Atlanta Braves vs. Colorado Rockies – Box Score – July 09, 2009 – ESPN

I really hate Coors Field. Arena Football is out of business, can’t something be done about Arena Baseball? Humidor, feh. You could drench the baseballs in hydrochloric acid and it wouldn’t do any good. The park is too big, and breaking balls are too hard to throw, and the balls go through the infield too fast. One of the two biggest hits in the game, one that tied the score in the fourth, was a “triple” to score two runs which was really a routine single over shortstop; it didn’t help that ACHE was the left fielder, but the real problem is that the park requires the outfielders to play too deep and thus far apart and routine hits go to the wall. It’s not like the Rockies were the only team getting cheap extra-base hits; Jeffy had three doubles! He still sucks, though.

Though they lost, the Braves led most of the way, 2-0, 4-2, 5-4. Didn’t matter. The other biggest hit of the game was a double to score two runs off of Gonzalez with two out in the eighth. It’s not his fault; this place sucks. The biggest play of the game was a HBP where the batter made absolutely no effort to get out of the way of the baseball. He was the seventh run of the game for the Rockies in a game they won by one run. Do the umpires even read the rulebook? Do they know that there is a rulebook?

Hanson gave up four runs, but left with the lead. I don’t care what any pitcher does in this place, of course, because it’s a joke. Did I mention that Francoeur, who sucks, had three doubles? Did I mention that the Braves blew three separate leads? I don’t blame them at all.