66 thoughts on “Another inexplicable Saturday day game thread: April 25, Braves at Reds”

  1. If I made some kind of terrible text-based video game that allowed you a chance to play as the Braves during certain pivotal moments throughout the postseason of the past – would anyone buy it for .99?

    Level 1 Example – You run the base as Lonnie Smith and must decide whether or not to stop at second.

    Would the game just depress everyone?

  2. Kotchman (other than Prado and Ross) is leading the team in OBP now. Lets try something different today

    Frenchy (not a typo)
    B Jones

  3. per DOB

    Run Heap Run: McCann is supposed to see another specialist in Atlanta when team gets home. But the DL thing sounded like it was already a done deal, or very close to being one. And Mac himself sounded, gave every indication, that he was headed for Lasik surgery. Of course, doctor could see him Monday and say, “You absolutely don’t need to have laser surgery again right now, not until after season, because this dryness is caused by something not related to that….”

    edit: btw. Frenchy has the highest slg% on the team outside of Ross and Prado also

  4. no shock here, McCann DL’d. They need to send him back to Atl now and get him checked. No reason to wait

  5. From the last thread about Escobar overreacting. From my perspective it was clearly intentional. 96 MPH right in the ribs. If I were Escobar I would have reacted the same way.

  6. same lineup as yesterday…a little surprised B. Jones isn’t in for Diaz against a RHP

    2b KJ
    SS Yunel
    3b Chipper
    1b Kotchman
    Rf Francoeur
    Lf Diaz
    Cf Schafer
    C Ross
    P Lowe

  7. How come no one accuses Arroyo of using HGH? Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the main side effects. I guess that would require the media to actually research what the drugs actually do.

  8. Because he also plays a lot of guitar? It’s a pretty good excuse.

    Love the plunk on Votto.

  9. It sucks to pay $160 for Extra Innings and not see a game on Saturday, the best day for everyone to sit and watch a game.

    But I love that Lowe retaliated.

  10. It’s killing my fantasy ERA (why’d I start Arroyo again?), but I’m loving this offense!

  11. Totally agree, no need to go head hunting, but get the message across loud and clear.

    Uh yeah, that was re #11. A little late on the ‘send’ button there

  12. Rob,

    I’m with you. I sucked it up and also bought the $10 iPhone app that streams the radio play by play simply for this Saturday nonsense.

  13. Speaking of the MLB At-Bat app, this is the first game I’ve listened to on it. Very good sound quality, but it’s quite laggy. Sometimes it’s even behind gamecast. But I suppose it serves its purpose.

  14. so why was Escobar hit on purpose? What did he do to aggravate Volquez? Or was he just upset because he wasn’t locating well?

    hmm… speaking of HBP, I can’t imagine it would happen unless the game were such that you couldn’t afford a baserunner, but if K-Rod ever came to the plate I sure hope he’d get lit up.

  15. Probably not, but he was able to throw nothing but strikes to the 2 batters in front of him that inning. I think he only had 7 pitches that inning prior to that plunking.

  16. Joelk, lol I was just wondering the same thing. The other announcer made a point of saying “Derek Lowe” right after the last time the other guy did that.

  17. I think we need to move KJ down in the order until he gets straightened out.

    Escobar can leadoff, Kotchman can bat 2nd, and Francoeur can clean up (for lack of better options).

  18. Schafer is now sporting a .397 OBP and leads the team with 12BB’s. Might need to flip him and KJ in the order

  19. I think a lot of those walks are because of him batting 8th with the pitcher behind him. I don’t really want bat him any higher than 6th as a rookie.

  20. Right now, I’d go:

    vs. RHP
    SS Escobar
    1B Kotchman
    3B Chipper
    RF Francoeur
    2B KJ
    CF Schafer
    C Ross
    LF B. Jones

    vs. LHP
    SS Escobar
    1B Kotchman
    3B Chipper
    RF Francoeur
    LF Diaz
    2B KJ
    CF Schafer
    C Ross

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