Dropping the C Bomb game thread: Braves at Nats, again, April 29

I didn’t want it to come to this, but the Braves leave me no choice. Until they prove to me that they can win a close game, I will show nothing but Phil Collins and Phil Collins-era Genesis music videos! There is seemingly an infinite supply.

This is nothing. He’s done much worse. And the duets… oh, the duets.

This will continue until the Braves either win a one-run game, win in extra innings, or win on a walkoff homer.

99 thoughts on “Dropping the C Bomb game thread: Braves at Nats, again, April 29”

  1. it’s ok. we’ll win a one-run game soon enough. i can feel it… coming in the air tonight…

  2. In other, not depressing, info… I realized Maddux was in the top 10 for wins, I didn’t realize that it’s not unreasonable that he’d be #5-7 after this season (if he makes it to #5 he replaces Spahn), and if he pitches one more at Maddux level he’d be pretty likely to make it up to #3 on the list.

  3. Mac breaking out his inner Torquemada.

    Headed back to Shea tonight for Mets/Bucs. Why?

    It’s free. I get to sit in the LF bleachers. Santana’s pitching.

    Go Pittsburgh.

  4. By CARROLL ROGERS crogers@ajc.com

    The Braves have put John Smoltz on the 15-day disabled list with a severely inflamed biceps tendon and an inflamed rotator cuff in his throwing shoulder.

    Smoltz, who started the season on the disabled list with shoulder soreness, pitched only four innings in a loss to the Mets on Sunday in New York. He was examined Tuesday by Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham and will be re-evaluated again after giving his arm some rest.

    Smoltz had back-to-back 10-strikeout games in his two starts prior to New York. On April 22 against the Nationals, Smoltz became only the 16th pitcher to reach 3,000 strikeouts. But he’s been saying all along this April that he was having to battle shoulder soreness to do it.

  5. ububba, where is your favorite place to sit at a game? You’re out in LF tonight, and that’s one of my favorite places to be. Call me crazy.

  6. It’s been my experience that every stadium is different. At Shea, my favorite place is behind home plate in the Loge. Caught a couple Maddux game there back in the day.

    LF at Shea is rare because you can’t buy those seats. They’re only group buys/corporates. I think I’ll be there with the Queens DA office tonight, actually.

    It’s been awhile since I’ve been there, but I think you get food & drink included. I’ll just shut up tonight & quietly root for Ian Snell.

  7. seeing the names of Smoltz and Andrews in the same sentence scares the crap out of me. Is it possible that Smoltz, Moylan, and Soriano can all go under the Andrews blade this season??

  8. #4

    “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! Among our weaponry are such diverse elements as fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency . . . and nice red uniforms.”

  9. We can make do. It’s not like the Lillibridge we’ve seen so far—and are likely to see in the short-run until Yunel is ready to play again—is any better than our other options.

  10. I was had “Invisible Touch” stuck in my head for about 7 weeks. I was in some store and it was playing in the background, and it was as if I caught an infection. I shouldn’t shake the Phil Collins. It’s was the musical equivalent of mono.

  11. Land of Confusion gets stuck in my head too. I like the newer Disturbed version better.

  12. #4

    -Hey, Torquemada, whaddaya say?
    -I just got back from the auto-da-fe.
    -Auto-da-fe, what’s an auto-da-fe?
    -It’s what you oughtn’t to do but you do anyway.

  13. One of my early recording projects was taping History Of The World Pt. 1 off of the TV on a couple of C-60’s. My cousin and I spent a summer reciting that puppy.

  14. He’s always been weak in the first. Or it seems like that has always been the case. Hopefully he’s shaken off the rust.

  15. Brian McCann needs to stop swinging on the first pitch. Meanwhile, Lastings Milledge runs into another outfielder. It’s like he has a bonus in his contract for appearing on stadium blooper reels.

  16. AAR—looked like Milledge was calling for the ball but Kearns wouldn’t get out of his way.

  17. Frank, as the Nats announcers pointed out, it should have been Kearns’ ball. It was in right-center, and Tex was on second, and because Milledge’s weight was carrying him the other way, he wasn’t able to prevent Tex from tagging up and going to third. Tex later scored on Kotsay’s slow nubber to first, so the play helped cost the team a run.

  18. Also, considering the bad news on Smoltz (which admittedly isn’t quite as bad as it could be), let’s all be grateful we have Chipper, Yunel, and Glavine all back in the lineup.

  19. Escobar looks fine, send down Lilli and bring up Stockman. Also, whats the update on Infante, or is there one?

  20. Just got out of a meeting…and hey look! We are losing to another crappy team and being shutdown by another mediocre pitcher.

    Didn’t miss a thing, I’ve already seen this movie.

  21. But in this movie, Nick Johnson decided tonight wouldb e the night to break out his abhorrent porn ‘stache. Of course, his solo homer is currently the difference in the game.

  22. Apparently, Kotsay’s hot wife is in attendance; let’s hope the camera finds her during his next AB.

  23. This is a broken record. Every night is the same freaking thing.
    Blaine Boyer…go away,

  24. If this is as good as our second-best reliever can do, the season’s over. We’re making a terrible Nationals team look like world champs.

  25. As I posted earlier, this team stinks. This team is also injured. But it stinks, too.

  26. Awesome! I love Phil Collins/Genesis. Go Nats!

    I request In The Air Tonight before the Braves pull one out tomorrow afternoon.

    Or perhaps That’s All. I believe that’s Lastings Milledge’s at-bat music. He just drove in two with a double.

  27. They’ve mailed it in, two games in a row. I don’t know what the problem is, but I’m sick of this team not even LOOKING like they care.

  28. since talent is what apparently wins ball games, would it be safe to say that we just arent very talented?

  29. No this team doesn’t stink. You guys must be too young to remember Braves teams from the 70’s and 80’s. Those teams stank! I’m still scarred by my experiences as a young boy with those teams. I even tried to follow other teams but I just couldn’t!

  30. I disagree. They’re bad, no matter what happened in the 1970’s. They’re also the worst kind of bad–bad, and they don’t care.

  31. Ok. Well they regularly lose to the worst teams in the league, hover around .500, finish 3rd/4th in the division, and don’t seem to really care. If the 70’s and 80’s were worse than that, ok. Regardless, they’re not a good team right now.

  32. I hate it when ineffective pitchers get hurt before we can light them up.

  33. 3rd, 8th, what does it matter? They may not be AS BAD as some teams we’ve had, but that doesn’t mean they’re not bad.

  34. why do you seem to think they dont care? because they dont throw their bats in disgust, or yell when things dont go their way? baseball is not won with an overkill of emotion. the team cares.

  35. right now, this team is painfully mediocre, but not bad. they can be better, but not much worse.

  36. “Barring a double play, Chipper’s going to come up representing the tying run”

    Apparently Joe has no confidence in Yunel.

  37. They can’t be much worse, and yet they’re not bad? How does that work?
    And the “corporate”/nonchalant culture of this team has been debated for years. I’m certainly not the first one to suggest that they don’t have the “fire” of other teams.
    And now they just lost to the worst team in the league, but you won’t hear a word about it. They’ll get ’em tomorrow. It’s a long season. No reason to panic. Same old, same old.

  38. “They can’t be much worse, and yet they’re not bad? How does that work?
    And the “corporate”/nonchalant culture of this team has been debated for years. I’m certainly not the first one to suggest that they don’t have the “fire” of other teams.”

    are you referring to the players or the fans? i dont think that’s been debated by anyone that knows baseball. and yes, the braves cant be a much worse team than they are right now, but a bad team (like the nationals), they never will be.

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