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  1. I got 178/198 on that lineup quiz from last thread. Don’t know enough about the 1989 and 1990 teams so those were the ones that did me in.

  2. 1.Prado 2B, 2. Infante 3B, 3. Heyward RF, 4. McCann C, 5. Glaus 1B, 6. Hinske LF, 7. Escobar SS, 8. McLouth CF, 9. Hanson RH

  3. AAR,
    Haven’t heard a thing, really. The Braves are doing the usual “don’t tell anyone anything” routine and the media doesn’t seem too inclined to give the #35 overall pick much attention.

    Plus we’ve got a brand new scouting director. No reads at all.

  4. So I guess this is the second time we’ve traded our first round pick for a single season from a 40 year old lefty. I wonder if the front office thinks that’s a good deal or if they just haven’t figured out that that’s the deal they are actually making.

  5. 1.Prado 2B, 2. Infante 3B, 3. Heyward RF, 4. McCann C, 5. Glaus 1B, 6. Hinske LF, 7. Escobar SS, 8. McLouth CF, 9. Hanson P

  6. They just said Wren is at the Tech-Bama game right now, but not really for scouting purposes. They said his son signed with Tech so hes watching the game with him.

  7. 1,3 — I somehow got all 198. Got the last 2 in the last minute. Mike Heath and Ernie Whitt were desperation guesses.

  8. Well I got all of 143 out of 198.

    I didn’t follow the Braves until 2005, but still I shouldn’t have missed Pendleton, Klesko and Bream.

  9. Go Jackets!

    I hope this team doesn’t choke like the past few years, I’m tired of being disappointed in the post-season.

  10. 167 for me….I couldnt remember Estrada, Thorman, Gant, Klesko, Bream and some others

  11. I got 187 of em.

    I missed:
    Jody Davis
    Oddibe McDowell
    Nick Esasky
    Ernie Whitt
    Jim Presley
    Michael Tucker
    Bret Boone (can’t believe I missed this one.)
    Rico Brogna
    John Burkett (only pitcher.)
    Henry Blanco
    and Scott Thorman (I must have repressed this memory.)

    That was fun.

  12. I spent about half the time trying to remember Quilvio Veras’ name. I could see his friggin face in my head, but just couldn’t get it together. I finally remebered it in the end.

  13. Was looking at last year’s MLB.com draft preview article. This one has some pretty classic Bowmanology:

    There’s obvious reason to believe the Braves will select Wheeler, a hard-throwing right-hander whose 6-foot-4 frame and easy delivery has drawn wide attention. The Orioles and Giants have definite interest and they could choose to take him with the fifth or sixth overall selections. If both Wheeler and Alex White, a top right-hander from the University of North Carolina, are both unavailable, it will be interesting to see if the Braves select Donovan Tate, an athletic outfielder from suburban Atlanta. Tate’s association with Scott Boras combined with the leverage he possesses from the opportunity to play both baseball and football at UNC, could lead the Braves to pass on the son of former University of Georgia running back, Lars Tate.

    A fellow Tar Heel, Clark also has some interest in White and there is a growing belief the Braves will grab him if Wheeler is unavailable. If White and Wheeler are unavailable, a likely selection could be Shelby Miller, a right-handed high school pitcher from Brownwood, Texas.

    It also didn’t even mention Mike Minor, so my feeling is these articles aren’t very useful.

  14. To be 100% honest I only got Deion Sanders because I was convinced Reggie Sanders was in it for 2000. And Walt Weiss was one that took me forever to remember for some reason.

  15. I’d like to see Hanson be more agressive. He seems to have a tendency to nibble and try to coax outs instead of overpowering and shutting them down. Dude’s got dirty stuff–quit trying to pitch like Tom Glavine.

  16. @25: He loves that slider to the back foot of lefty hitters. When he throws it right, it’s unhittable. Problem is, he doesn’t throw it right often enough. I agree with you– he’s doing too much nibbling, especially with 2 strikes. That fastball of his is often overpowering, but he either misses the zone or leaves it out there to get hit. Both are products of nibbling and putting yourself in a corner.

  17. Billingsley doesn’t throw as hard as Tommy– he tops out at 91 or so– but because of that curve and slider, he becomes a power pitcher. Though it looks like he falls in love with the curve sometimes too.

  18. Life’s a beach when you live in southern California?!? Really, Chip?!? Really?!?


  19. Nate hasn’t seen any pitch this entire season…with the exception of two:

    big homer vs the Phils…and the big homer vs the Dbacks.

    And he hates throwing home.

  20. You can see the insecurity in Nate’s eyes. He looks mentally unstable to me.

  21. I blame that hit by DeWitt on Chip. He couldn’t have jinxed Tommy anymore if he’d said “DeWitt’s got no chance to get a hit off Tommy Hanson here.”

  22. Can’t believe I forgot about Ernie Whitt. He was a pretty solid catcher during the ’80s, but God in heaven was he bad for the Braves in ’90.

  23. @39 His ERA since the start of May is over 5. It has, quietly, become something of an issue.

  24. Why would they? Renovating Chavez Ravine went very well, and they’re third in MLB in attendance. They don’t need to spend $2 billion on a new stadium. Besides, California’s broke beyond broke, so no money would be available anyway.

  25. I didn’t know they renovated. I just was wondering since they have the 2nd oldest stadium in the league.

  26. they just showed a pic of garret anderson smiling…i didnt see that once last year.

  27. Crap. J-Hey’s starting to beat the ball into the ground again. He did that earlier this year during one of his mini-slumps. Hope he can start driving it again.

  28. Nice to see an easy inning for Hanson for a change. Hanson hasn’t had a great game so far tonight, but I’m not overly worried. The 8 ERs in 1.2 innings against the Reds has skewed his ERA (and other stats) in a big way. He’s only given up 2 runs and 1 run in his last 2 outings in 6 and 6.2 innings and a total of only 7 hits. He’ll be okay, just having a slightly tough game tonight. Hopefully the next two innings will be more like the 4th.

  29. Ok, I’m worried about McCann. He’s still hitting in the .240s and in that AB he tried hitting without glasses.

  30. Loney screwed up there. He should have nailed Prado in the back. At some point, they’ll learn to stop running in fair territory on bunts.

  31. Is it just me, or is Heyward standing farther away from the plate than he has been?

  32. I’m now cautiously optimistic that Escobar has finally turned the corner for this season. Now we need McCann to do the same.

  33. “It’s not the tale of 2 cities, like Dickens might have written, but it’s the tale of 2 different ballgames for the Braves.”

    That’s just awful, Chip.

    And so much for the Dodgers bullpen other than Broxton and Kuo.

  34. I love this team and the way they battle back. It hasn’t been like this in many years.

  35. “We’ve gotten Vin Scully the last two nights on Extra Innings.”

    Yep. The Escobar story he told last night was beautiful.

    I can’t fathom being a Dodgers fan and listening to him every night.

  36. I always look forward to when the Braves go to Los Angeles. With Vin Scully, I usually learn more about the Braves the first time through the lineup than I have listening to the Braves announcers all season.

  37. “I always look forward to when the Braves go to Los Angeles. With Vin Scully, I usually learn more about the Braves the first time through the lineup than I have listening to the Braves announcers all season.”

    I learned tonight that the Braves don’t let anyone develop a slider until they’ve reached a certain threshold. Also, he’s basically up there on his own. I can’t imagine Chip trying to fill the void on his own for nine innings, nor can I imagine any of us after it happened just once.

  38. Oh shit. The last thing we need is Prado getting hurt.

    Also, the Braves have no backup infielders available.

  39. I’m guessing that if Prado had to leave the game and Chipper is totally unavailable, Blanco would enter the game in center, McLouth would move to first, Glaus over to third, and Infante to second.

  40. Not ideal, but they could move Glaus to 3B, Hinske to 1B and Infante over to 2B it it was necessary to pull Prado.

    edit: err, never mind. :-D

  41. Nice to see some production out of McCann to pick up the slack from Heyward’s slump.

  42. quoth MLBTV: “Please wait. You request [which was to watch the game] will be processed in 65 seconds.”


  43. Why not give Moylan another day off, Bobby? You’re not going to use Wagner, too, are you?

  44. I am confused as to the intent of the double switch. I guess Melky Cabrera’s bat and glove are so valuable you had to use both in 1 game.

    It obviously wasn’t so the pitcher wouldn’t have to hit.

  45. Going back to the quiz about Braves lineups, I was pretty proud of myself for remembering Jim Presley. His ’90 performance for the Braves was selected by the Hardball Times as one of the ten worst ever for a #3 hitter.

  46. Is that Martinez kid ever gonna get to pitch? I would think tonight would have been a perfect opportunity.

  47. It’s hard to fault Kimbrel too much. He gave up the first one that was hit pretty hard, but a strikeout/PB and a weak infield single aren’t really because he did anything wrong. For me, the bigger worry with Kimbrel is that it always feels like he’s walking a high wire, like the control’s gonna completely desert him at any moment.

  48. Nice comeback by Kimbrel there. Impressive to run through Kemp, Ethier, ManRam like that.

  49. A month ago, I sure didn’t figure we’d be dropping 7-run innings on people.

    Guess we just had to uncage the Glausbeast.

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