ESPN – Braves vs. Astros – Box Score – September 28, 2008

Just to add to the disgust, the Braves finished this lost season by losing a game… largely on the strength of a home run by Brad Ausmus. Will no one rid us of this middling catcher? Ausmus hit a two-run homer in the third inning, and the Braves couldn’t do anything offensively, so the Hampton Era presumably ends with a loss in a game he pitched well, allowing just four hits, not walking anyone, and striking out five.

The Braves’ only run came on a fifth-inning RBI groundout by Corky, which cut it to 2-1, but Hampton allowed a run in the bottom of the inning to get the lead back to two. That was it.

Chipper pinch-hit and walked, wrapping up the batting and OBP titles. These mark the first time he has led the league in anything. Congratulations to Chipper. McCann sat for the second straight game, presumably to secure a .300 average, but he too pinch-hit. He didn’t get the hit, in an RBI situation, but finishes at .301.

I’ll autopsy the season in a few days.