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  1. True, Mac, but I don’t think the team is going to be significantly different next year. Maybe minus an AJ and Renteria (or even Escobar) and plus a Brent Lillibridge and, if we’re real lucky, a decent SP. And I guess Hampton’ll be back.

    But the Lineup will look basically the same, with KJ leading off (well, maybe Escobar #1, KJ hitting 2nd), Chipper and Tex at 3/4 followed by Frenchy and BMac, Diaz towards teh back with his platoon partner. Smoltz and Huddy at the top of the rotation, Chucky hanging around towards the back of it. Soriano will be closing, Yates and Moylan will be heavily relied upon.

    AJ is gone, but that’s the only major change I forsee.

  2. Frank,

    I shed no tear for Pena, Jr. leaving at all. Yes, Pena is a better batter and a better fielder, but come on. Would he have really made a difference?

  3. I wonder if Matt Holliday had a regular day off yesterday, or if he is trying to save his batting average while Chipper plays?

  4. I think that the problem is that he goes by “Corky”. His real name is “Abraham Philip Miller”. I propose that in the future he be referred to as “Abe Miller”. Either that, or I spell it “Corqui”.

  5. Reyes is looking good again. He’s got good stuff and i think there is a future for the guy with the big club. If we can grab Glavine and run a rotation out there of Smoltz/Hudson/Glavine/Hampton or James/and an improved Reyes. I have faith this is going to make next year’s club 10+ wins better than this year. We need a guy to step up and be a 1/2 from our farm system, because I don’t think Johnny pitches more than a year or two and we need another young top-of-the-rotation guy.

  6. Despite this past inning I also think that Reyes has a pretty good future. This games is beginning to look like so many–plenty of opportunities and few runs. Add the fact that Capuano has lost 12 straight and it seems like a familiar script….At least 2008 should be better.

  7. Anybody see that Bonds just dipped below the qualifying number of at-bats? Right now Chipper leads the league in BA and OPS, 2nd in OBP (by 6 pts to Helton) and 3rd in slugging (3 pts to both Holliday and Fielder). Chipper has shown /zero/ decline so far in anything but PT.

  8. If he does win, it just shows that most folks only care about the power #s. His other #s are a pretty pedestrian. I agree. Utley and Rollins definitely have had better seasons.

  9. Man, good job Andruw. Thanks to bad umpiring we’ve tied it up. Who know meaningless baseball could be so fun.

  10. Wow. Again. And it’s again perfectly timed. You expect somebody doing that to get overconfident and mess up trying it again, but Escobar chose his spot rightly.

  11. See, I realize Escobar isn’t the hitter that Renteria is, but he’s good enough so that stuff like this makes me want him to start anyways.

    BAHAHAHA! So I’m looking at the Yahoo! game tracker thingy of the Mets/Marlins game, and I’m like (in a feeble, hopless tone), “Common, Uggla, take Wagner deep.”

    And then it re-loads. And Uggla had taken him deep! Maybe back to back, Mr. Hermida? :-D

  12. The Braves have been playing well lately, I really like the heart that they have been playing with. Did you see when Chipper scored on the Teixeira hit. Where has it been all year?

  13. Man, this would have been a fun team to watch if it has played like this at any time between Mother’s Day and last week.

    Dan Uggla takes Billy Wagner deep. Marlins and Mets now tied at 6 in the bottom of the 9th.

  14. when he plays he does…I consider the guys who play through injuries and play day-in, day-out to put it all out there. We need Chipper for more than 120-125 games

  15. If you wanna blaim Chipper for bruising himself while trying to make plays on an awful, awful field, fine. But I think it’s just silly. He plays his hardest, and he DOES play through injuries (a little too much for my liking, actually; I wish he’d just take a day off now and then).

  16. Can we get a do over on June through August? It makes me sad to think about how fun October could have been with the way this team is finally playing well.

  17. Who says Chipper doesn’t play through injuries? In fact, from what I can gather he basically plays in constant pain from his feet. The fact that he can hit as well as he does with that type of problem is amazing.

  18. I think everyone on the Team plays all out, everyone who’s in the lineup gives it their all on the field

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