ESPN – Braves vs. Dodgers – Box Score – July 08, 2008

So eventually the hits came, and the runs followed. A lot of runs. The Braves were no-hit through the first four innings, but KJ led off the fifth with a single, followed by Kotsay. With one out, Blanco walked to load the bases, and Escobar brought them all home with a double. Runs! And a lead! McCann led off the sixth with a homer, and with two out Blanco singled in KJ and Kotsay to make it 6-0.

Jair Jurrjens wasn’t especially sharp, but was more than good enough, and got the benefit of two double plays turned behind him, and the Dodgers were just hitting singles. When they finally got an extra-base hit, a double, in the sixth, it brought in a run. Jurrjens went six and struck out a man an inning, but walked three. His pitches may have been moving a little too much for easy control.

Prado singled in KJ in the eighth, and in the ninth Teixeira hit a two-run homer, which McCann followed with his second solo shot of the night. And then Bobby decided to bring in new acquisition Julian Tavarez, who promptly showed why he wasn’t good enough for the Red Sox or Brewers to keep around. After two walks, two singles, and two runs, and only one out, Bobby wound up bringing in his closer to finish a 9-3 game. Gonzalez struck out the two men he faced. Luckily, he’s not coming off of surgery or anything.

Nine runs, and Chipper was 0-4 with a walk. Francoeur was 1-5, so normal, but did double a runner off at first.