish I could watch it. I’m on a plane to LA that leaves at gametime.

    Guess I’ll be watching the mlb.tv replay in the hotel.

    Go Bravos

  3. Yep. this will be the biggest series of the year. Wouldn’t it be cool to have sellout tonite.

    I hope Soriano is rested and ready to go.

    FOX has tomorrow’s game and ESPN has Sunday’s game. Unless the Nationals or Orioles are on FOX tomorrow, I should finally be able to see a game on Braves Fox game.

  4. Great seats still available. Got mine on Stub Hub in my favorite pot for 40 bucks total.

    If you can: go to the park and make the world a better place by punching Philly fan in the face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    (That joke comes from the Jim Rome Show)

    GO BRAVOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. @6

    Just checked. Same here. Usually we end up with the Cards or whatever crappy AL Central game there is

  6. Heckuva series to miss, but I’m going to be on the road this weekend. Actually, I’ll be in Savannah, so maybe I’ll be able to catch the broadcast on the hotel TV.

    I just want this to be a good pennant race. Stay in it until the last week of the season, maybe sneak by in the WC or win enough against the Phils to take the division.

  7. Braves game is on here in DC tomorrow. I checked the Fox 5 schedule here and it listed the Braves-Phillies game and I have it set for the DVR.

  8. This was interesting. I was looking for Jair’s minor league stats and clicked on a link that I thought was going to take me to baseball reference.com and instead it took me to Braves Journal and Mac’s write up of Jair after the trade with Detroit was made.

  9. Oldtimer, best beer selection in DC is at RFD and its sister, Brickskeller. I prefer RFD, which has a smaller bottle list but a bigger tap list, more bottle specials, and never is out of stock of anything — Brickskeller has a bigger beer list, but a lot of it is out of stock.

  10. #14, what a difference a lineup makes. No holes in that one. Should be good enough to beat the Phils.

  11. my best friend is a Phillies fan, we are watching it each game together. Im pumped, I think we will do well. we are tops in the NL since the All Star Break

  12. I hope McClouth is seriously ready to go. You don’t want to mess around with hamstrings.

    @23 That’s why I hate the Cubbies, lovable losers my arsh….

  13. brickskeller is just an awesome place. Such a little hole in the wall! I used to get the morretti italian beer all the time.. Dont know why, but i did!

  14. Brickskeller, what a great place. Used to go there when I worked for the Representative of German Industry and Trade in 1997. Not only did they have the longest beer list in the world, but also the cutest waitresses I have ever seen (in a safe-for-family environment). One of them (she used to call herself Sandy but her name was really Liz) happened to play softball AND speak a few words of German. Needless to say that we got along really well. In my dreams.

  15. When I worked on the hill, we used to go to Bullfeathers every thursday night as well. No where near as good, but it did lend some good times! Teddy Roosevelts favorite place

  16. To any Phillies trolls out there: I’m not going to approve your comment until you learn some simple manners and respect. I don’t know how it is in Philadelphia, but where I come from, you don’t go into someone else’s house and insult them. Thank you.

  17. besides my friend bill, who is the smartest baseball guy i know, and is a great high school coach, who is a phillies fan, every other one is whiskey tango white trash!

  18. sorry if thats insulting, but living in southern/central NJ i am surrounded by phillies fans! They cheer injuries and boo santa claus

  19. NJ…where do you live in NJ? And I just bought my ticket for tomorrow’s game..probably the most excited
    I have been to go to a game in about five years

  20. Wow, this is almost like old times here on the blog. So much excitement about a series. I’m sitting here in front of my computer and wishing the game was already started!

  21. per official site: “The charge towards Phirst place begins”

    let’s hope the Braves don’t p***k it up

  22. Anyone else watching the philly preshow on MLB extra innings? It’s been non stop Vick talk since I turned to it, which is to be expected.. Anyway, they go to comercial and play a animal abuse awareness comercial with Utley and his wife… and then right back to Vick! Kind of funny.

    Btw, I went to both Nat games earlier this week and it definitely got me pumped up. Hopefully we can keep it going.

    Go braves!

  23. remember the movie ‘major league’? specifically the scene opening the one game playoff between the yanks and indians? that scene always gave me the chills (in a good way) the first pitch gave me the same chill. go braves.

  24. 7 pitches for Jair.

    Mclouth did not look like he was running ‘free and easy’ as they say

  25. Morton was charged with ten runs, all “earned”, and the guy who came after him, “Bootcheck”, with seven. His ERA went from 3.81 to 5.51. Ouch.

  26. I find it hard to believe that Joe was a math major at Oklahoma considering how much he hates statistics.

  27. Wow… as long as the website isn’t lying, the Braves will be on FOX even in the midwest tomorrow. Hard to believe they’ll show us a good game instead of the Cubs or Whitesox.

  28. I have to admit, while I was perplexed with the trade, LaRoche has made it work so far. That’s what Wren was banking on.

  29. mlb gamecast says Jair has 33 pitches through 3. hopefully second time through is just as quick.

  30. Are those Lane Kiffin’s Tennessee Wild Boyz out there in the stands? At least they had some women with them.

  31. @81 Allowing 2 hits is hitable?

    @82 That’s because we didn’t get that two out hit from Mac…

  32. Yeah, you know what I mean, they get a guy on and they can hit it out of the park, we need to get him in scoring position and then get a 2 out hit…thats alot to go right…sometimes you need to just pop one out of the park

  33. @85 Yeah, that’s the problem with lacking power.

    Get a DP JJ. The Phillies are slowly building a big inning…

  34. @84 No over the last two games, plus this one. He has not been as sharp.

    Am I the only one who think Escobar should be in the clean-up spot?

  35. Morgan’s probably never heard of anyone on our team other than Chipper, Lowe, and Vazquez. (The latter 2 only because they played for the Yankees and Sox.)

  36. Reynolds’ diatribe on OPS was Morganesque in its idiocy. I’m not sure he knows more than Morgan.

  37. I’m pretty sure he knows who wrote Moneyball, or at least that it wasn’t Billy Beane. And OPS is stupid; it’s just less stupid than batting average.

  38. its like he has a baseball book from 1948 that says you MUST bunt when a guy gets on first

  39. I hate this Phillies team. I guess that’s what Andruw was doing to the other teams for many years.

  40. I know Bobby’s respected and all, but someone has to tell him that it’s not 1968 any more…

  41. Hard hit or not, McCann still is 0-2 with RISP w/2 outs. Nice time to for our clean-up hitter to struggle.

    Man giving the other team outs at the top of the line-up. Cox should really be ashamed.

  42. Giving away outs doesn’t matter all that much, remember? It’s all about keeping everyone in the clubhouse happy.

  43. Victorino really is a douche. Before anybody even knew who he was, I watched him blow off a group of kids who wanted a ball during BP. He walked away with a giant smirk. Total fucktard.

  44. it sucks when you cant blast one over the fence for a run. I know Im beating a dead horse…

  45. Those two plays by Victorino were ok, but he did some extra stuff at the end. Andruw would have made them look routine.

    @141 I agree, that’s why when a manager is giving aways with one your best hitters is so shocking.

  46. Hey, Jurrjens has just been great.

    It stinks that we can’t get any more runs for him off of Blanton.

  47. I like a bullpen battle. Blanton was dealing, and our bullpen isn’t near the drop off theirs is.

  48. Rollins drops a sacrifice bunt in one of the few cases where it makes sense. Great. Now Cox will drop ten more when it doesn’t.

  49. i know, im so into the braves….there was a point this year where I thought, this team stinks, now Im into every game every inning every pitch

  50. @180 That’s the way it should be with Braves baseball. I say Frank Wren has done an awesome job for giving us a race to watch this year.

  51. Howard is 0-3 vs. Soriano, including a K. Nevertheless, I agree: Why not leave Gonzalez in?

    HR says it all.

  52. Guess Bobby didn’t listen to me about the Gonzo-Howard matchup.

    He should really check this site during games. Think of how much we could help him.

  53. He is losing it down the stretch…Using him in those 9-1 games earlier in the year are sure helping now….This is a game we have to have,,,lets pull it out in the bottom of the inning

  54. Guys, they’re just better. They have been for years, and we’re not catching them this year either.

  55. Does it take Soriano getting ticked to pitch lights out or something?

    Can I suggest the bullpen coach bitch slap him from now on before he comes out? Why wait to let him get mad after the fall behind homer or leadoff double or the crap calls from an umpire?

  56. Ryan Howard has a giant platoon split. Why you don’t leave Gonzo in to face him is beyond me. Throw in the idiotic bunt call in the fifth inning and Bobby has really cost the team.

  57. clod

    1.A lump or chunk, especially of earth or clay.
    2.Earth or soil.
    3.A dull, stupid person; a dolt.

    learn something new everyday

  58. so we let Norton hit and Infante run, Im not even going to look up their respective BA’s. We wonder why we lost

  59. Id like to think of myself as fair and not getting on bobby too much, but tonight, is on him

  60. @255 Definitely. It’s sad too. The biggest series in years, and he decides he wants to be the star.

  61. @255, what’s sad is that you know he knew this was a big game, so this was him really “trying” to win. Time for him to move on.

  62. Your most likely right. Prado swinging a hot stick, why make him bunt? Why send Greg Norton up? Why not keep Gonzo in to pitch to Howard when he only threw 14 pitches? Why do you throw Soriano in 9-1 games earlier in the year?!

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