ESPN – Braves vs. Marlins – Box Score – September 03, 2008

So, what can we do to pile on the awfulness? I know, Escobar, who has been coming on lately, could reinjure his shoulder! There, that will make things worse. It’s hard to do much more than have key young players get hurt.

The game? Typical. Braves fell behind 1-0, rallied to take a 3-1 lead, then immediately gave up two runs to tie it. Then Bobby — who apparently actively hates draft picks now — tried to get a second inning out of Ohman after he finally had a good one, only to see him let the leadoff man on base. In came Pointless Nunez, who allowed the Grybo and a run of his own to hang Ohman with the loss.

Anderson was 0-5 and his savior status is slipping. KJ was 2-3 with a walk, one of his hits a two-run triple, which was followed by an RBI double by Jeffy. Weird.

Bad team. Very bad team. Only a few hundred people showed up to watch this game. Whoever said South Floridians had bad taste?