54 thoughts on “I’m not planning to watch this game thread: Aug. 30, Braves at Nationals”

  1. the only thing less meaningful than this game, Chad Johnsons’ real name or anything a football coach says is the state of Chuck James shoulder.

  2. Well, I took a risk on Rudi Johnson on one of my fantasy teams, and that has already come back to kick my ass. I took Ronnie Brown as another risk but hes on my bench, but I guess I gotta put him at starter and hope hes healthy. So lame.

  3. Infante hit yet another double to knock McCann in, and Prado singled in Infante. 4-0.

    How will Jo-Jo blow it?

  4. seems like Clemson decided to not wait until the end of the season to blow their chances.

  5. ObBraves: Reyes and Carlyle showed the caliber of pitching we’ve come to expect from them- namely, blowing a four-run lead in the fifth. 7-6 Nats.

  6. And no doubt it will all end in tears, but I really like Mark Ingram so far. It’s been a while since we’ve had a guy who looked like a good every-down back.

  7. i’d throw to the TE too………….since they’ve apparently decided to not cover him

  8. Hard to believe we’re this far into the game with no mention of The Out Machine’s absence from the line up.

    Glad I’m not watching this miserable bit of pitching–being at my Clemson loving in-laws house is more bearable than this year’s Braves.

  9. Oops, I didn’t mean 25 quite like it sounded. My in-laws are fine folks; they’re just not enjoying tonight’s game.

  10. 22-14 LTU over MSU with 6:48 left. Looks like it will be a looooooong year in Starkville.

    Arkansas barely escapes Western Illinois. Bobby Petrino avoids being hanged in effigy. Or in Fayetteville.

  11. Pujols could get another AB tonight… Anyway… Clemson’s getting their butts kicked. I will be the first to admit that I only have a passing interest in Clemson. Being in Anderson, I naturally see favorable local coverage. How can I not buy into the hype a little?

  12. It’s over. LTU Bulldogs 22, MSU Bulldogs 14. Five turnovers for the Starkville Bulldogs, letting the Ruston Bulldogs score the last 19 points of the game.

    And free baseball in Washington, 8-8.

  13. But, but, he got a PRODUCTIVE OUT!!!

    Whereas Josh Anderson got an unproductive walk. See, you’re not looking at Frenchy’s accomplishments the right way, or on the right drugs.

  14. Do the Nats know they’re out of the pennant race? They’re celebrating like they just beat their main competitors for first, not the 5th place team beating the 4th place team.

  15. I’ve never seen a player thump his chest and holler at the pitcher after getting a walk-off walk, but Elijah Dukes just did it.

    Careful in your first AB tomorrow, Elijah.

  16. either Bama is really good or Clemson is bad.

    Bama has a football coach, Clemson has the son of a football coach

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