320 thoughts on “Game That Counts Thread: Braves at Gnats, Mar. 30”

  1. I am excited. Looking forward to seeing 6 strong innings by Hudson, some nice relief by Ohman, Moylan and a save by Soriano.

  2. Hey everyone,

    I am shortly headed to the new Nats stadium, Braves hat in hand, and looking forward to opening the season with a win.

    Mac, I will try to email you pics from the game from my phone.

    I assume, AAR and Marc and other local Braves fans are going?

  3. As someone who lives “out of market”, its going to be nice to watch the game tonite. Can anyone recommend a good way to catch all the games this year? (cable package, web, dish, etc) I’m not home alot, so I’m leaning towards a web package.

  4. Second Spitter, I have been subscribing for MLB.tv for since they have started the service three or four years ago. Living overseas and can really recommend it, the quality is finally pretty good this year.

  5. Hey y’all. Who’s excited about Braves baseball starting against the Natspos?

    I m looking forward to seeing a nice new stadium and getting a little “tour” of Nationals stadium.

    I’m doing a live thread tonight if anyone wants to join in and post as the game progresses.


    Second Splitter,
    MLB TV is a good way to go but also XM/Sirius is a good bet if you’re like me and like listening to games on the ol’ radio. Good luck!

  6. sitting in a car from daytona to Columbia sc- the only thing not making we to kill all these awful Yankee drivers on I-95 is the thought of watching the braves. Go Huddy!

  7. Another option for those who want to hear Braves games but can’t get a local radio station to carry the broadcast and do not subscribe to satellite radio:

    MLB.com offers every game, all season plus playoffs, for every team at a cost of $15 for the year. All games are available on archives, too.

    It’s a steal for those of us in the minority described above.

  8. Haha Dix. By the way, folks, John Kruk has also picked us to win the East. What is going on here?

  9. I think his actual words were “I’d wager my left testicle on the Braves winning the East this year”

  10. Hey Mac, I noticed you have Roger McDowell as one of the coaches on your All-Hate Braves team. What is your opinion of him nowadays? Has it changed at all?

  11. Eric Young picked the Braves to win the World Series on Baseball Tonight.

    …so mark your calendars.

  12. So, would a Braves Journal chat room just get spammed by idiots?

    Perhaps one could be set up with a password to be emailed to regular posters.

    Could be cool for during game chats

  13. Dix,
    That’s not a bad idea but most spam posts get blocked on these sites.

    Anyone else hear rumors about new visiting unis? or is this a fish tale?


  14. Dix, it’s under “400 Not Greatest Atlanta Braves” in the Categories menu in the right frame.

  15. Hey-
    Do you guys know if I can watch tonight’s game on the MLBtv website- or is it blacked out b/c of ESPN?

  16. For MLBTv…the game is blacked-out because it is a nationally televised game. Sucks for me…I don’t have cable.

  17. OK kids….which would you choose? A braves championship this season, or banging Angelina Jolie?

  18. Just to pre-empt the inevitable… this is a politics-free zone, therefore it is a Bush-free zone. I will allow mockery if he looks particularly absurd throwing out the first pitch, or praise if his form is especially good, but that is the limit.

  19. Mike, I have a ton of Braves on my fantasy team

    and I even have Edgar at short

    Just got lucky in the draft but my outfield isn’t very impressive.

  20. I didnt really mean spam in the chat room, I meant more like, would a bunch of immature Mets fans or children come in and ruin the room. That’s why I was thinking a password for members who have “earned” it by proving they’re actually Braves fans.

  21. Why is ‘gold’ listed as one of our official colors? (Wikipedia can’t be wrong, right?)

  22. They’re new road alternative jerseys and caps. The Braves will only wear them a handful of times throughtout the season, like with their home alternative uniforms (the tomato red ones) that they only wear for Sunday home games.

  23. Love the blue jerseys. The blue-on-blue numbering on the back seals the win for me. Get rid of the red and wear these on Sundays.

  24. 59–spot on–Miller and Morgan are AWFUL–Miller just bloviated something about Francoeur emerging as a power hitter even though his power was off last year

    time to mute the tube and find the game on the radio–even Chip Caray isn’t as bad as these fools

  25. Would any of you ATL based guys be up for a meetup, say for a Sunday away game? Maybe East Atlanta or somewhere?

  26. How old does Chip have to be before his voice stops cracking?

    .. Guzman singles.

    If we lose this game.. dang it.

  27. Hudson on a wild throw to first, Guzman to third.

    and a strikeout to Milledge helps; 1 out, man on 3rd.

  28. i really cannot handle this commentating. they dont even call the game. its just like 2 uncles you hate rambling on about god knows what.

    i think tomorrow is when i buy mlb.tv.

    does anyone here have xm? is there any sort of delay so watching the game on tv and listening to the local radio broadcast would be annoying?

  29. I like how they called Bill James their buddy. Joe Morgan doesn’t buy a thing that James says

  30. 81- I don’t know about XM, but with MLB.com gameday audio, it was delayed about one pitch compared to watching on TV. So, unfortunately, Miller and Morgan had to come back on, and I’m about two innings away from scraping my ear drums out.

  31. That DiMaggio quote should have a semicolon, not a comma. Well done, Nationals marketing team.

  32. That’s the yin and yang about watching in a bar – no audio, the drinks are tasty (Storm King Stout – 9% alc) but you miss a bit of continuity

  33. I was so looking forward to this game, and now it feels like the sort of game I’ll be turning off in about the fourth inning.

  34. Well, at least McCann hammered it. Ha, only 1.5 innings into the year and I’m already getting the Braves Blues.

    I need to find a good baseball bar here.

  35. How quickly the excitement dissipates. Wait till the 2run HR Frenchy hits to tie the game.

  36. I tried to get into the field for some $5 seats, but they ran out somewhere around 30 people in front of us. So right now I’m at my place, listening on WGST through mlb.com, watching on ESPN (muted, thank God), drinking some beer and eating Five Guys hot dogs.

    So life could be worse, but right now, my team needs to suck less.

  37. ummm…haven’t been there in a few years, but my gut feeling is good luck, old son.

  38. AAR – 5 Guys just came to Atlanta – like the burgers, but haven’t tried the hot dogs. Good?

  39. The hot dogs up here are terrific, Spike — hope they taste as good down there!

    Damn it, Kelly… why is it that when we throw a pickoff, we throw it away, and when they do, they pick off our leadoff hitter?

    We’ve got two hits, one erased trying to stretch a single to a double, and the other erased trying to steal second. Can’t anybody here play this game?

  40. Counting Huson’s error, Francoeur’s terrible throws, and McCann’s and KJ’s run-ins with Christian Guzman, we’re something like -7 on baserunning differential tonight. Good to see that crispness on Opening Night.

  41. Can we also talk about Bush’s commentating as it compares (favorably) to Joe Morgan’s?

  42. “Really nice guy. Got hit in the mouth in spring training” — George W Bush

  43. Andruw would have gotten that!

    By the way, duplicate posting detection won’t let me say “Andruw would have gotten that” again….

    Its going to ruin my joke

  44. Jeff is slugging .500 on 2 weak grounders to 3rd. Just imagine the kind of year he’s gonna have once he starts hitting it to the OF.

  45. I’m not sure why I found W talking about Frenchy getting hit it the mouth amusing, but I did.

  46. Also, the thought of Joe Morgan being the GM of a team, as W mentioned, would probably drive the fine folks at FJM crazy.

  47. Let’s just say that I commented on Bush’s stint in the booth at Thomason Tracts and leave it at that.

    Andruw would have gotten that sooner.

  48. “Also, the thought of Joe Morgan being the GM of a team, as W mentioned, would probably drive the fine folks at FJM crazy.”

    Especially if Joe Morgan’s team finished above Billy Beane’s Oakland A’s.

  49. hey joe, it’s dmitri young not delmon young (not sure I spelled their names correctly)

  50. They aren’t used to the new field……………………………………………………………………………………..

  51. So, when do we say “Andruw would have swung at that”?

    When Kotsay bats, or when Francoeur bats after Teix (because thats there Andruw would be batting in the order if we still had him)

  52. I hope their new infield actually might be able to take some rain, unlike the great RFK. Mac, I was also looking for his most notable big league accomplishment to be “marrying his wife, Jamie.”

  53. A baseball player should not be applauded for having a hot wife. Its like applauding him for batting .250

  54. Dix, my point was not that he gets credit for having a hot wife, it was that he sucks, and that was his most notable big league accomplishment was getting married.

  55. Mac, sometime down the line, I would be intrigued to see the results of a “stronger arm” poll featuring Esco vs Furcal.

  56. My point isn’t that they’re equally good accomplishments in the grand scheme of the universe. Just that, you expect a baseball player to have a hotter than average wife, just like you expect him to bat over .250

  57. no, some individuals would argue that hitting below Mendoza line in MLB is still an accomplishment. The other, maybe not.

  58. Well, I think only the person hitting where Andruw would have hit should get the AWHSAT treatment.

  59. Just making it to the majors is an accomplishment yes…but so is getting laid if you’re just an average guy. You’re not judged by the general accomplishment though.

    The ballplayer is judged by the quality of his play once he makes it. The average guy, judged by the quality of the girl he makes it with.

  60. Come on boys…let’s get this show on the road.

    Hudson got some bad breaks in the first…no pun intended. Two broken bat SINGLES. Fatboy Nick Johnson taking second was just sad. But Huddy has settled down and has looked great.

    Offense needs to get it going dammit.

  61. Anyone taken a peek at Guzman’s stats? Before last year he had opb less than .300 but last year he had .380. I couldn’t believe the Nats were batting him leadoff but I guess last year is the reason. Talk about a career year.

  62. I honestly forgot how much I disliked these announcers, but they have quickly reminded me.

  63. I wish our offense weren’t terrible. We have one run against Odalis Perez and the Nationals through 7 innings. At least Huddy’s been terrific.

  64. I don’t want to have to read a depressing write up tomorrow when I get to work. Score some runs dammit!

  65. Offense isn’t terrible. Quit bitchin Stu. It’s only the first 7 innings of the 08 season.

  66. The offense has been terrible tonight. That’s all I meant.

    Thanks for the productive input, Tiger.

  67. Since Diaz doesn’t have a hit tonight, do you think Bobby has already decided to start platooning him? Hudson has pitched way too good to take a loss on this, but I agree with Mac — asking Kotsay to actually get something started might be too much.

  68. No conflict. Just several frustrated fans that have been waiting for Opening Day and find themselves down a run with 6 outs to play with.

  69. Bobby should institute a Willie Mays Hayes style punishment for everytime Kotsay hits something in the air.

    And Corky Miller made the roster? wtf.

  70. Amazing, so frustrating to watch the Braves’ offense sometimes. Seems like they are trying to lose a game they can’t possibly lose…Odalis Perez?! Ray King?!

  71. Lo Duca already threw back to the pitcher by the time KJ swung.. that shouldnt be a strike

  72. “All of a sudden, Ray King is having trouble throwing strikes.”

    And, in other news… “All of a sudden, water is wet.”

  73. I have missed the bitterness of this board :)

    Thank God baseball is back, even if the Braves lose a million.

  74. I’m starting to get bitter and these repeated Jose Reyes commercials are not helping.

  75. I sort of hate Yunel’s bat-flip. Anybody else feeling that?

    Chad Cordero does not scare me at all, and I’m sure our guys feel the same way. If course, we all probably felt the same way about Odalis. Let’s hold ’em here and see what happens, eh?

  76. If Mark Teixeira did go .222/.311/.413 with 26 homeruns in 154 games, what kind of contract would he get?

  77. Well, at least we ain’t down 9-0 vs the Fish like 2005. Let’s get two outs and then get two runs.

    Let’s go boys.

  78. We have not allowed a besrunner since te first…..surely we can come through in the 9th!!!

  79. Hahahaha, Morgan just got burned by Miller….. and god damnit that was a lucky stab.

  80. This is a move you’d rarely see from Bobby Cox. Someone other than the closer in the game.

  81. did I hear Miller wrong–I thought he said ph Prado pulled the ball foul? now Prado is pr for Tex

  82. Miller probably just misspoke Frank. Joe called Dmitri “Delmon” earlier.

    So who is our backup 1B?

  83. I would like for the Braves to not make a habit of pinch running for Tex, but right there, I doubt he scores on the wild pitch/passed ball. Prado at first is what I think we’ll see

  84. Wow, that was just about the lamest start to a season I have ever had the displeasure of watching.

    I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  85. This has to be MLB’s new home-opening gift for the Natspos…how on earth could we lose like that?

  86. whatever. at least baseball is back and we’re through with this football nonsense and almost through with basketball.

    welcome back Braves!

  87. Hah.

    Well, let’s just chalk this one up as one of the 60 and go beat the snot out of the Pirates.

    Man, how do you pitch 8/9ths of a perfect game and lose?

    Positives: all of our pitchers who threw looked good tonight, and we had a good number of hard hit balls go for outs.

    Negatives: 2 runs and 5 hits against Odalis Perez? Common, guys…

  88. ESPN showed the 24-23 statistic for home team wins when the President throws out the first pitch. With numbers like that, there was nothing the Braves could do.

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