What I want

I want to go to the World Series. Against the Yankees. Not just because I want to go to the World Series, but because I’d want to see game three, when all the Yankee fans gasp in horror at what they see when Melky waddles out onto the field.

Game thread.

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  1. Mac, it’s your baby, and I know you don’t control the ad stream, but those ads for Trade Tang counterfeit guitars are pretty grim.

    /oh and if we could scratch out a W tonight it would be huuuuuge. Go Braves.

  2. Mac,

    Could he then hit a game tying home run off of the one (hanging) breaking ball that Rivera’s ever thrown?

  3. From the last thread…

    Not as absurd as Melky hitting fifth.

    Melky vs. righties: 2010, .266/.320/.365; career, .273/.330/.389

    AGony vs. righties: 2010, .260/.302/.456; career, .250/.295/.404

    It’s pretty close, man. Neither has any business that high in the order. Even this order.

  4. How about a broken bat grounder to Jeter with a runner on third and one out where Tex cant field the throw from short because the butt end of the bat shattered his cup and he’s lying on the ground in pain in front of the bag because he was playing shallow in case of a play at the plate and then Melky stomps on his sack on the way to the bag where he is safe and it doesn’t even matter that he is safe because the run scores and the Braves win the World Series and Melky goes and sulks with who he thinks are his teammates?

  5. Interesting, Mac. The same what I want but no comments about Melky. Actually I do like the yanks. Just don’t want to see Jeter at yanks. Even I don’t understand the ladies have been crazy about him. Whatever!

  6. 6–

    That would mean the Braves win the world series. But it would also mean Melky is here to stay. So. Much. To Process…

  7. Jeter is rich. That explains why any girl has ever let him near. Except for Mariah. She is bat-shiat crazy. That explains why she let him near her.

    It’s either that, or they simply feel safe around him and like to get his advice on things like fashion and boys.

  8. There are lots of rich guys in the world. Hahaha, you Dix, make me funny. I don’t mind he is rich or not. Definately he is not to my taste. Sorry to Jeter however there is someone who is not addicted to him and his money in the world. HA!

  9. that jet would be a nice alternative to only getting to see the braves out here once a year

  10. It’s weird. Unlike any other year we’ve been to the post-season, I have no expectation of this team advancing at all. It’s oddly freeing.

  11. #24 – Yeah my expectations are at rock bottom too…but I would still be pretty disappointed if the team choked away this series like Tampa is right now.

    I sort of expect the worst but it would be great if the team at least showed up.

  12. I see Bobby isn’t taking game one serious enough to start Melk-tober. I guess he feels we got this one

  13. Tex leads series 2-0. My friend smiles from ear to ear.

    OMG, No one tells me Francoeur is a rangers. #$%%^&**(. HEHEHE.
    Today, I’ve heard too much bad words, which the teenagers who were sitting next with me said mother ##$^&*(^@. Im scared of them. #$%&()_&^%@.

    Go Braves. AJA AJA!!!

  14. Melky isn’t starting tonight because Delta was going to make him buy two tickets, but LM didn’t want to spring for the extra seat.

  15. Guys I just had a terrible thought..

    What if there’s a Rangers-Phillies World Series? Phillies on one side, Jeff Francoeur on the other.. Can such a thing as horrible as that truly exist in this world, or will the universe itself prevent such a thing from occurring?

  16. More turrible:

    A Braves vs Rangers world series and we lose when Neftali Feliz induces Alex Gonzalez to ground out to Elvis Andrus at short to close out the bottom of the 9th at home in game 6.

    That would be worse than a Phillies vs Francoeur matchup.

  17. And then during the Rangers celebration on the field, Francoeur tries to run and jump on the pile at home plate (because he was obvs in the dugout on the bench), but being Francoeur he misses and lands on McCann who is walking from second back to the Braves dugout, destroying McCann’s knee and ending his career.

  18. Does anybody know what channel the Braves will start on if the Yankees game runs long on TBS?

  19. this umpire behind the plate is hoping that he can get escorted to his car tonight. That missed strike 3 on Berkman is huge now

  20. I don’t have cable and so I’m losing count of how many Octobers there are. Does Dane Cook count Melktobers too?

  21. Wow, the Twins can’t buy a break. Not letting Jeter’s slow roller go foul have led to a stolen base and another run. Oh and Rivera is warming up.

  22. 33-37: None of these would be worse than a Yankee sweep of the braves and having to listen to whoever-the-announcer-is vocally masturbate while calling the final at-bat in game 4 when pinch-hitter Mekly faces Sabathia as he finishes out a perfect game.

  23. I’d rather the Yankees sweep the Braves than the Phils or Rangers. In fact, I’d rather baseball be canceled forever than for the Phils to win the WS.

  24. In terms of which team to see winning the 2010 World Series:

    Braves > Reds > Twins > Rays > Giants > Yankees > Phillies > Rangers

    I really do not want to see Failcoeur getting a ring before McCann.

  25. Wow. Matt Diaz makes the lineup against a RHP. Maybe Bobby’s noticed Melky stinking it out.

  26. Why is Diaz starting?

    .269/.327/.382 (.312 wOBA) against righties in his career. I would rather have seen Hinske or McLouth, frankly.

  27. Ok, I’m ready. Old school tonight. David Justice jersey I bought in ’93 over my t-shirt celebrating the ’95 WS. That’s my best effort.

  28. 55- I think Diaz’ defense makes up the difference by, unusually for this team, not being completely awful.

    Edit: And now that I’ve had Robin Williams inflicted on me, victory is not negotiable.

  29. Robin Williams is Canadian. WTF? Are we going to have Elton John firing up the crowd on Sunday?

  30. Gotta love TBS using their basketball announcers to do baseball, though Brenly is somewhat tolerable.

  31. He’s been going to Giants games for decades, I think, as he’s lived in SF a long time. I remember meeting his kid at a party once… he was weird.

  32. I wish Infante were as willing to take a pitch on a 3-1 count as he is on the first pitch of every. single. PA.

    EDIT: OK, I’m glad he swung at that one.

  33. Make Lindsey throw some pitches. Work the count, then rake a double.

    That was an effective AB by Omar

  34. Watching on GameDay. Lincecum looks a little wild so far. Only like 6 pitches in, but still..

  35. @45: That will never happen. Melky will start game 4 and will be batting higher than 9th.

  36. The braves cannot waste leadoff doubles in this series.

    Of course they do it all the time, why would now be any different.

  37. Two straight swings at ball four to strand a runner at second. This rings bells I’d hoped that we had deadened.

  38. Good Lord. Both Lee and McCann fall behind 0-2, watch three balls in the dirt go by and then decide to swing at the small ball in the dirt when it would have been ball four.

  39. Why did he take the previous three pitches that were also in the dirt? Ballplayers think too much.

  40. The braves having a runner on second with no outs is like other teams having two outs and no one on.

  41. I cannot believe you guys are complaining about the play by play guys. It was like 4 days ago when we were all forced to listen to chip.

  42. My guess is that it is because it is the shorter throw.

    Plus I guess the RF is in a good position to back up an errant throw.

  43. @131

    especially nervous with throws like that. You really hope they would learn to throw to first.

  44. Ridicule me all you want, but Diory needs to be starting at SS. At the very least maybe he’ll just be so terrified that he won’t swing at anything and might accidentally draw a walk.

  45. Did Bobby tell the hitters, “Just go out there and swing at everything like you’re shooing flies”? If so, to what possible end?

  46. I remember thinking yesterday that I was relieved somebody other than the Braves got embarrassed, and that all anyone would remember would be the no-hitter. But now I’m not so sure. I’m legitimately nervous that Lincecum will strike out a number in the high teens.

  47. Obviously, the Giants know Infante sucks at third; I’ve seen offensive strategies that were less likely to work. Like the Braves’ tonight, for instance.

  48. DLee looks like the best defensive first baseman ever compared to Glaus’ first base exploits.

  49. Courtney C, was just going to say that. The Panda’s plate discipline is very Francoeurian.

  50. Lincy velocity is way down….

    Bob Brenly is right. The Braves hitters just aren’t that good.

  51. I think the real question is could Glaus be so bad at third that replacing Gonzalez in the lineup with him and moving Infante to SS is a bad idea?

  52. in what universe is Glaus a better hitter than Gonzalez right now? Besides, that defense would have more holes in it than Glenn Beck’s logic.

  53. Glaus .331 wOBA
    Gonzalez .319 wOBA

    Also, the key to this game is getting Lincecum out of the game. He needs to throw more pitches. Gonzalez is a walking two-pitch out.

  54. Weighted On Base Average. Its like OPS but with slightly more weight to the on-base side of things, as that is the more important of the two.

    In any event, my problem is with Conrad more than with Gonzalez. Gonzalez is at least an above-average defender. Even with his hacktastic ways, his defense and power make him useful.

    And… there’s Conrad.

  55. How did we fail to screw up that rundown? And as it was, we let their runners go all the way to second and third.

  56. there was no reason for McCann to throw to third there with the runner advancing. We have already been burned by that mistake once this year.

  57. BMac, you have to chase that guy back to 3rd so the other runners don’t advance. Not the first time he’s done that.

  58. Lowe gets us out of it, but he’s got to pitch as if the infielders behind him all put money on the Giants.

  59. Why does the announcer keep talking about major divisions of geological time? What is this Conrad Era he speaks of, and was it before or after the dinosaurs?

  60. Glaus cannot move, let alone play third. Please stop clamoring for him, it’s ridiculous.

  61. I’ll see your ridicule and raise you to absurdity: Conrad can’t hit or field, and he moves… not that well.

  62. you almost have to start Diory somewhere. Our INF defense is worse than anything Ive ever seen, esp with Lowe and Huddy on the mound

  63. ISO fluctuates highly until 500 PAs or so. He’s been effective in limited at bats, but he’s being exposed. Dude also has a .294 career OBP.

  64. There is no way Conrad belongs in this game as a starter. And yet, Conrad would be markedly better than Glaus in every facet of the game.

  65. A few years ago I got so fed up with Edgar Renteria’s defense that I said that the Braves should start Tony Pena Jr. I was overreacting, and so are you guys.

  66. Mac, Diory has hit at AAA at least once and doesn’t cause palpitations when he fields a ball at second or third. At some point, the two-error-a-day act from Conrad and Infante has to be stopped.

  67. All this complaining about Conrad makes A LOT of sense when our other two options are Glaus at 3rd and Hernandez, who hits like a pitcher.

  68. I think my giddiness of the wild card played tricks with my mind. I forgot how hopeless our offense is.

  69. 241- Well, Bobby is a crafty manager, but he can’t pull George Brett out of his ass. The lineup out there now is the best possible linup (except mabye Hinske for Diaz).

  70. Well, Bobby is a crafty manager, but he can’t pull George Brett out of his ass.

    That explains so much.

  71. I hate to say it but as my dad used to say, this one isn’t a matter of who, but how much.

  72. Bobby apparently hasn’t been paying attention the 174 times the Braves have played the Marlins the last couple of years.

  73. Buster Posey was out at 2nd, we shouldve pitched to Pablo, and Omar cant field a grounder

    sorry Lowe, thats too much for you

  74. Bad umpiring, bad managing, bad defense. Tough for Lowe to overcome all of that.

    True, oh so true.

  75. Always good to have a ground ball pitcher on the mound when half the infield can’t field a ground ball.

  76. I figured he walked him so there would be a force out at every base. With our defense, the fewer/shorter throws needed, the better. Of course, you gotta catch the ball first…

  77. 304- Why not? Our hitters have decided which pitches to swing at well before Tim throws them.

  78. we’re swinging like we’re holding one of those big orangish-pink bats that kids use when they play wiffle ball.

  79. this really is the worst “pitch selection” team (2nd half) that Ive ever seen. This is worse than the Frenchy, Schafer, KJ bottom of the order last year. Far, Far worse

  80. Two quick impressions after four and one-half innings: Home plate umpire is doing a great job; Bob Brenly is by far the best color commentator of any of the playoff announcers.

    One more: We are a truly weak playoff team.

  81. It will be up to Omar, Heyward, Lee and McCann…so basically we have only two chances to score.

  82. Heyward is going to have to learn to handle that pitch above the belt if he is going to be the hitter we need him to be.

  83. Lincecum is good, but he has been better than tonight. The Braves are just not a good hitting ballclub. Let’s be honest, they are lucky Cole Hamels was lifted on Sunday.

  84. He has no control and his ball is NOT electric. But our hitters don’t seem to notice, LOL.

  85. Exactly. Our hitters relaxed when Omar got his hit. They are more worried about being embarrassed than actually winning.

  86. Has anyone organized guys in 70s hair, tight jeans, and paddles to greet Lincecum at a vistor’s ballpark. It seems like a missed opportunity if not.

  87. Posey>Heyward. Man, he looks good, and he’s a catcher that can throw. I had forgotten what that looks like.

    Do the Braves score…this series?

  88. They’re waiting to get Uribe out so that they can IBB Sandoval to get to Ross again.

    EDIT: Or, they’re going with Venters. I’d rather leave Lowe in there to get the DP, but oh well.

  89. how can you have any faith in our if turning a double play (note I didn’t say getting a dp ground ball)

  90. I hate to say it but I predicted to Stu earlier today that we’d score zero runs in a 3 game sweep. I suck.

  91. I’m really not too confident in Venters right now….

    Ok good job Venters. Wow emotions shown by Lee.

  92. Lowe did all he could do…can’t fault him at all.

    At least Blanco could bunt, take a walk and even get a hit. And he had speed. This team is a one base at a time machine…with no power.

  93. ok braves: those wooden things Bobby makes you carry to the plate, those are called “bats”. Their puropse is to make contact with that fast moving white thing that grunge rocker is trowing at you. You can do it!

  94. #383 – yeah, I didnt really think replay was needed for that call. However, the announcers after watching it in slow mo didnt even mention that he was out

  95. D. Lowe gave us all you can really expect. He looked like he was rushing tonight, but he pitched very bravely.

  96. Yeah, can’t expect much more out of Lowe than that. Pitched well enough that a decent hitting team would have a chance.

  97. I’m not even upset about this. I saw it coming before we even made the postseason. And once we didn’t get to Tiny Tim in the first when he was completely wild I knew we were done. With a completely clear head I can say that this is the worst postseason team that I’ve ever seen, I’m not talking about their body of work but the actual 25 man roster that is in this series is the worst I’ve ever seen. As far as our non pitcher roster, I would say that the only teams in baseball we have an edge on are the Mariners, Royals, Indians and MAYBE the Pirates and A’s.

  98. Also keep in mind that Bobby pulled him so that he might be ready for Game 4, if our batters can be bothered to score a run or two.

  99. And another swing at ball four. Do these guys not understand the concept of a walk?

    Edit: If Lee did, we’d have runners at second and third with no outs now, and an almost 10% chance of a run.

  100. surprised mccann didnt get waived over to third. good thing we have such a stud hitter behind him.

  101. That, I’m afraid, was the best chance to score. One thing’s for sure, gotta hold them to one.

  102. Actually, Bobby always did know this. He has generally used Diaz well… until he freaked out this week, I guess.

  103. I know when Lincecum and Posey saw this line-up after McCann, they had to at least chuckle, if not bust out laughing.

  104. I’m not sure how much damage Hinske could do defensively in left. Pat Burrell manages to piece it together for seven or so innings a night.

  105. Bobby deserves to lose, after filling out a line-up card like this.

    Unfortunately, we Braves fans do not deserve this crap.

  106. When a ball is hit at Derrek Lee, I have this weird feeling of expecting he won’t screw up the play. It is the only position that elicits that feeling.

  107. No, Frank Wren deserves to lose, for leaving Cox unable to put together a better lineup card.

  108. 430—That’s just not true, when you’re facing a right-handed pitcher and have an extreme ground-ball pitcher going for you.

    435—Cox was able to fill out a better line-up card. Easily.

  109. Is anybody else annoyed by the way Dick Stockton pronounces ‘error’?

    Smitty- Hudson in left wasn’t something I had considered previously. I am willing to consider it now.

  110. Has Gonzalez batted 5th at all this season? What was Bobby thinking?

    Nice work Venters.

    Quick observation, unless this 1st games is nerves, the Phillies should starting printing up World Series tickets.

  111. So you ugly want Melk-tober or his whipping boy buddy McOut. Bobby isn’t’ trotting Hinske out there for some reason, so those are your picks

  112. Diaz has never hit RHP. What in the hell makes you think that’s our best option vs one of the best righties in the game?

  113. @435

    I’m not going to blame Wren or Cox for being unable to deal with 2 season-ending injuries to their best infielders.

    I will blame Wren for not being willing to give 3 million dollars to KJ.

  114. Honestly, are these guys even looking at Lincecum’s pitches? Are they paying any attention to the game actually being played?

  115. It is a shame, when you consider how much damage the Braves do to themselves, that in the end the umpire does them in. At least the umpiring has been great in the other series this year.

  116. There are no answers. It is a major miracle that the braves are even playing tonight.

    Edit: Eric Hinske is not the answer.

    Edit: Positioning is part of being a good umpire. The 2nd base umpire was lazy in his positioing on the Posey play. Piss poor.

  117. No, I blame Wren for not acquiring, say, a Cody Ross, some time out of legitimate outfielder who could actually hit.

  118. No, I blame Wren for not acquiring, say, a Cody Ross, some time out of legitimate outfielder who could actually hit.

    Who needs Adam Dunn or Pat Burrell when you got Melky Cabrera and Rick Ankiel?

  119. You know, there is a reason Lincecum has led the league in strikeouts three years in a row. Give him a little credit.

  120. I was going to complain about having to rehash why we didn’t get Ross, Dunn, etc. But Burrell is a good point.

  121. A dominant Lincecum on the mound tonight isn’t helping matters, though our offense is pretty punchless.

  122. There were several upgrades to the OF that could have been had, but Wren is too lazy or stupid, or hamstrung by those ridiculous contracts to make a move to help the the move obvious weakness of any team in baseball.

  123. He’s throwing 90 mph fastballs out of the strike zone. If the first-half Braves were here, he’d have been pulled in the fifth inning, down 5-1.

  124. If we’d gotten Ludwick and he’d hit .211/.301/.311, would that have been Wren’s fault too?

  125. #489 – thats what happens when you lose Prado, Chipper, Yunel, and Hinske from the lineup. Even McOut would work the counts.

    Our replacements Brooks, AAG, Diaz/Melky, and Ankiel are in a battle with the pitching staff to see who can post the lowest OBP

  126. #489 – thats what happens when you lose Prado, Chipper, Yunel, and Hinske from the lineup. Even McOut would work the counts.

    Our replacements Brooks, AAG, Diaz/Melky, and Ankiel are in a battle with the pitching staff to see who can post the lowest OBP

  127. Lincecum was not dominant tonight guys, c’mon now. We know this offense is sad. And now that Omar and Heyward have cooled off…we might not score this series.

  128. If you are a position player in the Braves’ minor league system then you need to quit baseball right now and learn a trade.

  129. @488
    look at trades that were made. across the league, none of the offensive trades really worked very well.

  130. calling the same pitch 5 times to Aubrey Huff is not going to end with a good result. Dunn can hit 97-98, dont throw all sliders

  131. “If we’d gotten Ludwick and he’d hit .211/.301/.311, would that have been Wren’s fault too?”

    Well, no because Ludwick has a track record of being a good hitter, as opposed to all the scrubs Wren acquired. Are you really surprised Ankiel and Agony suck?

  132. @500 Yep. He did not hit above 93 at all tonight, not that he needed to…but I can see it happening.

  133. #506, true, Jeremy, but there isn’t a hitter Terry Pendleton couldn’t get his hands on a ruin. Terry Pendleton, the Mike Bobo of Baseball coaches.

  134. If anyone’s got a lucky hat, put it on.

    If anyone’s got a lucky drink, down it.

    If anybody’s got a HR swing, break it out.

    Me, I’m standing in the far corner of my living room. That’s my lucky spot.

  135. Even Heyward’s been infected by the “swing at everything” virus. Maybe we really won’t score this series.

  136. Stu, does it make you feel better that if it was 0-0 right now, we could go another 9 innings without scoring a run? Oh wait, that’s tomorrow night.

  137. ok, give Lincecum some credit, but I expect more from Heyward and Lee in this series. Heyward swung at ball 4 twice, Lee did also, and took strike 3 to end the game

  138. Lincecum just said he knew where everything was going tonight and that he knew that 1 run would be enough

  139. It’s nice for Bobby to have made it to the playoffs one last time, but this team does not belong there. Period.

  140. Sometimes you’ve got to credit the pitcher. Do the Reds suck because they got no-hit? No.

    Get ’em tomorrow.

  141. Lincecum just said he knew where everything was going tonight and that he knew that 1 run would be enough

    We knew that too.

  142. I expected to lose this one, but the optimist in me thought i’d watch more than one baseball team take the field tonight. That Heyward strikeout was one of the worst Ks I’ve seen this year. Trade him to the Royals for the guy who replaced Ankiel in center.

  143. Terrible. But the one run tonight was a terrible call at 2B on a non-stolen base.

    I’d rather lose 6-0 to an incredible performance by Timmy L.

  144. Are the Atlanta Braves entirely responsible for the statistical anomale known as the year of the pitcher?

  145. 564–They’ve actually hit Sanchez in the past. But I don’t recognize this team from the May-August incarnation, so who knows?

  146. I just thought this team was tired…but wow. At least McCann showed up tonight. Ankiel and Diaz cannot be in the line-up tomorrow.

  147. Why did anyone expect anything different? With this lineup? Linecum would have beaten a lot better teams than the Braves. It’s easy to say layoff those pitches but not so easy to do against someone like this.

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