ESPN – Braves vs. Dodgers – Box Score – July 07, 2008

So, the Braves got one-hit. In fact, a perfect game into the eighth. I wish I could blame Francoeur, but he didn’t play. I considered it, though.

Jorge Campillo pitched well, giving up three runs in seven innings (and incidentally taking pressure off the bullpen). His problems were all in the fifth, a two-run homer by Nomar and a run scoring two-out single. He threw 95 pitches, 61 for strikes, and generally did what he needed to do, except that the Braves needed him to give up negative runs.

Their only hit was a leadoff double by Teixeira in the eighth inning. You could maybe say that this was a hangover from the long game yesterday, but I don’t buy it; when the game started, it was more than 24 hours since the end of the previous game. They just sucked.