Atlanta Braves vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Box Score – May 30, 2009 – ESPN

This is how we hibernate!
Go (to sleep) Braves!

Sometimes I really wonder why I bother with this team. The Braves scored two runs in the third inning on doubles by KJ and ACHE. And then they did diddly the rest of the game. It was like, “Hey, Vazquez, we got you two runs, what more do you want? If you can’t pitch a shutout, you really don’t deserve to win!”

Javier Vazquez, as is his wont, looked really good for five innings, struggled a bit in the sixth (but got out of a bases-loaded situation with back-to-back strikeouts), and then lost the lead in the seventh. With one out, he gave up an infield single, followed by a double and a single to tie it before O’Flaherty came in to finish the inning. Vazquez struck out eight and walked only one, and deserved a better fate.

Soriano pitched the eighth, and Gonzalez pitched the ninth and tenth. And the Braves didn’t get a single baserunner after a two-out single by Schafer in the eighth. Bennett came in to pitch the eleventh, and allowed a leadoff double; after a bunt, the winning run scored on a single past the drawn-in infield.

Bobby didn’t show up either. After putting up a spastic lineup that had Diaz playing centerfield (Schafer came on for defense just in time to see them blow the lead and need Diaz’s bat) and Chipper and McCann on the bench (Chipper can’t swing righty right now, but I think Brian could have played) he then used Chipper to pinch-hit with two out and nobody on in the ninth. Does that make any sense to anyone?

Francoeur delenda est.