78 thoughts on “What will the next embarrassment be game thread: May 28, Braves at D-Backs”

  1. Ryan c.,

    I would say Glavine was lucky tht the hits didn’t bunch a little more. 1 BB and 6 H in 5 innings. And this against AAA hitters?

    I think it says Glavine has a shot to be effective at ML level. But, it doesn’t say anything more than that.

  2. Blanco is en fuego (13 for his last 37, with 5 walks [.429 obp]), in the last 10 games. I can see him up here before Glavine or hanson.

  3. Canizares is hitting .328 with 7 homeruns and an OBP of .392 with Gwinnett. Is he physically incapable of standing in left field and pointing a glove at flyballs? If not, why isn’t he playing in Atlanta?

  4. I don’t know how bad a fielder Barbaro is, but it is possible to be too brutal to put even in LF. I know — I’ve seen Kevin Reimer.

  5. With these things, I think it’s safe to assume that someone in the organization thought of and dismissed an idea like that already. I mean, we’re not THAT much smarter than they are ;)

  6. Myers could be out for the rest of the season

    After having an MRI today, Phillies pitcher Brett Myers was told that there was fraying to the labrum in his right hip, an injury that could require surgery and jeopardize the remainder of his season.

  7. I suppose that’s right about Canizares. It just seems strange he’s never been brought up.

  8. The glass Chipper needs to move on to the next stage of his career. For a regular third baseman, he’s a heck of a batting coach.

    Retire a Brave, Chipper, but do it today, please. The Braves could put Prado at third and afford two everyday bats if you put the Braves ahead of your HOF credentials.

  9. an even bigger blog to phillies opponents–he’s given up 17 hr in 63 innings–looks more like a bp pitcher than an ace

    the braves beat him twice and had 3 hr in the first game

  10. “The suspension began Thursday night, leaving Zambrano available to pitch for the Cubs next Thursday in Atlanta.”

    aw, @#!$

  11. Any thoughts on moving Chipper to first base?

    Chipper Jones to first base? I have never heard that suggested anywhere before. What a refreshing new idea.

  12. 12 — He’s still been their best starter this year, though Hamels has been better lately.

  13. On the Diamondback broadcast w/ Darrin Sutton and Mark Grace is pretty cool. They are doing a behind the scenes look. Showing on what goes in the booth during the game.

  14. No words for Frenchy….

    Mark Grace: “There was the very aggressive Francouer swinging at a pitch a foot outside of the plate”


  15. I think Anderson may hit his 1st hr tonite. Arizona is the perfect ballpark for it.

  16. Eric effing Byrnes.

    Why do they keep the roof open when it’s 96 degrees and humid? Morons.

  17. braves14, thats nothing. try out birmingham sometimes when its 95 and 90% humidity

  18. here’s something that you could consider a bad idea, getting a tatoo that covers your whole neck. Wonder what this Roberts guy was thinking that day

  19. I sure am glad that I’ve stayed up to watch this pathetic excuse for a NL East contender over the last couple of days.

    Pathetic. Just pathetic.

  20. Lowe has been gettiing the ball up way too much. The Braves coming back from 3 runs down is like normal teams coming back from 12 down.

  21. #45–Especially against Haren….Given the way that we have played on this trip, its hard to imagine that we swept Toronto not so long ago….

  22. 3.5 GB of first, 3.0 being Phillies, 1.5 ahead of Marlins…under .500 again (23-24).

    This team can sure kill any momentum quick.

  23. So Don is talking about Dan Haren, who apparently loves Seinfeld and has all the episodes. And he says, “to borrow a phrase from that show, Haren tonight has truly been ‘master of his domain’.”

    Well, yes, I suppose so. Dan Haren has refrained from masturbating out on the pitcher’s mound. Good call, Don.

  24. but there’s been lots of jacking off in the batters box tonight while Haren’s been on the mound

  25. Joe Simpson: “I don’t think you can put enough emphasis on the loss of Omar Infante for the Braves’ offense.”

    My anger at Frank Wren grows daily.

  26. roster moves that need to be made tonight

    Ive been a big supporter of Schafer, but his lack of contact is now affecting his defense and he’s taking bad routes on balls now. Bring up Blanco to replace Schafer

    Brandon Jones replaces Frenchy or Garret, take your pick

    Barbaro replaces Norton

    Hanson replaces Medlen

    this can be done now and they will help the team, other moves can be made in the following weeks

  27. csg, those moves wouldn’t help much. Our offense would still be an embarrassment.

    …and Tommy will be back soon to replace Medlen…whether you lilke it or not…and I mean Glavine…not Hanson.

  28. Unfortunately, the time to deal with the offense was in the offseason. Sure, we can make a trade now, but it will cost a lot and it might not make enough of a difference. To my mind, the worst aspect of this situation is that it was entirely predictable….That is, unless you believe that Frenchy was going to be magically transformed into Roberto Clemente or Yaz….

  29. csg–Blanco went 4 for 5–maybe he will heat up and get the call….

    Otherwise, Rohrbough took the loss and the AA game was pretty ugly. Cofield is not going to go any further if he does not improve his command….
    …Looks like Gearrin is now at AA, which makes sense as he has been lights out at the Beach….

  30. oldtimer?–Good for you; on the other hand, I was up before 6:00 am so that I could see it. Somehow I managed not to go to sleep when the Braves were at bat….

  31. @52: I’m missing a piece of your logic here. How is it Frank Wren’s fault that Omar Infante got hurt?

    I’d love to have had a better replacement for him, but its not like ML-ready stud utility-men grow on trees.

    @58: I’d understand Blanco for Schafer, even though Blanco’s arm in center makes me curse uncontrollably. Hanson will come up eventually, but probably not for another turn or two. How about calling up Brandon Jones in place of Norton? Then you can see if he could actually be a regular improvement over Garret, or Jeff. Barbaro really isn’t going to help this team any more than Norton is… I say you can have a PH-specialist or you can have a 12 man pitching staff, but you really can’t have both with as many question marks as the Braves have roaming the field.

    @61: Predictable isn’t exactly the right word. It was, and still is, quite possible that Garret will get hot like he did over stretches of last year, and/or Francoeur will rebound to his 2007 form. It was inevitable that if both of these things didn’t happen then we just weren’t going to be able to compete without selling the farm, drastically increasing payroll, or shifting resources away from pitching and putting our faith in Jo-Jo and Charlie Morton… That was basically the choice: bet on Jeff and Garret, or bet on Jo-Jo and Charlie. Just not a good situation to be in, but that’s what you get when you’ve been searching for “one more/last piece” for as long as the Braves have been.

  32. Saw the last three innings… Man, pathetic offense.
    @50… Excellent :-)))
    @60: Love it that Varitek took the hit for Beckett.

  33. Gadfly, now you really make me laugh…

    “It was, and still is, quite possible that (…) Francoeur will rebound to his 2007 form.”

  34. @69: It was possible, and there’s still a chance it could happen. It doesn’t look like a great chance, obviously, but in the offseason it looked like a much better chance than I’d have given Jo-Jo Reyes or Charlie Morton becoming quality starting pitchers. Morton might have figured something out, but I doubt it, so I’d still say it is about an equal chance.

    You have to do the best with what you’ve got, and after we fought and scratched to keep that division title streak alive, we ended up with a pretty bare cupboard. It happens.

  35. Gadfly, I think the chance of Schafer rebounding from his terrible start is more likely than Frenchy rebounding…even though both are pretty slim…

  36. I don’t understand why the Braves haven’t been giving Norton any PAs at all in the corner OF.

  37. Ya know, I have this sneaking suspicion that Jeff Francouer is not going to be the starting RF for the National League in the All Star game. However, it is possible that he could hit .650 for the next month with 12 home runs and overtake everyone else.

  38. #74–Good point; don’t forget that he might steal 10-12 bases as well….

  39. What does Matt Diaz have to do to earn a starting OF job? This is an organization that once allowed Dewayne Wise to win a job over Gary Matthews in spring training. A quarter of the season is gone. He’s got an OPS 200 points higher than any other OF on the team, and he’s the one in a platoon? I do understand that Diaz is better in a platoon, so would any other OF.

  40. @72, 74 & 75: I’ve seen little more than one episode of Full House in my life, but even they understood the difference between impossible and improbable. As Jeff showed in March and the first three weeks of April it is possible for him to produce, but as he continues to revert to his ’08 summer form, it is looking less and less probable that this will happen over a significant enough stretch of this season.

    I’d still say it is just as probable as Jo-Jo or Charlie becoming quality Major League starting pitchers. Though neither is terribly likely.

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