ESPN – Astros vs. Braves – Box Score – July 05, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Atlanta Braves present… A tribute to Jeff Francoeur! 4-31 at the plate, no walks, bad throws from the outfield, and some hard hit balls to make you think, “Gosh, we’re almost there!” Sounds like Francoeur to me.

Reyes didn’t have it tonight, though the aforementioned bad throws from the outfield (allowing runners to advance and letting Carlos Lee score from second even though he’s probably the slowest outfielder in the majors and should have been out by 15 feet) did not help. Anyway, he gave up two runs in each of the first two innings, and only went 4 1/3 and had some Davies Disease, the inability to finish batters off. Still, he probably should have only given up two runs.

That would have been enough anyway. The Braves’ one run came on a solo homer from McCann in the fifth. They had three singles, one each by Blanco, Escobar, and Teixeira. All of this against an emergency starter who came in with 5.08 ERA, and three pretty good relievers. Just awful. Bennett came in (after good relief work from Atrosta and Carlyle) to give up two runs to make it definite. I have no more words for this monstrosity.