The Braves are not game thread: Sept. 4, Nats at Braves

SEC Football predictions, Week Two. Home teams in bold just because. Also, they’re all listed first this week because I think they’re all going to win. What’s a Norfolk State?

Alabama 37, Tulane 6
Vanderbilt 20, South Carolina 19
Georgia 41, Central Michigan 16
Auburn 21, USM 13
Kentucky 35, Norfolk St. (Who?!?!?) 12
Wake Forest 28, Ole Miss 24
Mississippi State 14, SE Louisiana 10
Arkansas 20, ULM 17
Florida 60, Miami 13
Idle 20, Tennessee 17

30 thoughts on “The Braves are not game thread: Sept. 4, Nats at Braves”

  1. Dumb b-ref question: on pitcher gamelogs (like this one), what do “StC,” “StS,” and “StL” mean?

    I’m guessing one of them is Strikes Swinging, one is Strikes Looking; haven’t figured out the first one.

  2. Norfolk State takes me back to my sailor days when we’d listen to the NSU cheerleaders proclaim:

    “We’re the girls from NSU. We don’t smoke and we don’t chew.
    Norfolk! Norfolk!”

  3. Yahoo news has it splashed as a headline only 600 people attend Braves-Marlins game. All I can say is God Bless those hearty souls. The ACC is an embarassment again this year, but look for Miami to rebound in the next couple of years.

  4. James Parr is starting tonight, which means (for better or worse) I’ll be compelled to actually pay attention to the game.

  5. I remember that for a couple of years back around the turn of the century, I was in an online fantasy competition with a team named “Norfolk and Chance.” Say it out loud to figure out why.

  6. Simpson and Sciambi keep promoting their new e-mail address ( for questions and comments.

    So I will take the newfound opportunity to ask Joe Simpson how he can criticize so many players’ hitting when his career hitting numbers are what they are.

  7. What a dog slate of games this week. Not just the SEC but for the whole country. Out here we’ve got Oregon State-Penn State as the headliner, with ASU-Stanford and Washington-BYU as the marginally interesting games. That’s…not much.

  8. The ump just called ball 4 a strike and prevented Gregor from drawing a bases-loaded walk, but at least he brought one of the guys home, instead of hitting into a double play, popping up or striking out, which is what we do all too often.

  9. For today at least, Mr. Parr can climb the highest mountain and cross the widest sea.

    Now, will the bullpen screw it up, and if so, how?

  10. Mac –
    You stole my St. Elmo’s Fire joke. It was the last one in my arsenal for this depressing season.

    Still…he’s no Billy Hixx and the New Breed.

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