Furcal says no to Braves, returns to Dodgers | ajc.com

This would never have happened to John Schuerholz. Frank Wren is not John Schuerholz, and right now he’s been humiliated. I honestly don’t see how he doesn’t wind up a laughingstock, and he basically has to do something dramatic and fantastic or he will be unable to function effectively as general manager. Maybe I’m overreacting, but I don’t think so. I think that Wren has always been perceived as weak, overshadowed by the manager he inherited and the former general manager who is still over him in the team’s organization chart, subject to distant owners with whom he has no direct contact. He is probably right to be upset; from all appearances, the Furcal camp violated normal operating practices. If a team backed out on a player like this, there would probably be a union grievance, and they would likely win. At the same time, Wren still appears weak, and complaining about it does not help this perception.

My April Fool’s joke this year was about Schuerholz firing Wren and taking over the job again. To be honest, I think there’s a reasonable chance — say, one in five — that this actually happens sometime in the next 15 months. I think that there is a nearly even chance that Wren is replaced by somebody within that time frame.