Brewers 4, Braves 0

Atlanta Braves vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Box Score – July 25, 2009 – ESPN

Javier Vazquez has kidnapped Tommy Hanson’s run support! Hanson, despite giving up only two runs in seven innings, picked up his first loss as the Braves blew several early scoring chances then basically shut down in the last innings against the Brewers’ weak bullpen. Hanson, who is recovering from the flu and lost a lot of weight, was obviously not quite right, with his velocity off his usual standard, and struck out only one. He still mostly kept the ball down and stayed out of trouble, except for the fifth inning when the Brewers got two runs on three singles and a walk. It’s a good sign for a pitcher when he doesn’t have his best stuff and can still give a better than minimal quality start.

Unfortunately for Hanson, nobody but Nate McLouth showed up tonight. McLouth had two hits and two walks, but that equalled the output of the entire rest of the team. They really only came close to scoring in the fifth, when Church walked with one out and McLouth with two out, but Prado’s hard grounder was fielded by the second baseman. (Judging from last night, if that had been Craig Counsell, it would have been a hit. Still not on board with that scoring decision.) The Braves had one extra-base hit, from McCann in the fourth, and he was the only Brave to reach third base.

Any chance of a comeback died in the eighth when after getting the leadoff man O’Flaherty walked the bases loaded. Yeah, they were all righties, and he’s a lefty, but he’s gotten righties out earlier in the season. Bobby came in with Acosta — because you don’t want to use one of your good relievers when you’re down two runs — and after getting the first man he gave up a single to score two and put it out of reach.

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  1. O’Flaherty is a LOOGY for a reason. He shouldn’t be facing 3 RH-Hitters in a row. I understand facing Cameron, but Bobby should’ve made the move when Hart was announced.

  2. Well, we should have the pitching advantage tomorrow with Lowe against Looper. I’d be satisfied with a series win.

  3. Bad News: We lost

    Good News:
    1. Hanson Real Deal
    2. Heyward 1.200 OPS at Mississippi (not a typo)

  4. @4–I’m just back from the Mississippi-Tenn game tonight. Heyward had two more hits–it’s gotta suck to have a 2 for 5 night and have your average fall–one was a gap single he legged into a double. His speed was also on display in nearly beating out a grounder and on a ball hit into the RF corner that he chased down and held the batter to a single.

    Cofield went 8, giving up only a run in the first. Freeman had two hits. Campbell hit a couple of hard balls and had several nice plays at third.

    All in all a nice evening at the park with my kid.

  5. I love how the game story is about the Brewers getting to Hanson and him getting his first loss, with hardly any mention of the shutout.

  6. Braves14, pretty much the whole recap is about how bad the offense was tonight. Id say it was covered

  7. Nice to hear the Heyward report, Frank. Thanks for that.

    Missed the game today, but it’s not surprising that Gallardo had an outing like this. I saw him much earlier in the season against the Mets & he was nasty.

    Yep, let’s get 2/3 tomorrow.

  8. 5- Heyward is like a baseball tall tale right now. The AA transition is supposed to be difficult. Not only is he killing AA pitching through 64 ABs, he’s only struck out 5 times (against 11 walks) in that time.

    By the way, I was at the G-Braves game tonight. Not as much to see there, but Brandon Jones looked good and Barbaro always hits the ball hard. Somebody has to want that guy.

  9. It is also worth pointing out that Kody hit #26 tonight and Adam Milligan went deep twice for Rome.

  10. I was referring to the official site’s original recap, though it has been edited now to mention Gallardo. Mac does an awesome job, that’s why I like this site so much.

  11. In ’96, the Braves called up Andruw when he was 19 and went to the World Series. It’d be cool if they could do it again with Heyward. It’s not like Diaz and Church are such a great platoon in RF that you would’t want to disrupt it.

  12. It would be better if Heyward got a season in the upper minors first. I think the Church/Diaz platoon is a cheap and viable quality option for the time being.

  13. Diaz is hardly our problem right now. And the Church / Diaz platoon is a dramatic upgrade from what we had out there.

    Don’t understand why we don’t use Ross more often – especially against lefties.

  14. Stenchy hit a three-run shot last night and drove in four runs. Of course, it was a Crawford-box homer.

  15. Although Heyward is off to a great start in AA and has lots of tools, I don’t want him to be rushed so I’m against doing an Andruw with him. I think more time would help with developing his power–his AA HR total is only 2 or 3 so far. Maybe a September callup as a reward but not to put him in the heat of playoff a chase.

    BTW, are we sure Andruw was really 19 when he got called up? I don’t have any evidence to the contrary but haven’t there been some rumors?

  16. Last night’s game reminded of a Ben Sheets pitched game against the Braves. i.e. We pretty much had no chance. Gallardo looked like he was throwing bowling balls up there.

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