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  1. Piss on the whole dogs/cats thing AAR..if you want to rake the muck assert:


    EDIT: Because saying dogs>cats is like trying to stir up controversy by saying 1+1=2.

  2. mlbtr is reporting uggla is looking for a 5/55-60 million dollar deal. fangraphs has him worth 76.2 million for his first 5 years in the bigs. he just turned 30. all defensive metrics have him as a below average 2b, but his 162 game average is pretty impressive: 33hr 96 rbi .837 ops

    i’m not implying the braves should look into him, but do you guys think he’s worth that much to any team?

  3. From previous thread:
    Bethany, yes balanced schedule means every team played the same number of times, just in case noone answered your question.

    Cats taste better. How’s that for controversy.

  4. Cats are good for keeping vermin away. But they’re also covered in cat spit and come with a box of excrement you have to regularly clean.

    So yeah, Dogs > Cats.

    And Ninjas > Pirates. Ahr.

  5. i wasnt implying that we should look into uggla. i’m asking if you guys think his demands are reasonable?

  6. @5 Yikes, that’s awfully rich. I wouldn’t do it.

    I have a bit of a conundrum in my car sale adventure, for anyone who feels like lending any more advice. There is a family in SC (long story) who is planning on meeting me in Atlanta with cash to buy my car. Now, there’s a local guy who has looked at the car, and wants to meet tonight to discuss it. Should I tell him it’s sold, or see what he offers? Selling locally would be so much easier, but I hate to screw over the family in SC.

  7. Shame the Yankees already have that Cano guy, Sox have Pedroia, we have Prado, Phils have Utley, DOdgers like Dewitt, etc. Gonna be hard to get that much with so many teams already set.

  8. Money talks, but the blowback is going to be around for a while. If they have committed to purchasing, then,yeah, it’s sold.

  9. Ok you want controversy.
    Yunel > AAG
    Report on ex Braves anyone cares about:
    Yunel .297 .348 .414 .762
    KJ .278 .369 .490 .859
    Adam .271 .339 .487 .826
    Roachy second half .311 .356 .556 .912 it’s uncanny
    Andruw .207 .313 .461 .774

  10. imo, if andruw wasnt on steroids, then yes, he was better than the murph. their career peaks were about the same and andruw was better in the field. his last year as a brave, when almost everyone on the blog (including mac) thought he had lost a step, he still put up a ridiculous defesive year in cf (+22 DRS and a +24.9 UZR/150).

    andruw has more gold gloves, more home runs and a higher OPS.

    however, i’m fairly certain andruw did steroids…

  11. The difference between dog and cat people is simple. Cat people are strong. We don’t need constant, slobbery affirmation that you adore us. Of course you adore us. We give you food. Now be quiet and let me nap.

    Dog people are neurotic, needy attention whores.

  12. @11

    Have you agreed on final terms with the SC folks? Is it in writing?

    Generally an oral contract is not enforceable for sales of items over $500 in value (but then again, I’m not licensed to practice law in Georgia, and my UCC course was a long time ago in a galaxy far far away…)

    Personally, if I had made a deal with the SC family, I’d feel obliged to honor it, just because I’d like to think my word can be trusted. If you haven’t gotten a firm commitment (from them or from you), that would be a different story. (IE – I’d like to see the car, can we meet in Atlanta and if it looks good I’ll make you an offer).

    Hope that helps out Bethany.

    EDIT: Or, what spike said in #13.

  13. What’s the point of having an animal that doesn’t even like you? Dogs all the way.

    Nothing is in writing, but I suppose you all are right. Either way someone is going to be disappointed, and it shouldn’t be the people who I’ve made a commitment to.

  14. The point is that he can, or can not. His decision. I don’t need slobbering affection every minute of every day. I am not an emotionally stunted child.

  15. Cats tolerate you, as long as your opening the food. If you died and went undiscovered for a month, they’d find your dog dead right next to you. They’d find your skeleton and a very fat cat in the other case.

  16. Taking era out of the equation and just looking at the numbers, Andruw was better than Dale Murphy. Now the context of the years in which they played is important. Andruw was never the best player in the league, and Murphy was at least twice, and was in the Top 5 or so several other years. But just looking at their numbers, Andruw was better than Murphy, yet I doubt you’d find very many Braves fans claiming Andruw Jones deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Although it’s possible I’m wrong, and there are people who think that, I suppose. I’m not one of them.

  17. Dogs – higher utilitarian value (can do useful tasks and provide some protection), higher marginal cost (feeding, walking, vet, etc,)

    Cats – no utilitarian value, but far lower cost (litterbox, no walks, don’t eat much, etc)

    Moral of the story – get a fairly aloof 40-60 pound dog that will bite the shit out of anyone not in your pack or approved by you. Like Mad Max’s dog. Low maintenance cost, high utilitarian value.

  18. @ 24. Any police officer or professional crime scene/corpse cleaner-type person will tell you that dogs eat their dead masters regularly.

  19. Nick, “best player in the league” isn’t the same as winning an MVP award. Was Dale Murphy truly better than Mike Schmidt during the years he won his MVP? Did MVP voters truly appreciate Andruw Jones’s legitimately historic defense?

    For example, during Andruw Jones’s 11 seasons as Braves center fielder (1998-2007), including Glavine’s 1998 Cy Young victory, 11 different pitcher-seasons received Cy Young votes: four by Smoltz, three by Maddux, two by Glavine, and one each by Kevin Millwood and Russ Ortiz. Using Baseball-reference’s tally of Cy Young shares, the Braves won the equivalent of 2.49 Cy Youngs during this period.

    During Dale Murphy’s ten years as Braves center fielder (1980-1989), two pitcher-seasons received Cy Young votes: Knucksie’s 5th-place finish in 1982, and Craig McMurtry’s 7th-place finish in 1983, the equivalent of 0.17 Cy Young trophies.

    Obviously, that isn’t a great measure of Andruw Jones vs. Dale Murphy, but it suggests to me that, to at least a non-negligible extent, Andruw’s defensive dominance showed up in his teammates’ Cy Young votes, at least as much as in his own MVP vote tally.

  20. Sam Hutcheson Says:

    The difference between dog and cat people is simple. Cat people are strong. We don’t need constant, slobbery affirmation that you adore us. Of course you adore us. We give you food. Now be quiet and let me nap.

    Dog people are neurotic, needy attention whores.

    Eleanor Abernathy Says:

    AAARGHHH!!! *spits*

    Sam Hutcheson Says:

    The point is that he can, or can not. His decision. I don’t need slobbering affection every minute of every day. I am not an emotionally stunted child.

    Eleanor Abernathy: BLLLEERGHGHH!!!

  21. There’s a guy in my neighborhood who walks his (small) dog, and his cat walks right along with them, never more than a couple of feet away. Always brightens my day — guess I don’t have a tribe.

  22. so, is bobby doing a straight platoon with mccann and ross now?

    1.Infante 2B, 2. Heyward RF, 3. Prado 3B, 4. Lee 1B, 5. Diaz LF, 6. Gonzalez SS, 7. Cabrera CF, 8. Ross C, 9. Lowe

    so, what is it with venezuelans and reverse platoons? infante, prado, and aag are all putting up better numbers this year against righties.

  23. The right cat can be fun. My best pet growing up was a black cat named Willy. He was great. He would eat bacon from the table, and would bow his head when we said the blessing, no joke.

    The biggest thing that worries me about Lee is how bad he is getting beat on fastballs. His bat is way, way behind.

  24. 35 — McCann has been starting a few times lately against left-handers. It’s mainly a way to get him days off though — and Ross is the perfect backup for him, a lefty masher and good defensive backstop.

  25. “Let’s talk about SEC – all the good things and the bad things…”

    It is said that in Kentucky a pervert is someone who likes sex more than basketball.

    About ten years ago, two cats adopted us. Literally showed up at the back door. I (a dog person) was adamant that they would never enter our house.

    Today they shed and KAAACK!! hairballs and use our molding as scratching posts and bite my bare feet as I ascend the stairs and I’m oddly grateful. Such is the power of cats.

  26. Cats have no redeeming qualities. Their owners tend to be eccentric, angry loners. A single male who owns a cat is just flat out inexcusable.

  27. @45

    Pretty sure everyone agrees with you. The debate has been over whether cats cause the anger, loneliness, and eccentricity, or whether those qualities are what drive people to own cats.

  28. If there’s anything we can all agree on, it’s that sweeping generalizations are always true.

  29. @50:

    I have never known Koreans to be wrong in matters involving food. The Chinese, on the other hand…

  30. This looks really cool.

    Also, it seems that crows don’t agree with me, but they’re not known for their discriminating taste.

  31. Cats are waaaay cuter than dogs. Like no contest. Plus they’re really easy to take care of and won’t annoy the neighbors by randomly barking at anything that walks by. I would like to have both a cat and a dog, but if forced to chose, I would chose a cat every time.

  32. Thanks for the link to that article stupup, really enjoyed reading about some of those guys again. Man, the abuse some of those guys suffered from so many innings so young! Also loved that he called Dibble a “lughead”!

  33. Lowe is going to give up 5+ tonight; that is his history here in this park, including years when he was much better. We really need to score 7 or 8 (and we can). No shut-out through 4 innings please; that is going to be too much to make up. Lee and McCann need to step up tonight.

  34. @69
    according to gameday, they were all strikes. not anywhere near the atrocity from last night. did i mention i hate lowe? well, i’m overreacting a bit. that was actually a great pitch.

  35. To CarGo’s credit, that was a great swing on a pretty good pitch from Lowe.

    EDIT: and then piling on the misery, a 30-foot squibber down the third base line from Tulowitzki on an 0-2 count. If the Rockies are getting those hits today too, Lowe might give up 5 runs, easy.

  36. 73 —

    Watch Andruw Jones in an Atlanta courtroom last year, during the Gold Club scandal. He is being asked about his sexual escapade with two women — entertainers from the club — in the winter of 1996-97 and, for the first time, his image is being tarnished.

    “Both of them. Count it!”

  37. I don’t have much if any confidence in Lowe today, but that pitch to CarGo was way below the strike zone, can’t really fault him for that one.

  38. well I did say 5+. :)

    crappy 1st inning by the offense. This is a very easy hitting environment, and not one of their aces on the mound. If we crap around and have no runs after 4, shame on us; we are going to get swept (if Ubaldo goes tomorrow).

  39. 87- Agreed, but MLB hasn’t gotten approval yet to drop Denver down a mile-deep pit. Maybe at the next Winter Meetings.

  40. @86 well, we’ve had 3 hits in 2 innings with 2 gidp. that’s not that bad, except the DPs of course.

  41. Rollins out on an attempted double steal with one out and Utley up. They could’ve gotten Howard to the plate with two on. Dumb Phillies.

  42. I just read the Bozo the Clown story on the aol link on the top left. Man, I need to get out more.

  43. No MLB brave can hit at Gwinnett; McClouth at .235; Schaeffer under .200; Glaus 0-4 with 4 K’s (very small sample size).

  44. Derrick Lee has quite a bit in common with Bozo the Clown.
    Big Feet, Came from Chicago, Both have seen better days.

  45. Id rather see this team face Halladay, Josh Johnson, and Felix Hernandez before Olsen, Moyer, and Happ

  46. Heywards done pretty well against the last 3 lefties he’s faced – I don’t have a tool to do platoon splits sine the ASB though, and tactically it makes sense to break up the lineup a bit to keep from wiped out by a Loogy/Roogy late. I think I would agree with leaving him alone at this point.

  47. Well, Lowe has pitched as well as could reasonably be expected of him in this park. Time to score some runs.

  48. Houston, we have a problem…

    Columbus, Ga., again in the LLWS.

    I played against their coach when I was in LL. It’s still a big deal down there. Back in the ’70s, Columbus had 9 different leagues. Dunno what the deal is now, but back then you had to win a very stressful local tournament just to compete in the state.

  49. melky shows why he’s not a good center fielder. his arm is great, but his positioning when catching a fly ball and his routes are atrocious.

  50. 123- Agreed that the Mets and Phils deserve more of our hatred. The Natinals and Cubs deserve the most contempt.

  51. The good news is the Rockies are the ones blowing scoring opps. That’s usually the Braves formula for losing close games.

  52. Lowe’s been pretty darn good tonight. And very solid over the last couple of months. I don’t get all of the angst over him.

  53. He’s not out of it yet, but seriously, you guys are bummed at giving up three runs in 6ip at Coors? Tough crowd.

  54. @139 Well we’ve scored only one against a crappy pitcher and we lost last night too so, yeah.

  55. not necessarily putting him down tonight. i’m just dumbfounded that a pitcher, such as lowe, that looks so hittable, can throw a no-no.

  56. 6 IP, 3 ER is the minimal definition of a “quality start” and often is considered not all that great – but here, we’re talking about Derek Lowe @ Colorado, so it’s pretty good. I think if the Braves’ offense had put up some runs through the first 6 innings everyone would be happy with Lowe’s work.

  57. Also – Lee looks awful right now; it’s like he’s not seeing the ball out of the pitcher’s hand, and he lacks the bat speed to catch up to the fastball at any rate. I wonder how healthy his back really is.

  58. Agree…Lowe’s mediocre tap dance routine would feel a lot better if the offense were doing anything in this game.

  59. @170, add to that his stellar defense, and I’m glad he’s back.

    Utley reached last inning. I’m not glad he’s back.

  60. @193
    it’s not like it was a misinterpreted pitch he called for a fastball outside and it was a fastball inside. a catcher should make that play.

  61. I dont think he was crossed up. He never moved his glove. He called for a fastball and got one. Either way, its not any different from the one he missed from Wagner a couple of weeks ago

  62. Castro was just slammed in the knee by a pitch, and the ‘Stros have no more catchers available. Scary moment. He’s toughing it out, though.

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