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  1. continuing from the previous thread.

    The Braves did not have 10 a year for two year to commit to Dunn. Plus they were (justifiably) concerned about his fielding numbers.

    However, as to why to commit to Ganderson, that is a lot harder. The team he was with and who had thought of him as one of theirs, didn’t bring him back but DID bring back a guy that could have been a fit at a good price (Juan Rivera, 5.75 maybe a 1 year deal) and Bobby Abreu 6 guaranteed, possible to 8, one year deal.

    So if the ANGELS didn’t think they wanted Garrett, why did the Braves?

    We also missed on Gabe Gross and Gabe Kapler, either of whom would have been better at a cheap price. And, we apparently didn’t go after Edmonds.

  2. Obviously, the Braves didn’t have the money, otherwise they would have attempted to sign Dunn. At least, I hope. But they did spend money elsewhere that could have gone towards an outfielder–at least for an Abreu if not for a Dunn.

  3. Money was probably the deciding factor, but didn’t the Braves also have some concerns about Dunn’s defense motivation?

  4. I thought someone had said Dunn could have been had for $5 million after asking for something in the ballpark of $15 million. Obviously the Nats paid more than that, but I’m surprised the Braves didn’t offer….at least not publicly.

  5. Abreu wouldn’t even give this team what it needs. He would be leaps and bounds better than any outfielder we’ve got, but he wouldn’t be able to get us to the post season. We need some legitimate power, and Abreu doesn’t have it anymore. I was advocating against Dunn most offseason, but I sure would love to have him right about now.

  6. So far, the Braves confidence in
    Ganderson’s fielding has been misplaced. I am sure that they thought (the publicly available scouting / reporting systems concurred) that Ganderson was about neutral fielding for left field and that Dunn was minus 30 runs. Dunn is still minus 30, but Ganderson looks minus 20.

    IF Ganderson was average in left and hit 20/40/60 (ISO) extra, then he might have been a decent cheap pick up. However, there were others out there that could have been had without commiting 20 million over 2 years.

  7. oldtimer @8,

    2.5 million. Plus 3.4 or so for Francoeur. Together, they are contributing like Blanco or Josh Anderson at the plate and aren’t that good in the field and Blanco or Anderson would have been $400,000 or so.

  8. I liked josh Anderson, could have used him in a platoon, lead off, pinch hit and runner.

  9. Bobby’s at it again–he must have been really bored on the charter last night.

    K. Johnson 2b
    M. Prado 3b
    M. Diaz lf
    B. McCann c
    J. Francoeur rf
    C. Kotchman 1b
    D. Hernandez ss
    J. Schafer cf
    J. Vazquez p

    What an insult to Casey.

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  11. Mac,

    I suppose you picked up on the fact that Carpenter had a perfect game into the 7th?

    He’s BAAACk! (until he is injured

  12. Not if Medlen has a reprise of his Rick Vaughn-on-Opening Day performance tomorrow.

  13. Why are the Braves so freaking impatient at the plate? This guy went to a 3-1 count on the pitcher, then kelly comes out and swings at the first two pitches, like just about everyone else in the lineup has.

  14. Here’s a quote from DOB today: “I think if (the Braves) do make a move, it’ll come well before trade deadline this time around.”

    Well, then. I’m still going to keep my head in the sand about this, but someone is telling him and Peanut that the Braves are rather serious.

  15. Bengie Molina is one fat dude.

    Blows my mind that his knees have been able to take the pressure of playing catcher daily.

  16. I don’t care what any of the defensive metrics say, Brian McCann is a poor defensive catcher. Nice work by Javy pitching around his butchery.

  17. #18, Carpenter must be one of the few guys for who you can toss out a stat like, “Cardinals right-hander Chris Carpenter has gone 4-1 with a 3.16 ERA in his first games off of the disabled list during his career”, and it not seem pointless, as BP did today.

  18. I like how the sports south guys are talking about SF’s offensive woes like our offense is so much better off.

  19. What’s wrong with Bobby? Uribe fell over the plate. Two years ago Bobby would’ve already been kicked out.

    RE McCann @33: I agree. You just hope on most days he won’t be a liability. Unfortunately, today hasn’t been one of them.

  20. Only we could make Jonathan Sanchez look like an all star.

    Seriously, be patient. He WILL walk you.

    Damnit. Take the out.

  21. How do the Giants ever score a run with that Triple A lineup they regularly send out? Gosh, that’s awful.

  22. Good job by Javier to finish off the inning, but why leave him in there in the first place? he was the last out in the top of the inning.

    btw, Mac, I’m in the office today too. Though in Canada we had a long weekend last we so I guess nevermind.

  23. if bobby was smart, he would let mike gonzalez hit for frenchy. he’ll only strike out.

  24. Because Frenchy is decent against lefties and the worst hitter in the world against RHP. That’d be my guess.

    Vazquez pitched well, but the other team will score some runs when you commit two Prados in one game.

  25. McCann may have had a rough defensive day, but he’s the offensive star so far.

  26. At-bats like this are Francoeur’s retroactive petulance for being sent to AA last year … as though he’s saying, “You want to trade me? You’ll get as little as possible for making me spend a weekend in Mississippi. That’ll show you!”

  27. wow….they tried to give us the lead, but francoeur and schafer said, “no thanks”.

  28. @63 – I like how you left Hernandez out of that. At least Schafer had to get a base hit – all Hernandez had to do was hit it to the outfield. Rediculous.

  29. Diory is a AAA replacement, he is like 4th stringer on this team but had to start.
    All he has to do is catch the ball.

  30. Again, why does Bobby keep leaving in Vazquez after he’s out of steam? This is irritating.

  31. Has Bobby forgotten how to double switch? Chasing a game like this there’s every reason to bump Diaz into center and bring in Garret to bat in that 9 spot, and not have to burn Bennett that quickly.

  32. I have complained about Schafer since he made the roster. He never should have been brought to the big club with so little professional experience.

  33. the called 2nd strike on Kelly was easily a foot off the plate, like it matters anyways

  34. Does anyone know the number of times Schafer has had a hat trick this year? And I’m pretty sure hes had at least a couple Golden Sombreros.

  35. I don’t know who to congratulate more, Bobby for the inane intentional walk, or Carlyle for the length and majesty of the home runs he gives up.

  36. Can we please get rid of Carlyle now? Bennett might be fixable, but I really doubt Buddy’s got any more to show us.

  37. #86, I dunno. Don’t want the players to get sunstroke from too much time in the field.

  38. Price just had runners on 2nd and 3rd, nobody out and struck out the side. Ouch!

  39. Is Buddy this year’s “towel”? We seem to throw Buddy in the game, and by the time he leaves we need a “towel.” I’m not sure how to categorize him.

  40. I’d be happy if Bennett, Carlyle and Francoeur were all released after the game.

    I know it ain’t happening, I just wouldn’t be heartbroken.

  41. There is no reason Gorkys shouldn’t be starting over Schafer. None. Gorkys’ .331/.385/.407 line is pretty hollow, and his 42ks are frightening, but he could certainly do a hell of a lot better than Jordan’s .207/.331/.310 and he plays better defense to boot. The argument that we shouldn’t stunt his development is bogus because that reasoning as easily (indeed better) applies to Schafer who has never put up numbers like Gorkys even at AA. Unless the front office simply considers Schafer expendable, whereas Gorkys has real potential, which is entirely possible.

  42. Superfly, we need an update on all of Francoeur’s runs produced…

  43. Oh god for some reason I thought that was the top of the ninth, and now I’m disappointed that the game isn’t over and I will be compelled to listen to another inning.

    Over .500 or no, this team remains strangely disheartening.

  44. Think Bobby is bad? Carmona just walked 4 straight to start the 2nd, then got an out, then allowed 3 straight singles, then walked another – and he is still in the dang game.

  45. This is like the team didn’t get any sleep on the flight last night.

    Schafer’s stuck out 4 times in 4 ABs today.

  46. Frank Wren is a frigging moron. What is he doing with Schafer? Seriously. Is there any way this can be good for anybody involved? WTF?

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