Channelling Alex here…


That is all.

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  1. I just got home and wasn’t watching. Mac, as I said we were destined to lose this series too so TYPICAL Bobby gets it going by bringing in COLON-CANCER.

  2. I kind of agree, but who else is he gonna bring in at this point: Kolb? Grybo? This is a team in real trouble.

  3. Gee, it’s totally shocking Jordan did not come through there. How on earth can we not have a lefty bat on the bench to hit for him there? JS has seriously let Bobby down this year.

  4. nyb, Bobby has *just* sent in Kelly Johnson to pinch-run for Julio. And Orr had already pinch-hit. The roster wasn’t the problem here.

  5. Bringing Kolb in is fine. We’re not going to score two runs off Street, so we might as well save our decent pitchers.

  6. It’s true that those guys do bat lefty and do own bats so I guess they qualify under the letter of my post. I was actually talking about a hitter. Someone you would want up in that situation. We don’t have any of those.

  7. If you think Kelly Johnson can’t hit based on his first 30 major-league at-bats, I’m really glad you’re not in charge.

  8. Furcal walks and then Marcus swings at the first pitch. It’s no wonder we lose every game. Stupidity.

  9. You know whose fault it is.

    You know it. If he hits four homers tonight instead of the lousy two singles and HBP, we win that game.

    I’m coming around to Andy’s way of thinking…

  10. bringing in colon, pinch hitting franco for langerhans (even though he got a hit) takes away any home run possibility to tie the game(i know langerhans is a lefty), and bringing in kolb. i dont mean to be hatin’, but is bobby pullin’ a pete and betting against us. i think bobby is an incredible manager, but he is being incredibly stubborn right now with his decision making.

  11. Braves announcers (like Don) used to say that the trick with struggling pitchers (and young pitchers) was to put them in a position to succeed and then take them out before things got out of hand. If I’m not mistakened, the last two times Colon has been put into games he has gotten out of someone else’s mess only to get trashed the next inning. I understand the idea of putting a guy in to work out problems (though like others here I wonder why it has to be done in a tie/close game). And I know that’s supposed to be one great thing about playing for Cox. But why not take Colon out after the he successfully got out of Davies’ mess. That way he might have a bit of confidence going into the next game. Now he not only loses that, but also the game. Ugggghhhh!!!

  12. Are we sure LaRoche can’t pitch? I’m just asking.

    Oh, and if you were listening closely, you would’ve heard Andruw yelling at McCann to run when Marte made contact. I didn’t hear it myself, but I know it happened.

  13. The funny thing is, the way KolBB pitched tonight, he should have been brought in instead of Colon. I never thought I’d write that, but hindsight is 20/20.

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