ESPN – Braves vs. Nationals – Box Score – August 29, 2008

In case you’d forgotten, the Braves are a really bad team. This is two bad teams playing a meaningless game in late August. And you wonder why we talk about college football.

As usual in Washington, the Braves were humiliated by a former Brave, in this case Odalis Perez, who allowed three runs, two “earned”, in 6 1/3. That doesn’t sound too bad, I guess, except that two of the runs scored on a homer by pinch-hitter Greg Norton, so the regulars weren’t really very useful. Also Willie Harris walked three times and scored twice, because against us he’s Rickey Henderson. Against everyone else, he’s maybe Ricky Schroeder.

Jorge Campillo got pummelled again, going only 3 2/3 and allowing five runs on eight hits and three walks. It’s the walks that concern me; he can’t do that and be successful. After the Braves had cut it to 5-3 on Norton’s homer and an RBI double from Slugging First Baseman Martin Prado, franchise savior Elmer Dessens gave up two runs to let the Nats get back into a comfortable lead. The Braves did get two on in the ninth, but couldn’t get any of them home, and Prado struck out to end it with Chipper on deck.