32 thoughts on “It would be nice if this season were over game thread: Aug. 28, Marlins at Braves”

  1. From the previous thread:

    Jason, None of what you have said really matters.

    Wow, when did you turn into my wife, MGL ? :-)

    John and the Braves are free to negotiate whatever deal they want for next year (if any). I seriously doubt that John would pitch for anyone else next year, therefore the draft pick point is moot.

    I know some players are fairly loyal and all, but sometimes money and a chance at a ring are enough to keep that loyalty in check. I wouldn’t hold it against John to pitch for big money with a contender next season. If I were to go through a grueling rehab, I’d rather do it for a chance to win something.

  2. I don’t think Chipper or John will put on another team’s uniform, and I think John’s a more sure bet against it than Chipper is.

    Kotsay is 1-3 so far in his BoSox debut.

  3. Oh, and isn’t Bobby Abreu FA after this season? is he going to go for too much money for him to be an OF option for us? I’ve not really looked at him recently to have any idea if he’s still any good (he’s no spring chicken, but appears as if he’s still hitting aroudn .300 and 15-20 homers). Thoughts?

    (and to whomever in the last thread suggested we press hard for Manny next season… do we think there’s a chance in hell he would even FUNCTION in a Braves clubhouse? Wouldn’t Chipper get fed up with his act and belt him one somewhere in mid-April?)

  4. Abreu is a good player. He’s also an old, lefthanded hitter who doesn’t have a whole lot of power anymore, on a team that desperately needs righthanded power.

  5. MGL, no worries. No offense taken.

    Charles, Abreu is pretty old, but he has put up a 296/370/464 line this year which would make him our best outfielder by far. I doubt he’ll be cheap enough for us. And I would be very wary of a long term deal so he’s not a long term solution.

  6. Abreu makes $16M this year. I’m not sure we’ll be able to afford him.

    I do appreciate his comedy act in RF, though. Any time Abreu gets near the wall, he turns to jelly. Happened last night.

    Long, but catchable drive to right field & Abreu cowers in anticipation of running into the wall. He doesn’t make the play & it becomes a game-breaking triple.

    Something must’ve happened to him along the way because I’ve never seen another outfielder so terrified of the wall. He’s the exact opposite of Pete Reiser.

  7. Abreu is something like – 35 plays in plus / minus this year. In other words, he is in Manny territory as a fielder. And that is in RIGHT FIELD.

    He is probably worse of a fielder than either Manny or Burrell, can’t hit as well as either, besides hitting from what, for the Braves, is the wrong side.

  8. I wonder what the home/road breakdown on that is. Right field in Yankee Stadium is one of the two smallest zones in the majors (with left field in Fenway).

    I looked it up. He’s -20 this year after being -14 each of the last two years. Francoeur, FWIW, is -10, from +10 last year.

  9. I’ve seen Abreu a few times this year and each time he strikes me as someone who has gotten old.

    We’ve tried old. Old bad. Young good.

  10. Jayson Stark unleashed a new stat– Runs Not Batted In. You take the number of runners on base when a player steps up to bat, subtract RBIs, and get your number.

    Jeff Francoeur is fifth with 344

    Also, looks like the Yanks will make a run at Teixiera

  11. I hope that NC State’s QB isn’t seriously hurt. They immobilzed him and carried him off on a stretcher.

  12. South Carolina’s D is what’s going to keep them competitive, but if the QB doesn’t improve, I have a hard time believing they’re gonna beat any of the upper-level SEC teams this year.

    Hey, a win.

  13. Great start by Morton. Got shaky there in the sixth, but still, it’s very encouraging to see him flashing his awesome stuff at the ML level. He just needs to get more consistent. He can definitely pitch at this level.

  14. so far, i like anderson at the leadoff role. 1-2 with 2 walks (which was a pleasant surprise) and a stolen base. let’s hope he can fill a void that’s been left since furcal. i like him in center, leading off in a non-francoeur atlanta outfield.

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