57 thoughts on “I don’t know if I have anything interesting to say game thread: Aug. 2, Brewers at Braves”

  1. are we giving up on this team?

    if so, don’t we root for the Brewers (the Yost connection being the obvious one, plus the fact that, outside of CC, I really like their players and the way they have built that team)?

    the Cubs are sentimental, but I cant STAND Pinella.

  2. wow – that clip really takes me back. I’d almost forgotten how much I love those first seven albums. Nobody will ever have a run like that again. Nice one Mac

  3. Chris, why in the hell would we want to do that? Also, the Cubs are not sentimental. They’re one of the most hateable teams in baseball. Lou Piniella isn’t even in the top five list of reasons to hate the Cubs.

    Also, from the last thread, we’re not actually the worst team in baseball, we’re just playing like it. And when Chipper and McCann come back, we won’t be. And just blowing up the roster for the sake of blowing it up never works. Or the chances of it working are so little, there’s no reason to do it. It’s also, frankly, just sloppy GMing to do so, in my opinion.

  4. there really arent many worse pitching matchups we could have asked for, than a red hot CC Sabathia vs a trying to find himself young Charlie Morton

  5. Nightmare NLCS: Mets-Cubs.

    Yeah, good one, Mac.

    So, did you get off the Elvis train with Goodbye Cruel World?

    I’m still riding. Going to see him open for The Police this week at Jones Beach. (My girlfriend’s idea, I swear.)

    But I gotta say, The Attractions/Imposters are always worth seeing. And I’m kinda looking forward to seeing Stewart Copeland, actually.

  6. That would absolutely be the nightmare NLCS. And then if the ALCS was somehow Red Sox-Yankees…I’m not even sure I can finish that sentence without having a stroke, so I think I’ll just stop there to be safe.

  7. I guess if its Mets / Cubs and Yankees / Red Sox you just pull for 1988 and an earthquake.

  8. I stayed on the train and am still on, fwiw, but Punch The Clock was the first release that didn’t make me think I was listening to the greatest songwriter of the time. The previous ones, while certainly tonally different, all brought a sensibility of listening to pop music at a genius level. I really miss the excitement of going to the record store (where they sold records) to get each new release when it came out.

  9. BTW, Elvis Costello is like Greg Maddux:

    1. He wears glasses, but his nature actually is contrary to the nerdy image;
    2. Those early albums are so good that even when he’s making great music it pales in comparison, so people ask, “What’s wrong with Elvis Costello?”

  10. That was yesterday to make room for Chuck James, oldtimer. The thought crossed my mind today: Would we have gotten a better pitching performance than James last night if we had just allowed Corky to pitch? Discuss.

  11. Good analogy.

    I liked Punch the Clock, but I didn’t love it & I thought Goodbye, Cruel World (save “Shipbuilding,” which just destroys me to this day) was shockingly underwhelming. A really disappointing album that sparked lots of debate among EC fans.

    But I’d say Elvis bounced back pretty well with King of America and Blood & Chocolate.

    FWIW, I’m quite sure that I’ve spent more money seeing EC shows than gigs from any other artist. I usually walk out glowing.

  12. Maddux is like Costello in that he is a borderline misogynist, rockabilly-country-jazz obsessed record freak with a major thing for Diana Krall…oh wait, that’s what I have in common with him…

  13. Despite what Mac and others are saying around here – this is NOT the worst team in baseball. As currently constituted (minus Chipper, McCann, Hudson, Diaz (just for the bench)) it comes pretty close, but this isn’t our team. Any team minus their top pitcher and top two offensive players will suck – any team. But blowing up the roster b/c we have a AAA squad out on the field (b/c over half our team is injured) is just plain dumb. We have players, just need to get more. We can still be competitive next year (and I am saying this more for chipper and smoltz than for anything else – if you blow up the roster now, they’ll never have a chance to play for a good team again).

  14. Anyone know where I can watch the game today? I don’t live in Atlanta, so Fox is showing the Yankees and MLB.TV is blacked out.

  15. joshua,

    What’s more important their feelings or this franchise’s future?

    Blowing up the roster doesn’t mean DFA’ing all 25 guys, it does mean turning it over in a major way and should have meant moving spare parts at the deadline for new spare parts.

    Ohman should have procured something for next year.

    Let me guess, you’re optimistic for Mike Hampton and Glavine next year too? It’s over for this current old guard.

  16. @26 – LOL, I may be too optimistic about the Braves, but I’m not stupid. I wouldn’t count on Glavine or Hampton to do anything next year. But I would count on some of the guys we have here. Escobar, Johnson, McCann, Chipper, Kotchman, Jurrjens, Campillo (I might even throw in Smoltz (if he decides to come back) and Reyes and Morton (with a little more experience). It sounds to me like we have a good core – we just need to surround those guys with better players.

  17. Also, Blanco has been suprising as hell. If he continues to be an on-base machine and speed guy, then I might keep him as our center-fielder and get two strong corner outfielders.

  18. The stamp was licked in spring training. The envelope was sealed in Mississippi last month. Jeff Francoeur, you’re mailing it in. What a freaking disgrace to the team and his sport.

  19. And who do you think has the highest slugging % in our lineup today…anyone…anyone…

    that’s right – Infante.

  20. First of many, 31. Even though he hasn’t had a good week, I like what I’m seeing from him — especially in how he’s handling being dealt from the best team in the sport to a AAAA lineup.

  21. This is good news on the prospect front –
    Lillibridge went 3-for-4 with two doubles in Friday’s win for Triple-A Richmond and is hitting .452 with two homers, two triples and five doubles in his last 10 games

  22. Morton has great stuff – he just has to work on location. If he gets to where he can throw those pitches where he wants – he could be nasty.

  23. Smoltz doesn’t sound like he’ll be here next year or will be somewhere else.

  24. Surprise! Surprise!
    I just find Sabathia pitches to Braves. I’ve thought he is still the Indians. I’ve missed something.
    Just wake up in a fuddled state now. Sent to an island.

  25. Morton also has Chuck James disease. Even when Chuck was pitching decently, he couldn’t pitch economically and was tiring by the 5th, gassed in the 6th and — if he managed to stay in the game — useless in the 7th.

  26. actually

    i wouldn’t mind CC to the Braves…just, he’d cost too much AND we’d need a #4 to compliment him (Garland anyone???)…

    with smoltz…that’s nasty if we sign crawford…

    but that’s

    CC-20 mil a year
    Craw-15 mil a year
    Garland-10 mil a year

    that’s 45 mil a year invested in ok players…why not just realize it’s time to rebuild and be a player, ala the rays, in 2012.

  27. It took the rays over 12 years to be where they are now. Not to mention 12 years of not even close to mediocre baseball. No thanks.

  28. Also, just like the A’s right? Even when they built their teams up to winning calliber clubs, they couldn’t get even to the WS. You need a combination of both. Young studs brought up through the farm system and good veterans to complement them.

  29. @46 – agreed. He started off really shaky. More balls than strikes thrown for a few innings there, but it looks like he had turned it around. Only 4 hits is a good thing to see as well. Just give the kid some time.

  30. The Braves wanted Bay? The blueprint of front office is gone with The RedSox. RedSox debut of Jason Bay was splashed in headlines across all papers yesterday. Actually he had a name for his sincerity and won popularity from the Bugs. He looks a nice guy. To my regret, most of stars had been traded to big market. The sorrows of unpopular small market. Who knows near future of Braves? It is only too true.

  31. Wow – good at-bat there by Blanco, 12 pitches. Shame he was called out looking on what looked like Ball 4 on GameTrax.

  32. By the way, they both hit five. But score is 4:1 Milwaukee. Nobody can hit a homer in this lineup? It’s your fault, Mr.UGLY.

  33. The sorrows of un-
    popular small market. Who
    knows near future of Braves?

    That’s a mighty fine haiku right there, brule

  34. You’ve gone too far Chief Nocahoma! cry.

    Cheers, Spike.

    No, Mac. It’s a top secret. I am a just baseball fan. And Sorry for you. I am not a him even though it’s not a big deal.

  35. brule – I am assuming you are in Seoul? Eating bibimbap in Shinchon is one of my all time great food experiences.

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