Week 1 SEC predictions (sorry, Marc!) game thread: Aug. 29, Braves at Nats

Okay, I missed the South Carolina and Vandy games, but who cares? Home team in CAPS. Remember, I always pick Alabama to win and Tennessee to lose.

Alabama 23 CLEMSON 21 (in Atlanta)
FLORIDA 63 Hawaii 37
LSU 41 App. St. 20
Miss. St. 23 LA TECH 19
AUBURN 41 La.-Monroe 10 and Auburn people will not shut up about it.
ARKANSAS 17 Western Illinois 3
OLE MISS 31 Memphis 20
GEORGIA 49 Ga. Southern 6
Kentucky 38 LOUISVILLE 35
UCLA 29 Tennessee 28

31 thoughts on “Week 1 SEC predictions (sorry, Marc!) game thread: Aug. 29, Braves at Nats”

  1. From the last thread, in an effort not to sound like a total douche bag:

    Oh, Stu. If you only knew the kinds of sports teams we have here at my college, and my absolutely obnoxious, unwavering fandom that continually results in frustration, a lost voice, dollars spent in face paint, and a deep love for the girls and guys on those teams, you wouldn’t say what you just said. In some of our sports, we are a proverbial punching bag for JuCo and NAIA schools around the southeast. To say that I only attribute wins and losses to the criteria of how I feel about a team shows how ignorant you are to my situation.

    I cheer for an SEC team in college football that is no doubt shifty in their recruiting and academic practices. And honestly, I don’t care. I don’t look to the University of Florida or any professional sports organization for moral credibility or direction. I would like to think that Urban Meyer is above that, the way I actually do think that Mark Richt is, but I know he’s probably just as slimy as Nick Saban, Phil Fulmer, Bobby Petrino, Les Miles, etc. The point is that SEC football is corrupt. There’s so much competition to get and keep a 5-star recruit that, unfortunately, it appears as if you have to, unless other variables being in place.

    Let me clarify what I said earlier. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with looking at values and virtues, but I think that Florida brings much to the table for a fan without, unfortunately, possesses those things. And if character and integrity is what we’re looking for, and we could flip the sport to baseball (we have no football team), then we should all be a fan of Clearwater Christian College baseball. Yeah, we suck, and I’m one of the worst players on the team, but you’ll never find a better group of guys.

    Hopefully that clarifies what I was trying to get across earlier.

  2. From Hampton http://tinyurl.com/57nuuf :

    Before the second start, I took the time to look around and know that my kids were in the stands. It meant a lot to me to give them that.

    Griffin is 8 and Gage is 12, and it’s been a long time since they saw me play. Now they know that their dad doesn’t just go to the field, work out, and sit on the bench. He’s a player. It means a lot to me that I was able to come back when I did and that they were both there.

  3. It would mean a lot to me if he’d agree to decline arbitration and then sign a contract to pitch for the Braves for $500,000 in 2009.

  4. I like SEC football. I just don’t consider the SEC the only football worth watching.

  5. Well, it’s (a) the only football most people here are interested in discussing, and (b) the only football I really know anything about. I mean, I could predict Pac 10 games, but other than “USC 47, Team X 10” I’m pretty lost.

  6. Can we talk about Nebraska’s opening game with Pelini(formerly of the SEC)? What? Nobody cares but me…ok

  7. You Corky fans will love this — From Carroll @AJC —
    Traditionally Bobby brings up another catcher to lighten the load in September. Corky (keep the hoots to a minimum) could be back up if they open up a 40-man spot for him by moving somebody like Glavine, Soriano or Diaz to the 60-day DL. I looked over at his locker at Turner Field not too long ago and it wasn’t packed up, so that’s my investigative journalism at work, telling you he might be back.

  8. I love how Mac’s picks always include the Tennessee punchline at the end—it’s all about the SEC, except for those guys.

    From the previous thread: If you’re interested in watching some SEC gridiron action this fall, you might want to check out ESPN360.

    You just need a high-speed connection & you can watch several decent games each week live online & for free.

    I’m not saying that the UGA-Georgia Southern game (12:30 EST tomorrow) will push you to the side of the Dawgs, but it’ll give you an idea of the kind of talent they expect to roll out this year.

    With Knowshon Moreno & some new playmakers (esp. AJ Green & Caleb King), they should be an exciting team to watch, and yes, one with an expanding bandwagon.

    The Dawgs, a big plate of sashimi & a couple bottles of Asahi (& maybe a little saki) sounds like a great way to spend a few hours. (But I’m a UGA grad, so I could watch the Dawgs with Krystal burgers & RC Cola.)

    And Stu,
    I think you covered the spread.

  9. Mr. DP does it again.

    I can’t say I’m looking forward to any game this weekend. I think I’ll just watch what’s on.

  10. Clemson’s an SEC type school that is in the ACC for some reason. It’s clearly a football school (though they’ve been better in basketball recently).

    I hope ‘Bama beats the piss out of them

  11. Being around here and knowing what Clemson is capable of, I find that hard to believe.

    Norton had a nice homer.

  12. We need to stick together then. I happen to think they’ll be 6-6, 3-5 on the year and miss a bowl. I hope I’m not that accurate.

  13. Really only 6-6? I’m thinking the traditional 7-5 mediocrity and an Emerald Bowl appearance for this year. I’m hoping they get used to the Triple Option quick and make a really good season out of it, but it looked kinda shaky when they used it last night. We shall see.

  14. Being around here and knowing what Clemson is capable of, I find that hard to believe.

    Find what hard to believe?

  15. Well, here’s the breakdown:

    Jacksonville State – W
    @ Boston College – W (Yes, I think they can win that game because I’m not convinced that Boston College is any good.)
    @ Virginia Tech – L
    Mississippi State – W (I think GT will win that game, because they are playing at home and I don’t particularly think that Mississippi State is that good)
    Duke – W (Duh.)
    Gardner-Webb – W (Double Duh.)
    @ Clemson – L
    Virginia – W
    Florida State – L
    @ North Carolina – L
    Miami (Fla.) – L
    @ Georgia – L

    I know it seems weird to say that they’ll beat Mississippi State at home, but lose to Florida State and Miami at home too. I just don’t feel comfortable saying that they can beat Miami again or beat Florida State for the first time in who knows how long.

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