67 thoughts on “Last two-fifths of season begin game thread: July 18, Nats at Braves”

  1. how about ole Greg Norman and David Duval. There is a reason to watch this tourney without Tiger

  2. “Jul 18: Updating a previous report, The Associated Press reports Atlanta Braves SS Yunel Escobar (shoulder) took infield practice Thursday, July 17, but is unlikely to start Friday, July 18.”

  3. yeah Douglass, I just read that also. They also stated in the article that Glavine is supposed to throw off a mound on Saturday. Im not hopeful and if he comes back I hope its after the rosters expand in Sept. I would rather Morton get some extra experience for the rest of this year. Glavine at this point probably wouldnt be much of an upgrade over Morton

  4. #4 – that looks like he’s about to eat that pitch, literally. Hey, at least he’s not the only person who’s eyes light up on pitches that high in the zone. Is that Frenchy or Batboy

    Batboy, should go in the Braves Journal glossary

  5. Lillibridge already meets the definition of Batboy on 2 levels now.

    If he could continue to hit, maybe it would be 3 levels.

  6. I wonder if Bowman thinks Hampton is “silencing his critics.” He’s pitched far more innings this year than I thought he was capable. Too bad they weren’t of quality and they were in A ball

  7. didn’t he also pitch in AAA?

    maybe pitching at 3 levels does amount to silencing him critics

  8. Hey Mac-

    What happened to the laptop?

    snicker, snicker

    (hey, it worked the last 2 games…and this is the crappy Natties- btw, GM Jim Bowden sucks)

  9. WASH:
    W. Harris cf
    P. Lo Duca lf
    C. Guzman ss
    A. Kearns rf
    D. Young 1b
    R. Belliard 2b
    J. Estrada c
    K. Casto 3b
    T. Redding p

    G. Blanco lf
    K. Johnson 2b
    C. Jones 3b
    M. Teixeira 1b
    B. McCann c
    J. Francoeur rf
    M. Kotsay cf
    B. Lillibridge ss
    T. Hudson p

  10. The Escobar shoulder injury is a myth. It’s a nice little excuse to showcase Lillibridge to the Pirates for Xavier Nady.

  11. Wow……just looked at the stats for the Nats lineup, and they have one guy (Guzman, no pop) hitting over .240. If we can’t beat the snot of out these guys, we should just pack it in for the season.

    I’d be all ears to whatever Texeira trades Smitty’s barber has heard about, if you know what I mean.

  12. The problem hasn’t generally been the opposing hitters, but that the Braves line-up regularly look like they hit around .190 as a team.

    Even a .240 team can win 1-0, unfortunately.

  13. braves have only scored 250 of 1,185 runners in scoring position. how pathetic is that?

    go littlebritches!!!

  14. Not looking so wise ragging a rookie prospect after his first 20 at bats now are we?

  15. Wow, he’s been looking so much better since the Padres series. Didn’t see that coming!

  16. Think Escobar could play third ever? Him and Lilli could be a good left side in the future.

  17. Why is it always the three run homerun teams are supposedly “waiting on”?

    Never a solo shot. Never a two-run homer. Never even a grand slam. It’s always the three-run homerun, specifically.

  18. @33 I think it goes back to Earl Weaver. Walk, single, 3 run homer…that’s Earl Weaver baseball.

  19. I didn’t like the way Escobar looked at third when he was called up (remember, he was brought up originally to fill in during a Chipper injury).

  20. Mccann a 3b, Ha!
    Francouer =buzzkill, i hate him batting 6th, i actually hate him batting at all anymore. I would rather a 280-300 hit with zero power than him.

  21. I’ve got no Peachtree, the channel is blanked. Not a good day for this…

    And I agree with Mac about Escobar at 3rd. He was awful.

  22. Bethany, free MLB Extra Innings preview and the game is on, if you have digital TV.

    Mac, thats right, forgot about that.

  23. Frenchy struck out, but at least he fought a little at the plate.

    (Yes, I’m desperately looking for any kind of silver lining.)

  24. No digital, unfortunately, so looks like it’s Gameday plus the Office dvds.

    McCann needs to be frozen until we can clone him.

  25. Is it me, or did Johnny Estrada eat a batboy or two. He is HUGE!!!

    Looked up his bio and his weight showed anywhere from 195 to 255. He’s gained 60 pounds since the beginning of this year.

    Be Erstad will think twice about running him over at the plate now.

  26. Hah, that was classic:

    Skip: The Ump was trying to call it fair but had to worry about getting out of the way first…

    Chip: Yeah, it was like he was trying to call it fair but had to worry about getting out of the way first.


    Skip: I. just. said. that.

  27. It just ocurred to me: being bad at bunting is alot like being bad at masturbation.

  28. Ladies and gentleman, Langerhans, Harris, and Kearns may actually be a worse outfield than Norton, Blanco and Frenchy. I didn’t think it was possible. Hard to see why the Natspos have been shut out roughly 37 times this season. My goodness.

  29. How about the Bat Boy?

    In the nine games since June 25, the night he got his first hit, he’s hitting .324 with a .462 slugging, 5 RBI and 5 runs from the bottom of the lineup. All while playing a very solid shortstop.

    As someone said earlier, I don’t think many of us saw that coming.

  30. yeah, but Huddy’s given up 4–make that 5– runs so don’t be too smug about their offense

  31. What’s hilarious is that they can dink and dunk and score runs, even as bad as they look on paper, and the Braves can’t.

  32. I don’t know what it is, but I have no problem when media types criticize the Braves or their play, except when it’s Chip Caray.

  33. Gonzalez beaned Guzman in the hand.

    Braves win 7-6. Gonzo gets a messy save to keep his streak alive.

  34. apologies if I missed related comment, just watching game on DVR, where Extra Innings has the MASN crew, probably cause they’re cheaper, and Don Sutton & Crew are so freaking boring I can understand the rumbles lately about the bad ratings for the Nats. And the lineup tonight? Its like 8 Luis Sojo’s and a pitcher; every guy up seems a little chunky, a little athletic, and a whole lot like guys playing up on the park at 138th street and riverside, more than a multi-million-dollar MLB roster. ‘s terrible.

    If we don’t sweep the Phillies next week and the Angels are willing to give us Adenhart we should do it.

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