ESPN – Nationals vs. Braves – Box Score – July 19, 2008

Just going through the motions… Jair Jurrjens wasn’t very sharp, and he wasn’t helped much by the defense when he gave up three runs in the third — Prado had a Prado, and Jeffy Francoeur played the outfield like the seven-year-old he basically is. Meanwhile, the Braves couldn’t get anything going on offense against newly minted Braves Killer John Lannan (proposed nickname: The Wolris) until the fifth.

The Braves had one real chance to get into it. Chipper singled home Jurrjens with two out in the fifth. Teixeira walked to load the bases. But McCann, who otherwise had a fine night, again, lined out hard to end the threat. Bobby let Jurrjens hit for himself with two out and a runner on in the sixth, and it came back to bite him; Jurrjens allowed two runs in the seventh to put the game away.

Norton hit a useless homer in the ninth for the Braves’ other run. Jeffy, who sucks, had one hit but otherwise was himself in the field and at the plate. Blanco, who had three hits in his first four AB, nonetheless did not score, largely because Prado was useless in the two spot and yet Bobby keeps benching KJ against lefthanders.