89 thoughts on “Ultimate Weapon game thread: Reds at Braves, May 2”

  1. Dave Duncan has a pretty good track record in reclamation projects off of injury (unless I’m misremembering again), but I’m not sure about how good he is at troubleshooting. For some reason he can’t seem to help out Anthony Reyes (at least, not so far). I’m just taking a wild guess that McDowell might not be the guy to help him come around. But, who knows? Sounds like they’re asking a lot for him to boot.

  2. Jeremy, you’re not gonna believe this, but baseballreference.com does. You gotta go to the pitcher’s splits, and then there it is.

    Wow. Can’t believe I missed that. Thanks a bunch, AAR.

  3. Not to jinx the Bravos, but you could do a lot worse than Sussido. You haven’t even gotten to Phil’s fake jeans commercial in “I Can’t Dance” or the creepy Regan puppets in “Land Of Confusion.” The Giant Phil Collins fly in “Don’t Loose My Number.”

    Or worse yet. The Phil Collins clones in “You Can’t Hurry Life.”

  4. I think he’s also on record as saying he can’t sing, song write, drum, or grow hair; he just didn’t intend to go on record as to those.

  5. Actually Phil says the only the he does well is walk and sell everything.

    He officially can’t:
    1) Dance
    2) Talk
    3) Sing

  6. Elvis Costello on Conan O’Brien:

    “I write about 15 new songs a day. Record the good ones, sell the good ones, give the rest to Phil Collins.”

  7. AAR, from the last thread…

    I like Reyes too (He’s a USC guy, what’s not to like?) and think he could be useful with some help. However our inability to help our own guys take a step forward (James, Davies, etc..) makes me think it’s not worth the trouble.

    And of course I’m afraid to have Frank Wren make a trade with anybody for anything.

  8. It happened under Wren’s brief time, but you cant prove that JS made that deal so he cant be given credit for it

  9. needs to wash her feet. Other than that though, pretty hot. Apparently Phil Collins can reproduce. My guess is that the Collins genes are going to make it into at least one more generation.

  10. I seem to remember when Sussido was unleashed last year during a particular dismal spell.

    If we lose to the Reds, we deserve “Invisible Touch.” I’m saying this as an Ohioian. Ohioite. Whatever.

  11. Actually, I recall that Wren inherited the structure of the deal that JS had begun before he left his post… which is to say, JS definitely had something to do with that deal. Also, when we consider all the other trades Wren made, the Renteria deal sticks out in its (1) ambition and (2) competency.

  12. Imagine your predecessor in a job had been discussing and negotiating a particular action for several months. You then step in and, having been in the job for a few days, finalize the aforementioned action with no substantive changes. Would you claim that deal as your own? I wouldn’t.

    Besides, we all know Frank would have called them back to offer Lillibridge as a throw-in.

  13. I wonder what that guy said to Marvin Harrison to make him so angry.

    Once when I was about 14, my mom took me to this record shop (OK, it was a head shop, too—after all, this was 1978 or so). We were both looking at records, when an argument broke out in the head-shop part of the store.

    The owner—this really uptight older guy from New York, who ran the place with his son— began cussing out this customer & the customer (an Army GI from nearby Ft. Benning) stormed out of the shop. My mom & I looked at each other like, “OK, that was uncomfortable…”

    But then, the old man reaches under the counter, grabs a pistol and chases after the guy!

    Ye-oww! He runs out the front of the store and we hear: Blam! Blam!

    By now, my mom & I are cowering by the Country & Western section, protected by a bin of Tom T. Hall records.

    The old man comes back into the shop, gun still in hand, trembling. His son asks, “Dad, are you OK?” (Huh?)

    We’re terrified. For all we know, we’re looking at a murderer. We don’t know what to do. Immediately, the cops show up.

    Apparently, the old man shot into the air “just to scare the bastard.”

    We gave a statement to the police. The customer was nowhere to be found, so the old man was cited with “discharging a weapon” or something that only required he pay a fine. He was back to selling records & bongs the next day.

    Still, I never stopped shopping there. Hey, the LPs were only $3.99, best price in town.

  14. I think that the lesson of Phil Collins’ daughter is that no matter how lame a rock star is, he can still find hot models and actresses willing to sleep with him. It’s something we should all keep in mind.

    I’d take mediocrity, csg. It’s the high price of bad that worries me.

  15. I thought Land of Consfusion would be the perfect response to getting SWEPT BY THE NATS (though two-game series sweeps shouldn’t count as Sweeps proper).

  16. Did Prince ever suss…sue Phil Collins for Susssuussudio sounding exactly like 1999?

  17. The Brewers just cut Turnbow… He can’t be worse than Resop no???.. At least he was good

  18. Turnbow would certainly help the team in their quest to break the record for ‘most runs walked in for a season’.

    Other than that, no. He’s caught a case of whatever Mark Wohlers came down with in 1998.

  19. Reds:
    Patterson cf
    Keppinger ss
    Griffey rf
    Phillips 2b
    Dunn lf
    Encarnacion 3b
    Hatteberg 1b
    Bako c
    Volquez p

    Johnson 2b
    Escobar ss
    Jones 3b
    Teixeira 1b
    McCann c
    Francoeur rf
    Kotsay cf
    Blanco lf
    Hudson p

  20. From the earlier thread:

    Smitty, Tim could get kicked off the Gators, and we would still beat your Vols with either Cam Newton or John Brantley. Both are better than the trash you guys are calling Erik Ainge’s successor.

    With that said, I think Tebow is probably the last person you would expect to get kicked off the team. Dying saving the world from harm could be something that would get him off the team, but if it can’t kill Superman, it can’t get Tebow either.

  21. I was watching the Cincinnati pre-game show (satellite won’t pick up peachtree) and they interviewed Griffey. Apparently he is psychotic superstitious. Things that he has done:
    1. Showered in full uniform after a game
    2. Traded in several cars after going hitless in a game
    3. If someone touches his glove or bat, he throws it away and has a back-up ready.

    I think he should’ve focused more on conditioning and not getting injured rather than making sure nobody touches his bat.

  22. wow… Hudson’s looking good. Is there a slight breeze going from left to right?

    also, is there any particular reason why Kotsay and Blanco swapped in the OF? I haven’t watched many games; just got my new MLB package today.

  23. I still like Blanco. At least he makes the pitcher work to strike him out.

  24. I swear that’s like the third or fourth time in the last couple of years that the other team got their first hit from the pitcher in the third inning.

  25. I smell full time gig coming for Blanco with Kotsay & Diaz platooning in left.

  26. No way that they could have just kept Blanco and platooned Brandon Jones & Diaz and kept Devine. No way that could have worked.

  27. B-mac now 4-for-31 with RISP.

    I had a feeling. A .270 hitter should not hit .100 just because a runner is standing on 2nd.

  28. At least we got some runs. We better get some more, because we know we are not going to hit “close and late.”

  29. Wow – Hudson!

    10 pitches and strikes out the side.

    That is some no-nonsense dealing.

  30. Mac, is there anyway to look up what a hitter does against league average pitching vs. below league average pitching ?? I would love to see Frenchy’s stats lifetime against “good” pitching. I would be fascinated to see those stats.

  31. I’d be interested in a list that would show today’s hitters that feast on bad pitching and those that hit quality pitching. I’d be willing to bet Chipper is near the top of hitting quality pitching and Frenchy would be near the bottom and towards the top of those that feast upon the weaklings.

  32. Would anybody like to bet that Smoltzie had a little talk with Hudson and told him that his ass better step it up as the ace while he’s out ?

  33. 1st game in May – great way to get it going. Offense still subpar, but perfect time for huddy to pick up the team…lets get something going here

  34. great win. good to get a win even when the opposing pitcher was dealing.

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