ESPN – Braves vs. Giants – Box Score – August 04, 2008

As if I wasn’t depressed enough, I had to watch this team play “baseball”, or whatever it is they’re playing instead. The Giants are a bad team, but the Braves looked worse, combining sloppy play, disinterested play, and occasional whining. They had a couple of chances to get back into it, but never really seemed close to tying the score even when they had the tying runs on base.

Jair Jurrjens didn’t pitch too well, allowing nine hits, walking three, and striking out just one. Really, he was lucky to allow just four runs (three “earned”) in six inning. Still, despite the walks he was mostly around the plate (70 strikes, 37 balls) and sometimes if you’re around the plate you’ll give up a bunch of hits.

The Braves couldn’t really mount any sort of major threat until late in the game. Kotchman tripled in the sixth and came in on a single by Infante. In the seventh, they loaded the bases with two out, but McCann (back in the lineup, but having a tough day) popped up to end the threat. Francoeur (who sucks) hit a weak little groundout with runners first and third, one out, in the eighth to bring in a run, but that was it.

Francoeur personifies this team. He sucks, and so do they. Good night.