Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – June 10, 2009 – ESPN

“Ocelots” because they just oscillate around .500, never getting much above or below. Back to .500 we go! Charlie Morton did indeed start, but went only one inning before leaving with a “tight hamstring”. Nobody ever has a loose hamstring. So the Pirates brought in Karstens, the guy who was supposed to start, and the guy who the Braves beat in the 15-inning game, only to see him shut them out for the next four innings. Meanwhile, Jair Jurrjens pitched great, but gave up a couple of runs in the third, so he gets hung with the loss. It’s not really fair, is it?

The Braves finally got to Karstens in the sixth, with Escobar doubling and McCann almost hitting a tying homer, but instead bouncing off the top of the wall for a double. He was, of course, stranded. And then Yunel screwed up royally, ignoring a runner from second on a forceout, allowing him to round third and score to make it 3-1. It mattered a lot because with two out in the ninth, ACHE hit a solo homer (the only baserunner the last five spots in the order provided) and the Braves lost by one run.

Norton started at first again and was 0-4 again. I can only guess that he’s holding down the spot until Kotchman is back and will then be released. His average is now .098 with his game-ending flyout tonight… Francoeur, who sucks, was back in right field, and was, of course, 0-3.