68 thoughts on “Run support game thread: April 17, Rockies at Braves”

  1. I know this discussion is more or less over with, but I gotta say that George Harrison was definitely a superstar in his own right. To compare him to Tom Glavine, “What is Life” is his game 6 in the ’95 WS.

  2. Also, does that link remind you of a possessed slot machine sent to haunt braves fans?

  3. Well, he WAS a clubhouse cancer, Mac. I mean, think of all those undeserved snack foods that he stuck in gaping maw without any kind of on-field exploits to show he deserved those L’il Debbies.

    Edit: For some odd reason, I just loved typing ‘gaping maw’. That just might be one of those phrases that embiggens any written text.

  4. I think Venters was the first choice, but he was unavailable when Reyes first went down. Dunn was just insurance until Venters had normal rest following a minor league start.

  5. I think I heard Don just say Tony Schiavone is doing play-by-play for Gwinnett. Wow. I guess we’ll be ready if Craig Kimbrel puts a figure four leglock on someone.

  6. How dumb can you possibly be? I can’t remember the last time I saw a pitcher getting picked off second base!

  7. Has Chip mentioned the no-hitter yet, or does he only jinx the Braves?

    At the end of the fourth inning, Chip Caray mentioned it.

  8. Chip Caray: “And Ubaldo Jiménez, a no-hitter through five innings.”

    To be fair, Chip Caray’s father was no better when it comes to talking about potential no-hitters and perfect games around the third inning.

    Joe has a hard on for Todd Helton.

    And Martin Prado and Omar Infante and Jair Jurrjens….

  9. Well…. if we’re gonna get manhandled and potentially no-hit, at least it’s by a good pitcher

  10. Chip’s knowledge in baseball is as good as any one of us, which means he is completely useless.

  11. Now how the heck did JoJo beat Venters out for the last bullpen spot? Maybe it was an April Fool’s thing?

  12. With a 95 MPH sinker like that, I’m wondering why his minor league numbers were so pedestrian.

  13. Seems like every no-hitter/perfect game has at least one play like the one Fowler just made. I’m beginning to worry now that Jimenez may get this done.

  14. How does Chip have this job?
    I’ve done my share of broadcasting and I think I could be a lot better than he is.

  15. This sucks. But the fact that Lowe got nine runs of support last night makes it suck even more.

  16. There is no run support and then there is this. This is just absurd. This is pretty much permanent hibernation mode

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