You know who sucks? Everybody in the Braves’ lineup, that’s who. Francoeur still sucks, but he hit a solo homer in the eighth inning. This not only was all the runs, it was half the hits the Braves had on the night, as once again the Dodgers flirted with a perfect game — no baserunners through six innings, until Blanco singled leading off the seventh. This is embarrassing.

The Dodgers starter was Derek Lowe, who either dominates the Braves or gets knocked out of the box. Obviously, it was the former last night. Tim Hudson matched him for the first four innings, but the Dodgers got a double in the fifth. With two out in the sixth, he gave up a solo homer. In the seventh, he ealked a man to face Andruw, who singled up the middle to make it 2-0.

The Braves’ only “rally” was after Blanco’s leadoff single in the seventh, when he made it to third with one out. But Chipper — who is officially in a slump for the first time this year — grounded out to the pitcher. Teixeira almost flipped the game, but his drive was caught on the warning track.