Wow, another channel I won’t get

24/7 Braves coming to cable TV

A digital channel, likely to be available to Comcast subscribers in Atlanta as early as tonight. It won’t show live games, but “interviews, news, behind-the-scenes features, game highlights and rebroadcasts of classic games”.

4 thoughts on “Wow, another channel I won’t get”

  1. I would be very interested in this IF IF IF IF….

    they replay “classic games” unabridged and unedited! None of this compression by cutting out the “boring” innings where “nothing happens.”

    You’d think with a 24/7 channel, they would run unedited games. But you never know.

    A real winner would be for them to offer up requests for games, where viewers could call in and make requests. I have a whole list of games I’d love to watch again.

  2. That’s cool. If it is HD I wonder if it will be the same channel as the home HDTV broadcasts are now (755 in Atlanta).

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