58 thoughts on “Oh, great, these guys game thread: Aug. 19, Braves at Mets”

  1. Take comfort in the fact that we’re so bad that it’s not even fun to make fun of us anymore.

  2. So, the Braves signed each of their first 17 selections (and 24 of 52 overall) from this past draft. Pretty darn good.

  3. from Bobby’s comments and the “Braves expecting improvement from Reyes” headline on the Website, I dont know how Jo Jo will pitch tonight. Its not like he was even throwing well at richmond. Last two starts

    10IP 12H 6ER 7BB 8K

    doesnt look as if his command has improved at all.

  4. Why do we keep bringing guys back from the minors BEFORE they’ve accomplished what they were sent out to accomplish?

    Wren is not impressing.

  5. I never write off games, but I’d be crazy not to admit that tonight isn’t a great mound matchup for us.

    I’m rooting for a small victory: 2 of 3 this week at Shea. I just wanna leave that stadium one last time hearing the collective grumbles that have entertained me for so many years.

  6. you know Parr has looked very solid, even at Richmond. I think he’s only 22 and could find himself up next year.

    Bad thing is that our Richmond staff is bad, actually awful. Chuck James and Jo Jo are the best pitchers there (outside of Parr) and they have been terrible recently. Chuck had this line on the 13th

    5IP 6H 5ER 4BB 6K

    James Parr pitched last night and didnt allow a run. 6IP 2H 2BB 5K, but I guess there is no point in rushing the guy up

  7. Nothing would be more hilarious than to take two-out-of-three in this series. It will surely test the degree to which the Mets have a mental block when playing us, but it might actually carry me through the rest of the season if we can pull it off.

  8. I wouldn’t even mind seeing us only win 3 games the rest of the year if they’re against the Mets.

  9. interesting…

    By David O’Brien

    August 19, 2008 3:42 PM | Link to this

    Gotay on DL for bad hammy….

  10. #4. It’s not like they want to bring up Reyes. It’s either that or have Frenchy pitch.

  11. anyone think we’ll win a one run road game against these guys? that would be insult to injury wouldnt it??

  12. Gotay’s our resident Mets spy, this year’s Chris Woodward, except that he’s a marginally better hitter and he’s taken many fewer at-bats. I’m sure that I’d hate him if he played more, but as it is he’s just a waste of a roster spot.

  13. #14 – I don’t believe we have. It’s gotten a little harder now that we have stopped winning games period.

  14. Not that it really matters, but are we just straight-swapping Reyes for Gotay on the roster or are we calling up a minor league infielder?

  15. Going back to the 2007 season, the Braves have lost their last 26 one-run road games, a Major League record.

    Can’t think of a better place than Shea to break that evil streak.

  16. Gotay is injured! Oh no, the season is ruined. Oops, well I guess that’s already happened – several months ago.

  17. The Braves might want to rethink their love affair with left handed pitchers who throw high fastballs around 90 mph with no movement and crap control. Just saying.

  18. In other news, Willie Harris hit his 10th HR for the Nats today. When did he turn into Mike Cameron?

  19. Prado still can’t play defense, hit homeruns, walk or put up, in my opinion, an OBP of .340 in a full season.

    I think he’s a .290/.325/.400 guy in a full season.

    Of course Kelly ain’t doing much better than that right now. Maybe the Braves should start playing Johnson only against lefties; who is hitting .343 against.

  20. I want to see Mike Gonzalez out there with a 1-run lead in the ninth.

    Mike Gonzalez’s 30-something save streak vs. the worst one-run road loss streak in the history of MLB.

    Irresistible force meets immovable object.

  21. Dan, the way this season has been going (actually, the last 3)…Gonzalez would blow it.

    His save streak over, the Braves 1-run patheticness continues…our depression continues.

    The worst of both worlds basically.

  22. Oh nothing new. Couldn’t get Escobar home from third with one out. Infante and McCann both popped out against the newly acquired Luis Ayala.

  23. If he can pitch. According to DOB, (1) he had his hamstring wrapped today and (2) the temp has dropped 20 degrees, at least, from this afternoon.

  24. all set up for the one run loss

    anyone else having trouble reading BravesJ via IE–I get the site fine with firefox but not IE

  25. no more worry about a one run loss

    I wasn’t getting the center column but switching themes solved the problem

  26. “Rebuilding.”

    I’ve accepted this concept. Embracing it, even. Just stop teasing me, guys. Either win or lose 7-0. Quit giving me hope on a given night.

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