Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – August 01, 2009 – ESPN

It’s a team game. Chipper had a couple more hits, driving in two, Prado was back in the lineup and had a hit, but the unlikely heroes of the day were Diory Hernandez and Greg Norton. Go figure.

The Braves took a 1-0 lead in the third inning when Chipper doubled in McLouth, but Derek Lowe, who had cruised through the first three, lost the strike zone and was lucky to give up only two runs in the fourth. The Braves rallied to tie it in the fifth, with McLouth, Prado, and Chipper putting together consecutive one-out singles, but ACHE, in the cleanup spot with McCann resting, hit into a first-pitch double play to end the rally. The tie lasted about two seconds after that, as Lowe gave up a first-pitch homer to the leadoff man in the sixth.

Then came the rally. LaRoche had his second hit of the day (and also walked in the second inning, welcome back). Ross, following him, struck out. But on the first pitch to Hernandez, Russell “I Couldn’t Carry McCann’s Jock” Martin tried to pick the fleet-footed LaRoche off first and threw it away, allowing him to go to second. Hernandez, amazingly, came up with a hit to right field. LaRoche was a dead duck at the plate, but Martin dropped the ball. No collision, just dropped it. Diory went to second on the throw, then came home on an even more unlikely single from Norton.

Moylan started the seventh, and after getting the first man gave up a double. O’Flaherty got a line drive by the pinch-hitter Pierre that stayed up long enough for McLouth to grab it, while the baserunner ran so far away from the bag that McLouth could have run it in to double him up. Gonzalez and Soriano had no problems finishing it off.

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