196 thoughts on “Just to reiterate game thread: Aug. 14, Dodgers at Braves”

  1. DOB twatted the lineup:


    Braves lineup: 1. Infante 2B, 2. Heyward RF, 3. Gonzalez SS, 4. Glaus 1B, 5. McCann c, 6. Diaz LF, 7. Conrad 3B, 8. Cabrera CF, 9. Lowe P.

  2. @2 – I’ll be damned. The only explanation is that Challenger’s must be in high demand. And they think that they can take advantage of a young woman.

  3. On Chipper – its amazing. His ACL may come back stronger after this procedure. Arthroscopy too. Just 3 holes in his knee. Not saying that he doesn’t have a tough rehab, he does but it wasn’t long ago that this injury would have been a guaranteed career ender.

  4. Can’t you just order the darn thing through carsdirect.com or some such and avoid all this?

  5. carsdirect didn’t work out, it said there were no matches in my area.

    They have the Challengers discounted well below MSRP, which gets them on the defensive, acting like I’m crazy to expect to ask for a certain kind and expect “that kind of deal”. I hate Dodge.

  6. Rob Neyer just tweeted that he has started a dream journal. Oooooookay.

    Just in case you needed another reason to ignore him…

  7. Now the dealership is telling me they can’t give me a certain price if the car isn’t on their lot. Screw this.

    Really? That’s too bad. It might be worth calling (or emailing) around to other dealers in your general area to find a car that will work for you. If your local dealership isn’t willing to go the extra mile to get your sale, don’t give it to them.

    Consistently hitting new guy third…I mean, I would have a joke here if it didn’t make me so angry. What can you say?

  8. I’d be willing to go 200 miles for the right car.

    Good attitude. I drove up to Glendale to get my new car – a ridiculous drive through downtown up the 110. It was worth it though, that lady was motivated to make the sale.

  9. I’m dealing with someone in Roswell now over the phone who has a base used 2010 blue Challenger. If I can get them to sell it for 19 or 20, I could add on the wheels and stripes and get the car I want. Cross your fingers!

  10. on chipper:

    i read a tweet from DOB said they used a graft from the heel of a cadaver to fix chipper, let the “zombie” jokes commence.

    i wonder if they used some of that cool green blood in him too

  11. @17 it has crappy wheels, I want the real ones that come with the Ralley package. It’s just sad to drive a car like that with stock wheels.

  12. In answer to Rob from the last thread, I do believe they are offering some kind of deal through the rest of the season, at least on MLB.TV. Not sure what it is, but you should look into it.

  13. AAG has really good numbers against Lilly. Doesn’t justify hitting him third last night, but it shouldn’t hurt us today.

    I happened to stumble upon this today:

    I can’t really even laugh at this.

  14. Bethany,

    Here is what I do. I go in with a price in mind. When it comes time to make a deal I tell them slightly lower than my price. Them come down some and say “sorry.” I give them my number and tell them if they want to deal, call me.

    After a few days I get a call. Sometimes they will come down to where I want them, sometimes they won’t, but eventually they get close.

    If there is a similar car on another lot and they won’t at least meet that price, that is just bad business.

  15. Smitty, I’ve given each place the number I want to pay, and they all have me on file, so maybe with time it will happen.

    That dealership is Roswell wanted 25 for the used, bare bones model. This is how stupid they think I am. Above MSRP for used car.

  16. 1. Infante 2B, 2. Heyward RF, 3. Gonzalez SS, 4. Glaus 1B, 5. McCann c, 6. Diaz LF, 7. Conrad 3B, 8. Cabrera CF, 9. Lowe

  17. 24, 25- That’s probably the one thing that places batting Glaus cleanup in perspective; yes, it’s stupid, but not lethally stupid.

  18. I’ve lived in Finland. It’s an institution there, I’ve been to the sauna countless times myself, with temps usually around 160 degrees. 230 ain’t that unusual, with some training people can bear it. But not for long, and the constant pouring of water, which increases humidity and the burning sensation, is what kills. That’s sad, saunas are a great place to relax and a social institution, they’re not a place to die in.

  19. Boog Sciambi is calling a Little League game on ESPN right now in the exact same manner that he calls major-league games. What a guy. I sure do miss him.

  20. IF and that’s an IF we can win this division, with this lineup, where you would you rank this managerial job that Bobby has done. It has to be WAY up there, all time.

  21. Rob,
    I got an email blast from mlb.com the other day & it was charging $31, I think, for the rest of the regular season.

  22. 29, Right up there with the job Frank Wren has done bringing in the best bench in baseball.

  23. Can I say how thankful I am that there is still at least one place on the internet where politics doesn’t come up? Every other site I visit, from Facebook to Gretschpages.com has become a stupid shoutfest.

    Thanks mac.

  24. @33 I totally agree Spike. This is a nice refuge from having to argue or listen to arguments about politics constantly. Which are important, but you can only take so much. I think it’s also great that we are all kind of bonded together here in a mutual interest despite the fact that our politics are probably wildly different. It makes me appreciate our collective humanity. It’s an unqualified good.

    Unlike Sarah Palin, who is obviously the devil.


  25. When Prado gets back, this should be the lineup:

    2B Infante
    3B Prado
    RF Heyward/LF Diaz
    C McCann
    1B Hinske/Glaus
    SS New Guy I
    LF Melky/RF Heyward
    CF New Guy II/Melky

  26. @35 I’m worried about Heyward. Is it going to help his slump to have him batting three most of the time?

  27. That said I’m not sure we have any better options. Heyward might just have to do the best he can there.

  28. Heyward is an awesome talent and looks to be the future of the 3-hole in Atlanta. With that said, people arguing to insert him there *now* are paying more attention to hype and potential than actual performance.

  29. And I’m worried he’s going to start pressing and it’s going to screw him up more. The guy was just recently able to drink legally after soul-crushing loses. If he’s batting three we could lose him to Mac’s scotch.

  30. You know, I realize that Ted Lilly has actually had a very decent major league career, and was maybe the best free agent acquisition of Jim Hendry’s career — but I just can’t take him seriously. He has such a ridiculous last name. It’s like the old Tim Meadows character Percy Kittens.

  31. Agreed. There’s no obvious solution to the 3-hole. Chipper was the only true third we have, and now we don’t have him. I’m no less non-plussed to see Alex Gonzalez in that spot than anyone, but really it’s either that, Brooks Conrad, or slide Troy Glaus and Mac up from their standard slots.

  32. slide Troy Glaus and Mac up from their standard slots.

    This would be my choice. Either that, or going Infante-Heyward-Prado as 1-2-3.

  33. Not only is AAG batting third, but Glaus is batting 4th?! Dear God, Bobby.

    Can we at LEAST give Conrad a shot at 3rd in the lineup? I’d be just as comfortable with him there as Gonzalez. Or even Diaz against a lefty. Either way, Diaz should be hitting at least 4th against a lefty over Glaus.

  34. It’s not like there are any good choices, but maximizing the distance between Infante and McCann, the two players most likely to do something, seems like a very bad idea.

  35. @52 Ah yes. The famed work entitled “Dooooooomed” by the renowned artist Pablo Ohfuck

  36. Everyone should refuse to score on principle until Lowe is out of the game. In protest of his knowing-how-to-winness.

  37. Bethany–I do not know where you are but I had an ok experience with the Rome Chrysler dealer a few years ago.

    Thanks to the Rome Braves folks who showed my kid a good time today their clinic–especially Hefflinger, Weaver, and Bobby Moore.

  38. freeman 2-3 already tonight and his average is up to .312. barbaro’s sits at a cool .330. meanwhile, troy cant walk, squat, or hit.

  39. Off-topic. It’s kind of f-ed up that Chris Chambliss has never been given a chance to manage. Won minor league manager of the year after his first year managing anywhere. Hitting coach for four world series championship teams. From everything I’ve heard a well-respected, smart player. Racism seems the obvious explanation, but it makes me wonder if he has some weird secret that creeps out potential employers. Collects doll heads? Refuses to bath except on days that are prime numbers? Once punched Joe DiMaggio?

  40. With how little Glaus is moving at all it’s hard to see how Canizares could possibly be any worse defensively – in the case that it simply has to be a right-hander or someone else but Free Freddie Freeman.

  41. @88 THose were strikes that he fouled off. He did swing at a ball on the one he grounded out. That was like an eight-pitch at-bat?

  42. If Torgo hadn’t K’d, he would have hit into a double play.

    And you can’t really blame the lineup selection – nobody wanted AAG to hit third and he was one of the runners we wasted.

  43. He knew that he had to give up singles to the two weakest hitters and face the heart of the lineup if we’re going to have any chance of winning.

  44. From MLB trade rumors…

    The Cardinals and Braves are both searching for third base help. The Cardinals plan to give Allen Craig some time there and the Braves have been content with in-house options so far, but Rosenthal suggests Brandon Inge is a player who could be a fit for both teams. If Inge is placed on waivers, another contender may put in a claim to block the Braves and Cards from having a shot at him.

  45. @118 I believe it will be like this every night from now on. Really time to call up Freeman to at least platoon with Troy.

  46. Hard to get enthused about that stolen base, since it only allows Infante to be stranded in scoring position.

  47. Infante and Glaus have to just go stand in the dugout. It’s the only way McCann drives in a run.

  48. Bobby really wants this one – pitching Venters down a run in the 7th and pinch hitting Ross before September…

  49. Good news, everyone! Farnsworth mowed them down. Now all we need is to score another run… OK, so we’re still screwed.

  50. So good news for me. I’m in Cleveland right now, and my parents just scored some free tickets for the game vs. Seattle tomorrow. So I’ll get to see Felix Hernandez! Any tips for downtown Cleveland?

  51. Buyer Beware: Use caution booking hotels through Travelodge.com. ” rel=”nofollow”>filed a phantom reservation. Both hotels charged my credit card. I’ve been fighting for my money back for almost five weeks now.

  52. That one’s on me guys. I waited too long to pick a sumerian god and the one goat I had ran away. I should have just gone with Ninurta and let the knife fall.

  53. It really sucks that for the second straight year we’re going to waste a great pitching staff.

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