San Diego Padres vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – August 27, 2009 – ESPN

Sure, now you win. The Braves put up five runs in the second and single runs in the third, fourth, sixth, and seventh, and had Javier Vazquez on the mound, who rarely needs that kind of support. This is how this whole series was supposed to go.

The Braves batted around in the second, getting seven hits and a walk. The big hit was actually by Vazquez to score the first two runs; with the bases loaded, he singled to right, and the right fielder botched the play, allowing everyone to move up an extra ninety feet. From then on, he was on cruise control. Vazquez went seven, striking out six and walking none, allowing five hits. Of course, it was the Padres, and any pitcher should be able to handle them granted a six-run lead.

The Braves had seventeen hits, and everybody had at least one, with Diaz (leading off) and Escobar had three each, Chipper (breaking out of a deep, deep slump), LaRoche, and Infante two each. LaRoche hit a solo homer in the sixth, which was actually the Braves’ only extra-base hit.

Medlen pitched the eighth unscathed (he had to make a lucky catch on a line drive). With two out in the ninth, Carlyle (back on the roster for Acosta) allowed a homer to break up the shutout, then walked the next man. So the Acosta role on the staff stays filled.