New York Mets vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – May 05, 2009 – ESPN

Hate growing.

The Braves were facing Livan Hernandez, a man they normally kill when Eric Gregg isn’t in the building. So, of course, they failed to score a run until he was out of the game — Slugging Pinch-Hitter Martin Prado with a two-out double to score Francoeur. Somehow, Jordan Schafer, who is supposed to be the fastest man on the team, couldn’t score from first on the play, which would have tied it.

It would have tied it because for five innings Kenshin Kawakami somehow managed to give up only two runs, despite allowing eight hits and walking three and throwing 113 pitches. It was like he was facing us or something. O’Flaherty threw two shutout innings and Soriano one to keep the Braves in it.

Chipper, I have to say, was the goat. He lined into a bases-loaded double play in the third. In the top of the ninth, after Reyes reached, the Mets for some reason bunted. You don’t bunt with Jose Reyes on the bases, it’s ridiculous. At any event, Chipper decided to get the lead runner and threw the ball into center field. As I’ve said many times, TAKE THE OUT, STUPID..

Leading by three in the ninth, the Mets brought in Rodriguez, because why not? He got the first two, but then KJ, pinch-hitting, singled, and Sammons, in for Ross because of an earlier inexplicable pinch-hitting decision by Bobby, walked. Infante popped up to end it, but Delgado dropped the ball, all hands safe, and a run in. Unfortunately, Infante couldn’t get to second on the play, which mattered because Escobar singled to make it 4-3. Chipper worked the count to 2-1… and flew out weakly, ending the game. Sheesh. Everyone’s going to have a bad night, but that was a doozy.

The Braves just suck right now. They’re terrible. They ground into double plays and pop up and Garret Anderson hit cleanup because Bobby thinks it’s 2001.