45 thoughts on “I’m sure in a couple of years the new place will smell just like Shea game thread: Sept. 14, Braves at Metrosexuals”

  1. Anderson CF
    Prado 2B
    Jones, C 3B
    McCann C
    Infante LF
    Francoeur RF
    Kotchman 1B
    Lillibridge SS
    Campillo P

    No Kelly.

  2. Ugh. Joe Simpson saying that Lillibrige will never hit 15 homeruns in the majors, like Lillibridge says he can/will, if he doesn’t cut down on his strikeouts.

    I don’t know how many homeruns the top five lowest NL strikeout guys have, but instantly I want to say say “Adam Dunn and Ryan Howard.” They hit homeruns and strike out 150+ times per year.

  3. Lillibridge isn’t the kind of guy who can afford to strike out that often, though. He doesn’t have the Second or Third True Outcome. He can strike out, alright, but he hasn’t seemed to walk or hit homers since he left High-A.

  4. Lillibridge won’t hit 15 home runs until he can make contact with breaking pitches.

    He’s hurt his trade value this year.

  5. Hopefully, Chipper has turned it back around. Pujols has outhit him significantly since Chipper peaked at .420 in June.

  6. It’s just simply whoever is going to be hottest at the end of the year. We all knew that Chipper was going to fall off significantly after hitting .400 for most of the year and he did. Pujols is a consistent hitter and that’s how he got into this race.

  7. #22, maybe, but you can’t argue with his numbers against Perez or Prado’s performance in the game.

    Moving Prado to short would give us a pretty bad middle infield defence.

  8. Holy cow, did I just see Yahoo right that they’re pinch hitting Corky in place of Francour?!?!? Wow… THAT has to kick Frenchy’s ego right in the nads.

  9. Nah, Francoeur left the game in a switch earlier, when Blanco ran for McCann.

    If Escobar is unavailable I assume Infante will move to short and B-Jones will play left.

  10. Mac, my theory is that Bobby is telling Frenchy to get his act together or HE will ship him out of town. If it was Sammons it would’ve been conceivable that it was just giving the young guy a chance, this makes it clear to Frenchy.

  11. Escobar was used earlier in the game, so it has to be Infante to short.

    Unless we plan to go with the aforementioned middle infield of doom.

  12. Nice way for Chipper to leave Shea. The only way better would have been for him to be the one to hit the three run dinger.

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