129 thoughts on “Sad game thread: June 17, Braves at Rangers”

  1. Before he took that Mr. Wrestling II knee lift to the head, Church was having a great season.

    Hey, it’s Willie Day!

    Willie Nelson, rocking the mullet, and Willie Randolph, rocking the trans-continental flight.

    From the previous thread…
    The craziest thing about the Mets’ what’s-next world is that there are people in the media who actually believe that Bobby V could make a return to Shea.

    Of course, I’d welcome that because, as a Braves fan, I can say that he’s never let me down.

  2. I’m sure it has already been noted on here, but the performances from Campillo and Jurrjens over the past two days were huge in getting some much-needed rest for our bullpen, hopefully Hudson will continue this trend tonight. Although Bobby did manage to get Ohman in the game last night, when I think Ridgway or Ring could’ve been used.

  3. Mac, could you demand that every bravesjournal reader go vote for McCann at least 25 times each?

  4. Is there anything more enraging than knowing a petulant bitch like Delgado is making 16 million a year and was upset with his manager to the point that he wasn’t hitting? Man, someone needs to sit these players down and remind them they play BASEBALL for a living.

  5. My point being, of course, that managers are overrated. I don’t think having Bobby Cox did all that much for the Braves over the years, I think having a crazy trio of pitchers (and timely hitting, etc) did.

  6. Wally,
    Bobby Cox created an environment for the players to thrive. There have been plenty of other managers with talent who didn’t do that. For that & for winning, Bobby gets & deserves credit.

  7. go check out the MLBTR chat on mlb trade rumors. Just got people posting random thoughts. Here is on that I seriously spilt some Mountain Dew on.

    from 2:21

    [Comment From Daniel Cabrera]
    I would make sense for the Braves. Something like Heyward, Hicks, and Rohrbaugh could get it done

    yeah, dont think so bud

  8. whoever is responding to the post believes that Tex would give us a better group of players via trade than draft picks

  9. Daniel Cabrera? For Pete’s sake, he’s a younger version of Sidney Ponson. Trading for him would be dumb — trading Heyward for him would be certifiably insane.

  10. Is it just me or does Vicente Padilla seem like he should be a lot older than 30?

  11. got to be ridgway…..if it’s stockman, i will find a japanese team to root for.

  12. That’s night, never mind wouldn’t make sense to have four lefties in the bullpen.

  13. I’m with Mac, it seems like Ridgway.

    I like this matchup- Hudson vs. Padilla. Padilla’s 5-8 lifetime against the Braves and pitching worse than his 3.89 ERA suggests (1.45 WHIP, 8 unearned runs in 85.2 IP). Let’s make up some ground tonight!

  14. Other teams have to lose to make up ground – and they haven’t been doing that…

  15. Lineup:

    SS Escobar
    2b Johnson
    DH Chipper
    1b Teixiera
    C McCann
    RF Francoeur
    LF B. Jones
    3b Infante
    CF Blanco

  16. Well, it looks like CSS just isn’t showing Peachtree broadcasts anymore. Tonight, it’s a repeat of the Alabama-Georgia football game, which would be almost as painful as nine innings with the Chipster.

  17. It’s Josh Lewin and Tom Grieve on mlb.tv tonight. I find Lewin’s voice quite grating – but he won’t say the ridiculous things that Chip does so I guess I’ll hang in there.

    Pathetic top 1.

  18. MLB.TV still shows peachtree games but tonight they are showing the Rangers broadcast

  19. I think people have to be outside of the Braves region to see the MLBtv telecast.

  20. I think people have to be outside of the Braves region to see the MLBtv telecast.


  21. If Chip Carey loves Josh Hamilton so much, he’s welcome to go broadcast for the Rangers. Ugh.

  22. Listen to the bright Rangers fans. How dumb do you have to be to boo a guy that left because he got traded?

  23. It would be so rad if we could somehow switch Francouer’s durability rating with Chipper’s.

  24. Chipper gets worn down running the bases, something that Francouer obviously never has to worry about.

  25. Must be nice to watch the game. I’m starting to think drafting Josh Hamilton in the 10th round of my fantasy draft might have been a decent pick. I, as his teammate would find it hard to resist saying “Alright Hamilton” everytime I saw him in my best Jeff Spicoli voice.

  26. Looks like the Braves have a legitimate beef on a missed double play interference call.

  27. Getting sick of the dips— umpiring regarding interference this year … it’s called when it shouldn’t be and it isn’t called when it should.

  28. Hudson isn’t really pitching that badly, he’s just gotten some rotten 2008 luck.

  29. Take out slides on attempted double play turns are ghey. What does it add to the game other than an unecessary injury risk? I’d like to see tons more interference calls made. The baserunner is supposed to be able to touch the bag from wherever he ends up on the slide. Enforcing that would be a great start. Maybe Jeter or TMEPIB will get hurt on one of those someday and we’ll see a change.

  30. There ought to be lines around second base the way they exist around third. If you slide outside the line, you’re out. If you slide outside the line and it impacts a throw to first, automatic double play. Unfortunately tonight this is the least of our problems.

  31. Looks like Hudson is having an Episode. Oddly, this year while his Episodes have been less common than in 2005-06, they’ve tended to be in the third or fourth inning instead of the sixth or seventh.

    Anyway, I’ve had a really hard day today, and I have to get up in the morning, and I can’t watch the game anyway, so morning recap.

  32. Wow, looks like everyone has punted on this game! I guess down 5-nil will do that… Although there is the perfect game of which to be mindful- not like that can’t happen to the Braves. Just not by Vicente Padilla in Texas, you wouldn’t think!

  33. everyone in their line-up hits .270 or better. Is the stadium that hitter friendly? What do they do, run the seats to within 5 feet of the foul lines?

  34. For all those who thought the Braves should have tried to trade for Bedard:

    So I’m working on a post for later about Bedard centering around a few of Bavasi’s comments.

    We asked him about Bedard and his unwillingness to go past 100 pitches…

    “You have to ask him and I know that’s no fun. And he’s going to have a stupid answer for you can count on it. He’s going to have some dumb-ass answer.”

    “He’s either gassed because he’s laboring. He’s protecting himself because he knows even he sticks around and is mediocre he gets another 2 million bucks lopped onto his salary.”

    “Why doesn’t he go longer? It’s a real pointed question. But you need to ask him. And good luck with that.”

  35. The above quotes are from mariners insider…

    …tonight is a perfect example of why you can’t have hope on this team. Just when you start having hope (no matter how small) again, they will perform like sh*t.

  36. How dare Bedard have the sense of mind to protect his arm.

    Isn’t Bavasi the same guy who proudly said he would not read Moneyball, or was that Gillick?

  37. Just joined the game in time to see Frenchy whiff–some things don’t change….

  38. so Ridgway can pitch in close games and blow outs, but Stockman cant pitch in either. Oh Bobby, how we are ready for you to retire

  39. Frenchy will regret not signing the same kind of deal McCann did … the Braves will not have the same kind of regret.

  40. I wish Bobby would use Stockman…trailing by 5 runs you think it might be safe enough….

  41. I am officially tired of Tim Hudson. Some days he almost makes me want to have Chuck James

  42. If our GM OFFERED frenchie the same deal that McCann got, then what does that say about our GM? There is nothing in Frenchie’s record past that magic mini call up that would suggest he will be much above replacement level. How much is being a local kid really worth? That and his throwing arm is Frenchie’s sole positive quality. So we suffer a bad bat for 8 extra assists a year from RF?

  43. That is why we paid and should have paid McCann. Now comes Frenchie, working on a 3 strike-out night.

  44. Not sure why he was swinging at that pitch (if it was where gameday said it was) but at least it wasn’t another k.

  45. I was looking back at Frenchy’s abs and he had a strikeout where he didn’t swing at a pitch?

  46. The offense is working hard toward another one-run loss and the pitching is trying hard to prevent another one run loss…

  47. It was fun to hear the Ranger announcers note that the bottom third of the Braves lineup was smart enough to take some pitches…we couldn’t trade Frenchy even if the Braves were smart enough to try….

  48. The best thng we have going for us in this inning is that Frenchy will not be coming up…

  49. Stephen, how does Brandon look on defense? I assume he must be much better than Diaz but not as good as Blanco/Anderson.

  50. I have yet to see much of him, but from what I have read his defense was consdiered ‘raw’ in the upper minors. The biggest complaint that I recall is that he didn’t always take the best routes to the ball. Additionally, I don’t remember anyone even flirting with the idea that he might play CF or RF either. That said, I don’t think he has been regarded as a defensive liability.

    I think that he is probably somewhat better than Diaz, but nowhere near Blanco/Anderson.

    That is my best guess….

  51. Five runs aren’t enough tonight. Sigh.

    Also, Welcome to the Met Helm, Jerry!
    In his first game as Met manager, Jerry Manuel had a somewhat physical altercation with Jose Reyes.

    Didn’t see it. Heard about it on the radio. Apparently, Reyes hurt his knee during an AB, Manuel tried to get him to leave the game & Reyes somehow physically resisted.

    I’m sure we’ll see tons of replays.

  52. Huddy will probably not win another game. He pitches good on the days offense sucks, and he pitches poorly on the days the offense is decent enough.

  53. As long as Kobe doesn’t win, I am happy. Good to know the Hawks put up a better fight against the Celtics than the Lakers!

  54. I wonder if Tim is still having those dehydration issues that he had after his last start. Tim has been great his last few starts. too bad he cant get any help from his offense

  55. Good God did anyone see that basketball game? The Celtics left no doubt about it… wow.

  56. Saw the Reyes thing. He led off the game with a single, pulled up a little lame holding his knee, then basically acted like a petulant child when Manuel tried to get him to leave the game.

    He turned his back to Manuel, stomped around, resisted every time Manuel tried to talk with him, then threw his helmet like a baby on the way off the field.

    It was the very first batter in the Manuel Era & he gets shown up by his own leadoff hitter. Nice.

    The Mets radio announcers, who are not exactly blinded by their loyalties, ripped Reyes & his “continuing maturity issues.”

  57. If I am a Mets fan, I would be more concerned about Santana than Willie. Santana and Hudson are having quite similar stats, with Santana having more Ks and Huddy allowing fewer hr.

  58. Where can I find where out a list of of players from the ’08 draft that have already signed not only for the Braves for but all MLB teams? Thanks.

  59. Random tidbit from the AJC game recap:

    “[Hudson] dropped to 0-10 with a 7.82 ERA in 12 starts against the AL since coming to Atlanta.”

  60. #117–Good Question. Baseball America has an outdated list. The Braves website has a list (which is inaccurate) and they will post the signings when (see the 2007 list) when they get around to it.

    Shanks reported the DeVall had signed, but I see no evidence of it. I rather fear that the Braves may have to pay over the slot value for DeVall, Stovall and Spruill and possibly Thompson and therefore not be allowed to let them play until after August 15. This was the case with Heyward last year.

    Here is the Braves list:


    I certainly hope that we sign our top three picks and Burns, Pope and Palazzone….

  61. Stephen, I don’t mind if the Braves are willing to pay beyond the slot value. That’s how the Tigers got their young pitchers. I much rather they spend a little more on signing draft picks than to sign terrible long term contracts with free agents.

  62. Agreed. However, I don’t like MLB’s insistence that these players have to miss most of the summer.

    In fact, I think that the Braves will have to pay a good bit of money to get Burns, Palazzone and Pope to sign. It would certainly be worth it–even if most of these players don’t pan out.

    Last year they were unable to sign Shreve (who the Phillies drafted in the 5th round) Belt and Demny–and, as a result, the Braves were forced to select nothing but pitchers in this year’s draft.

  63. Stephen, giving young pitchers a summer of rest may not be such a bad thing considering they may have been abused during their high school days…

  64. As I said before, I much rather seeing the Braves drafting pitchers than mid-talent middle infielders.

  65. True enough–in fact, many newly drafted pitchers will often hit a wall in August, when they experience a season much longer than what they were used to in high school and college.

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