ESPN – Giants vs. Braves – Box Score – August 18, 2008


I hate this team. I hate writing about this team. I hate the sheer number of times — it has to be at least eight this month — when I’ve had to say that the pitcher gave up two or three runs in the first inning and the Braves never really came close to coming back. And I hate Francoeur, of course.

The Braves just got embarrassed by Barry Zito, the same Barry Zito who entered the day with a 5.73 ERA and has inspired serious discussion of if he’s the worst free agent signing in history. He gave up five hits in seven innings.

Jorge Campillo is a fine-line pitcher; he has terrific control, and did again today (one walk, late in his game at about the 100 pitch mark) but if he’s not deceiving guys he’s going to get hit. He only had two strikeouts. Every pitcher needs some strikeouts, and if you’re not striking out at least one batter every two innings you’re going to be killed, but it’s particularly clear with Campillo. When he has 5 or 6 Ks, he does well; when he doesn’t, he struggles. He gave up three runs in the first, only one of which was really his fault; the other two scored after a Prado by the man himself. He kept it at 3-0 for awhile, but gave up a homer in the sixth to make it 4-0. The fifth run scored on what had to be the most embarrassing play in Brian McCann’s career, as he threw to third base to cut down a runner — who was entitled to the base, as Campillo walked the bases loaded on the pitch — only to see the ball go into left field.

It didn’t really matter. What does? As has been pointed out, even draft position doesn’t, because the Braves will just draft a high school pitcher from Georgia. Trade Kotsay. I kind of like him, and he really deserves better than this crap.